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Legal Notices and Privacy Policy

  1. All material on this website, unless otherwise noted, is the intellectual property of Rowland Hall.
  2. Copying, distribution, transmission, dissemination, modification, alteration of or addition to the materials on this website is strictly prohibited without the express prior written consent of Rowland Hall. Our website and its contents are intended only for the individual, non-commercial use of website users. You may view, download, and print pages from the website provided that you do not resell or republish any portion of the content.
  3. Your use of any information or material on this website is entirely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that any information or services available on this website meet your specific requirements or particular purpose.
  4. This website may include links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience only. You agree and acknowledge that Rowland Hall has no control over these linked websites, and is not responsible for the availability of these websites. We do not endorse nor have any responsibility for the content or materials on or made available from these linked websites.
  5. By using our website, you acknowledge that such information and materials may contain unintentional inaccuracies for which we do not have liability. We disclaim all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in any of the materials on this website, including but not limited to:
    • Any implied guarantee to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of the information and materials found on this website.
    • Any liability for damage to your computer hardware, data, information or materials resulting from the information available or lack of information.
    • Any errors, omissions, or inaccuracy in the materials on this website.
    • Any decision made or action taken or not taken in reliance upon the materials on this website.
  6. We do not collect personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide it to us to take advantage of a specific service, such as completing an online form. However, some information is collected automatically when you visit our site. It does not identify you personally; it includes: the date and time of your visit, the specific pages you visit within our site, and the type of browser you use to access our site. You agree and acknowledge that we may collect such information for the purpose of improving site navigation.
  7. You agree and acknowledge that if you choose to send us personal information via any of the contact email forms, we will use that information to respond to your inquiry. We do not collect personal information for commercial purposes.

Privacy Regulations

The Rowland Hall website adheres to strict policies and disclaimers regarding privacy. Please review the policy carefully. By using our site you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy. Personal contact information for students, parents, and employees will not be published on the public area of our website. Student and parent contact information is available only to parents, students, and employees.

Acceptable Use

Rowland Hall has adopted and enforces the standards set forth in this disclaimer for material posted on our website. However, we do not assume any responsibility or liability for content provided by faculty, staff, and students on their personal web pages.


Rowland Hall’s website contains password-protected portals intended to facilitate communication within and between its employee, parent, and student communities.

For additional information or clarification, contact the Marketing and Communications Department at

Asbestos Management Plan

As Required by Federal and State regulations, Rowland Hall has an asbestos management plan on file and it is available for inspection by appointment. The school’s certified asbestos management planner is Ann Burnett. If you would like to see the management plan, please call Ann at 801-355-7485, ext. 2955.

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