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Field and Facility Rentals

Thank you for considering Rowland Hall for your next event. If your event aligns with our schedule and policies, explained on this page, we invite you to submit a Rental Request Form. Email Coordinator for Outside Events and Groups Amy Homer with questions not answered below.

Note: Rowland Hall does not rent its facilities for commercial filming purposes.


  1. Read this page to ensure Rowland Hall is a good fit for your event. Identify which of our rental spaces explained below meets your needs.
  2. Read the Rental Fee Schedule to determine costs. Rowland Hall sets rental fees based on actual costs for employee time, utilities, and wear and tear to the facilities.
  3. Submit a Rental Request Form.
  4. Coordinator for Outside Events and Groups Amy Homer will reply to your request within seven business days.
  5. Once an event has been approved, Rowland Hall will contact the applicant to confirm rental use and will send an invoice for services.
  6. Payment will be due seven days prior to the event. Mail checks to: Rowland Hall Accounts Receivable, 720 Guardsman Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108.


  • School programing begins July 1 and ends June 30. Rowland Hall is given first priority for use of facilities. Rental requests will be granted as time and schedules allow. Rentals may not disrupt normal school-day operations.
  • The school will decline rental requests for holidays and winter break, when the campus buildings are closed. View our calendar for closure dates.
  • Field requests will be scheduled after all Rowland Hall activities have been scheduled. Field reservations for non-school activities can be confirmed no sooner than these dates: February 1 for spring sports, May 1 for summer sports, and August 15 for fall sports.


  • School facilities may not be used for partisan political activity, birthday parties, or meetings to organize for or promote controversial issues.
  • All organizations that have the capacity to supply certification of commercial general liability insurance in a minimum amount of $1 million will be expected to do so prior to the event. Groups that cannot provide insurance will need to be approved on an individual basis by Rowland Hall’s chief financial officer (CFO). If alcohol is to be served at the event, initial approval from the CFO is required. Submit certificate of liability insurance five business days before event.
  • The head of school may make exceptions to school policies when the activity is deemed to be of such value to the school or community that allowing the disruption of normal operations or waiver of fees is in the school’s or community’s best interests. Any application for a waiver of fees must be made in writing.
  • All facility scheduling requests from outside groups must be requested/submitted seven days in advance of the event date being requested.  Any requests under seven days will not be considered for rental approval.
  • Cancellation of an event must be made at least seven days prior to the event. User shall be entitled to a refund of fees if cancellation is within this time frame. Any late cancellations will forfeit all fees paid to the school.
  • Advertising for events with flyers is allowed in the main entrances of each campus but cannot be distributed to students.

Rental Spaces


This map shows the locations of our McCarthey Campus and Steiner fields. Click to enlarge.


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