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Faculty & Staff Profile

Fabian Liesner

Fabian Liesner

Titles: Physical Education Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-355-7485

Fabian (also known as Herr Liesner) was born and raised in a small town near Heidelberg, Germany. He went to college at the German Sport University Cologne to become a PE and world language teacher. During an internship working for a school sports development nonprofit in Tanzania, he met his wife, Carly, which brought him to the US in 2015. After spending seven years working at international schools as a German and PE teacher in the Twin Cities and Chicago, Fabian was thrilled to join Rowland Hall in 2022.

As an avid triathlete, Fabian is excited to finally have found some elevation and views to enjoy during his training in the mountains. You can find him biking the canyons or running/hiking with his wife and his dog, Libby. When he is not spending time outside, he likes to cook, explore the local food scene, learn how to garden, or watch his favorite basketball team, the Minnesota Timberwolves (although he has a soft spot for the Jazz as well!).

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