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Faculty & Staff Profile

Lauren Augusta

Lauren Augusta

Titles: 4PreK Lead Teacher
Degrees: M.A., Educational Psychology, University of Colorado

Lauren Augusta joins Rowland Hall after almost 20 years as an educator. Beginning her career in environmental education, she transitioned to classroom teaching in 2002 and earned an M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado. She’s taught preschool through 3rd grade in Colorado, Costa Rica, Washington DC, and Utah. She’s also taught yoga, outdoor education, and various other subjects and sports along the way. Lauren is passionate about issues that relate to early childhood and has been an advocate in the field for many years.

Lauren loves trail running, skiing, and cycling and especially loves traveling to explore new areas through these activities. She and her husband Jeff actively try to instill this same love of adventure in their daughter Remi!

Lauren is so excited to join such a passionate and experienced team of beginning school teachers at Rowland Hall and can’t wait until Remi is old enough to come to school with her!

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