Learn For Life

Rowland Hall Beginning School teachers Lauren Augusta and Ella Slaker teach a group of preschool students.

Live With Purpose

Sixth-grade math and science teacher Molly Lewis shows a Middle School student how to perform water testing at Liberty Park.
A Rowland Hall Middle School student conducts tests on the water of the Liberty Park lake in Salt Lake City, Utah

Relationships Matter

Rowland Hall alum Sam Andrew ’22 embraces high school English teacher Kody Partridge after graduation.

Think Deeply

A Rowland Hall elementary school student looks through binoculars at a kindergarten student who looks back at her.
Rowland Hall students from the Salt Lake City, Utah Beginning School and Lower School gather together to form relationships.

Welcome Everyone

Three members of Rowland Hall's Girls Golf Team embrace at Bonneville Golf Course in Salt Lake City, Utah.

An independent private school for grades 3PreK–12 in Salt Lake City, Utah

At Rowland Hall, we believe that students who are deeply engaged in their learning today become thoughtful citizens ready for a dynamic tomorrow.

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Open Hearts and Open Minds

Life-Changing Experiences Inside and Outside the Classroom

Rowland Hall graduate Max Smart, class of 2022, and Dr. Padmashree Rida, who contributed to the IJMS.

In spring and summer 2022, Rowland Hall senior and then new graduate Max Smart had the chance to assist science teacher Dr. Padmashree Rida with research on treatment resistance for triple-negative breast cancer patients, which was to be published in a special issue of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. It was a unique opportunity for the young scientist, who not only experienced the academic research process in a real-world setting, but also contributed to finding answers for patients diagosed with this particularly lethal type of cancer.

This fall, Rowland Hall 3PreK students are learning how to read emotions on faces.

Knowing how to recognize, name, hold, and express emotions is an invaluable part of social-emotional growth. At Rowland Hall's preschool, 3PreK students enjoy a variety of activities centered around feelings. These activities help build social-emotional skills by allowing the preschoolers to both learn and recognize their feelings, and to discover how to turn those feelings into positive actions.

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