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Faculty & Staff Profile

Shuja Khan

Shuja Khan

Titles: Director of Enrollment Management
Degrees: BA, Computer Science, Dartmouth College
MA, Math and Education, Stanford University
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-355-7485

Shuja joined the Rowland Hall community in July 2021. He started his career at Schools of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco, where he spent 14 years teaching math, coaching basketball and baseball, and eventually serving as the director of admissions. He left San Francisco in 2017 to become the director of enrollment management at Gulliver Schools in Miami, and was very excited to take on that same role here at Rowland Hall. From the first moment he was introduced to the school, he knew it was where he wanted to be. The sense of community was overwhelming, and he's beyond excited to engage with the work of ethical education.

In Shuja's personal life, he loves reading, writing, playing tennis and basketball, and going on hikes with his wife, Emily (also at Rowland Hall), his kids, Nas and Aubrey (students at Rowland Hall), and their dog, Cali (the only one in the family not at Rowland Hall). In his spare time, he helps run a nonprofit that provides free SAT tutoring for high school students.

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