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Faculty & Staff Profile

Tascha Knowlton

Tascha Knowlton

Titles: Science Teacher
Degrees: BS, Physics, University of Utah
HBS, Chemistry, University of Utah
MS, Chemistry, University of Utah
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-355-7494

Tascha Knowlton started teaching chemistry and research science at Rowland Hall in 2021. Even as a child, she loved to teach her family about the things that she learned, and once she was introduced to science in high school, found a passion for the importance of science in life. While working towards bachelor's degrees in chemistry and physics from the University of Utah, she gained experience in chemistry research and teaching, both guiding her toward a profession in teaching. After teaching at Bingham High School for one year, she was presented with the opportunity to return to the University of Utah as an academic advisor in chemistry and a graduate student. She spread her love of chemistry as she advocated for students pursuing chemistry degrees while getting experience teaching first-year chemistry. Eager and enthusiastic, she couldn't wait to get back to teaching high school students and has enjoyed her time as a science teacher and advisor at Rowland Hall.

As the leader of the Research Chemistry class, Tascha dedicated herself to nurturing the scientific minds of her students. Under her guidance, the class consistently achieved remarkable feats, with their novel computational materials chemistry research being showcased at an esteemed international annual conference each year. Tascha's passion for empowering her students extends beyond the classroom, as she actively works on refining the curriculum to emphasize presentation and communication skills. Her goal is to instill confidence and encourage her high school researchers to not only excel in their studies but also share their findings with the wider scientific community. With her support, Tascha aims to inspire her students to present their research at conferences and competitions, fostering a new generation of confident, articulate, and innovative young scientists ready to make a lasting impact on the world.

Tascha developed an innovative food science course curriculum, blending scientific principles with culinary experiences. Through hands-on experiments and interactive lessons, students explore the fascinating connection between delicious food and fundamental sciences, gaining a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the natural world on their plates.

She firmly believes in the potential of education to uplift communities and empower future generations to create a better world. To achieve this, Tascha actively seeks opportunities for her students to connect with one another through engaging group work, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment. She encourages them to become mentors and teachers for their younger peers, instilling leadership skills and a sense of responsibility. Recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives in science, Tascha also guides her students to study underrepresented narratives and voices in the field, fostering a more inclusive and equitable approach to scientific exploration. Furthermore, she facilitates research projects that allow her students to delve into current local and global issues, encouraging them to view these challenges through the lens of science, developing innovative solutions that can make a tangible impact on society. By nurturing these multifaceted learning experiences, Tascha empowers her students to become compassionate, informed, and well-rounded individuals prepared to tackle the complexities of the world with a scientific and empathetic mindset.

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