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In an Emergency

School Closure or Delayed Start

Should the school be closed (or opening delayed) due to emergency conditions or unusually inclement weather, please check our home page between 6 and 8 am for further information. Rowland Hall will also provide details to:

  • Channel 2 (KUTV);
  • Channel 4 (KTVX);
  • Channel 5 (KSL);
  • Channel 13 (FOX); and
  • Radio stations KUER FM 90.1 (Wasatch Front), KUER FM 89.5 (Park City) and KSL 1160 AM.

Please refrain from calling the school—it's important to leave school phone lines open in times of emergency.

Blackboard Connect

Rowland Hall uses Blackboard Connect to deliver campus-wide or school-wide emergency messages within minutes via voice and text messaging to parents’ telephones or any internet-enabled device, including mobile phones and computers.

Blackboard Connect is also used to communicate snow day and other school-closure notifications.

If you change your email address or phone number, please notify the front desk at your child(ren)’s division(s) as soon as possible so you'll continue to receive alerts.


We also use InformaCast, an emergency communication system that allows us to send safety alerts to faculty, staff, and Upper School students via phone call, text message, email, and overhead paging.

General Emergency Procedures

Both campuses regularly hold emergency drills, including fire, earthquake, and lockdown drills. Emergency preparedness procedures are reviewed and evaluated continually by a school risk-management committee, which collaborates as needed with outside experts and local law enforcement.

Earthquake Emergency Contact

The out-of-state phone number to call during an earthquake, or any other emergency when local phone service is disrupted, is the Pilgrim School, Los Angeles, CA, 213-385-7351.

Note to Media

In an emergency, please don't call our school's landline. Instead, please call Director of Marketing and Communication Stephanie Orfanakis on her mobile phone at 801-244-2862 or email her.

You Belong at Rowland Hall