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Faculty & Staff Profile

Jill Gerber

Jill Gerber

Titles: Seventh-Grade English Teacher
Degrees: BA, University of Chicago
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-355-0272

Jill joined the Rowland Hall Middle School after teaching in independent schools in St. Louis. An award-winning K–12 educator, she speaks at national conferences about visual literacy and graphic literature in the curriculum to reach all learners. In addition to presenting workshops, she cowrites about innovative viewpoints on comics and KidLit in education on the blog Perceptive Gaze. Jill and her husband, Geoff, have three sons. In her free time Jill loves drinking great coffee, hanging out with her two West Highland terriers, and immersing herself in books.

Jill was a 2023 recipient of the Sumner/Larsen Excellence in Teaching Faculty Awards.

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