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Faculty & Staff Profile

Mary Swaminathan

Mary Swaminathan

Titles: 4PreK Assistant Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-355-7485

Mary has taught at Rowland Hall since 2014 in both 3PreK and 4PreK. She views herself as a learner and a teacher because Rowland Hall is always providing amazing opportunities to expand teaching practices. She loves the inclusivity and diversity of Rowland Hall and strives to make sure all students and families feel welcomed.

Mary loves being outdoors, whether she's hiking, gardening, or spending time with her husband, Sankar, and their two daughters, who have now flown the coop. She loves animals and has a dog named Hazel. She enjoys volunteering at the Utah Food Bank and delivering food to local families. She also loves to travel whenever she gets the chance.

Mary was the recipient of 2020 Beginning School Sumner Family Excellence in Teaching Award.

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