2016-17 Roster and 2016 Recap of Awards and Accomplishments
Posted 11/14/2016 04:00PM

Alpine ski racers from all over the country and the globe come to Salt Lake City to join Rowland Hall's Rowmark Ski Academy. We are proud of our team which includes many of the best junior ski racers and student-athletes nation-wide and Australia. Good luck to this exceptional group of young people as the winter season approaches.

2016-17 Rowmark Ski Academy Athletes and Staff

Female Athletes: YOB Grade Hometown

Danika Mannelin 02-U16 9th Portland, OR / Park City, UT

Ellie Nichols 02-U16 9th Park City, UT

Zoe Michael 02-U16 9th Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT

Eliza Hodgkins 01-U16 9th Boston, MA / Park City, UT

Anya Mulligan 01-U16 10th Jackson, WY / Salt Lake City, UT

Elena Zipp 01-U16 10th New York City, NY / Park City, UT

Maddie Hoffman 00-U19 11th Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT

Camryn Glick 00-U19 11th Glen Wild, NY / Park City, UT

Lucy Neill 00-U19 11th Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT

Addie Beasley 00-U16 11th Bend, OR / Park City, UT

Katie Hensien 99-U19 11th Seattle, WA / Park City, UT

Sofia Yubero 99-U19 12th Ogden, UT

Ellie Martin 99-U19 12th Salt Lake City, UT

Sommer Glasgow 99-U19 12th Salt Lake City, UT

Katie Vesterstein 99-U19 12th Duluth, MN

Chloe Fleischer 98-U19 12th Park City, UT

Hannah West 98-U19 PG Hood River, OR

Male Athletes:

Tommy Hoffman 02-U16 8th Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT

Carter Louchheim 02-U16 9th Park City, UT

Jimmy Bocock 02-U16 9th Salt Lake City, UT

Andrei Dan 01-U16 9th Salt Lake City, UT

Ned Friedman 01-U16 10th Fayston, VT / Park City, UT

Carlos Getzelman 01-U16 10th Salt Lake City, UT

Greg Olszankyj 01-U16 10th Salt Lake City, UT

Jake Bleil 01-U16 10th Los Angeles, CA / Park City, UT

Scottie Bocock 00-U19 11th Salt Lake City, UT

Liam Michael 99-U19 11th Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT

Daniel Mulligan 99-U19 11th Jackson, WY / Salt Lake City, UT

Alex Percy 99-U19 11th Melbourne, Australia / Park City, UT

Calen Carron 99-U19 12th Boulder, CO

Ned Neill 99-U19 12th Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT

Nick Fontaine 98-U19 12th Duluth, MN / Salt Lake City, UT


Todd Brickson- Director and Head U16 Coach

Sarah Getzelman- Team Manager

Dave Kerwynn- Head Men's U19-21 Coach

Jim Tschabrun- Head Women's U19-21 Coach, Head Conditioning Coach

Skip Puckett- U16 Coach, Equipment Manager, Conditioning Coach

Brian Morgan- Men's U19-21 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Head Academic Coordinator

Mary Joyce- Women's U19-21 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Academic Coordinator

Rowmark Ski Academy Achievements and Awards 2016:

Team/Championship Designation Achievements including top 30 results:

Western Region Team 2016:

Megan Dingman

Juliette Parke

Hannah West

Western Region Junior Championships 2016, Schweitzer, ID:

Chloe Fleischer

Daniel Mulligan

Calen Caron 22nd

Zach Coury 20th, 19th, 19th

John Whiting 16th (bib 82), 15th (bib 81),

Cole Morgan 15th, 14th

Liam Michael 9th, 7t

Sommer Glasgow 10th, 8th, 7th, 5th

Liz Baer 8th, 5th, 4th, 4th, 4th

Nick Fontaine 24th, 2nd

U19 Nationals Copper, CO:
Megan Dingman 15th, 17th

Katie Hensien 11th, 12th

Jules Parke 6th
Sofia Yubero 6th, 6th

Hannah West 12th, 11th 2nd , 1st = National Champion

U.S. National Alpine Championships, Sun Valley, ID:

Jules Parke 27th (10th U19), 19th (7th U19) ,16th (9th U19).

NorAms 2016:

Megan Dingman

Katie Hensien

Jules Parke

Hannah West

Sofia Yubero 24th in SL (8th junior) scoring first NorAm points

USA U16 National Training Group European Race Project in Switzerland and Austria:

Scottie Bocock

U16 Regional Championships 2016, Mammoth, CA:

Elena Zipp

Jake Bleil

Greg Olszanskyj

Andrei Dan 30th (from bib 70)

Lucy Neill 17th

Courtney McCabe 16th

Camryn Glick, 15th

Scottie Bocock 4th, 4th, 3rd

Madi Hoffman 5th, 3rd, 2nd

U14-16 Tri-Divisional Championships 2016, Snowbird, UT:

Carlos Getzelman

Eliza Hodgkins 2nd, 1st, 1st

Addie Beasley 7th, 6th, 3rd

U16 Whistler Cup Team 2016, Whistler, CAN:

Lucy Neill 21st, 15th

U16 National Championships 2016 Snowbird, UT :

Madi Hoffman 11th, 3rd and 1st SL= National Champion

Scottie Bocock won SG = National Champion

Rowmark Annual Awards 2016:

Conditioning Award

Nick Fontaine

Scottie Bocock

Most Improved Award

John Whiting

Camryn Glick

Northrop Award-Achievement in Speed skiing and Academics

Hannah West

Scottie Bocock

Hank Shipman Perseverance Award

Eliza Hodgkins

Sportsmanship Award

Lucy Neill

"Olle Larsson" Skier of the Year Award-Achievement in ski racing, character, work ethic

Sofia Yubero

Madison Hoffman

Senior Award (Outstanding leadership, character, academic and ski racing achievement)

Hannah West