Middle School Athletics - Fall 2016
Posted 11/14/2016 11:00AM

It was a fun fall season for Middle School Athletics. Thank you to all of our players for their hard work and thank you to our families for your support throughout the season. Additionally, I’d like to thank our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a sport-specific T-shirt to show our school spirit. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of coaches who put in countless hours to develop our student athletes. Please read on for a recap of each team’s season. ~ Shannon Casson, Middle School Athletics Director

A Volleyball
By Coach Doug Booher

The wonder women of the A Team had a fantastic season! They coalesced into a finely tuned team, supporting each other through learning two different offenses and several different rotations in six weeks. It was a privilege to coach these young women and watch them, in turn, encourage one another’s progress on the court. Throughout the season, I was delighted to see they had as much genuine excitement for their teammates’ successes as they had for their own. Together, they overcame challenges, celebrated victories, persevered through setbacks, danced through warmups and timeouts, turned failures into meaningful lessons, laughed a lot, cried a little, and got up stronger every time they got knocked down. Along the way we also finished first in the conference in the regular season and took second in the season-ending tournament. “Awesome!” is absolutely what the “A” in “A Team” stood for with this group of young women.

B Volleyball
By Coach Jen Schones

The B team had a stellar season! We had a number of first-time players and it wasn’t long before they looked like seasoned veterans. This year, we focused on the fundamentals of passing and serving, and players were assigned a specific role on the court based on their abilities. We then learned a 5-1 rotation where we have five receivers with one backrow setter. Throughout the season, the girls showed a lot of enthusiasm and determination and this led to their third-place finish in the tournament. Big thanks to the players for their hard work and to the parents for their support!

C Volleyball
By Coach Chad Obermark

A large, 20-player team showed the sixth grade’s tremendous enthusiasm for volleyball. This team showed a lot of progress over the season. We focused on the basics of passing and serving and the players used them with growing success throughout the season. I was especially proud of their focus and resilience. We rallied several times throughout the season to win in three games! They gave their very best in the final tournament and played against each other in what several observers called one of the best sixth-grade volleyball games they’d ever seen! The girls were a joy to coach and I appreciate their willingness to spend their time and energy playing volleyball.

A Boys Soccer
By Coaches Tyler Fonarow & Scott Langone

The A teams were as deep in talent as we have seen in years. We had 24 boys participate on A1 and A2 teams that were competitive with each other and had both teams competing in the Wasatch Athletics Conference A division. Upper School Head Coach Scott Langone led the combined team training sessions and Middle School Principal Tyler Fonarow coached both teams during their games. The teams focused on tactical skill development, strengthening ball movement and possession, combination play, and team defense. The young athletes fared very well during the regular season with A1 going undefeated and A2 making the playoffs at the fourth seed.

C Boys Soccer
By Coaches Tessa Netelbeek and Henry Gilbert

We had such a great turnout we had enough boys to split into two C teams. We practiced together and focused on the basics of controlling the ball, passing, and shooting on frame. Students of all levels participated, and it was exciting to get to know them and see each of them improve in a different way. Great friendships were formed among the boys, and they worked together to help each other improve. Each practice, the boys would show up enthusiastic and eager to play. They were almost always smiling and laughing, and they instantly bonded as a team. As coaches, we really enjoyed getting to know these incredible boys, and appreciate their dedication to our team as we know they’re busy with other extracurriculars. We would like to wish the boys good luck throughout Middle School, and hope they all continue to play soccer!

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