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Faculty & Staff Profile

Alex Beaufort

Alex Beaufort

Class of 2013
Titles: Robotics Teacher and Coach
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-355-7494

Alex graduated from Rowland Hall in 2013 before attending the University of Utah. In 2019, he graduated with a BS in biological sciences and a BS in mechanical engineering. During his time at university, Alex researched trans-generational epigenetics, virus transmission, and protein stability for in-vivo production. He also designed competitive robots, solar and wind farms, and a solar-powered ice maker technology with applications in recreation and vaccine distribution.

Alex now works for Willdan Performance Engineering as a project engineer, delivering energy efficiency projects, auditing facilities, and pushing new technology for buildings from HVAC to urban ecology. Many of his projects parallel his passions and include decarbonization efforts and carbon offset impact analysis. Alex enjoys gardening, cooking, outdoor activities, playing games, and traveling. He loves reading, keeping current with science literature, and exploring new ways to help the environment. Alex was in the first robotics class at Rowland Hall in 2012 and is excited to be back to contribute to the program as a coach.

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