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Faculty & Staff Profile

Kristi Torsak

Kristi Torsak

Titles: Computer Science Teacher
Degrees: Bachelor's, Anthropology, Weber State University
Minor, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Weber State University
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-355-0272

Kristi was born in Utah but relocated to the greater Seattle area during her formative high school years. This time in Seattle was instrumental for her personal growth before she returned to Utah in her early 20s. While the majority of her family remains in Washington State, she holds a deep affinity for the region, regarding it as her second home.

Kristi pursued her higher education at Weber State University and obtained a bachelor's degree in anthropology with a minor in geographic information systems (GIS). Her academic pursuits in anthro/archaeology helped her develop a deep passion for the ancient peoples of the West. She is known to volunteer at archaeological sites during the summer months. Currently, Kristi is continuing her education, working towards a master's degree in learning and technology at Western Governors University. Her experience with sociological and anthropological theories has fostered a dedication to social justice and equity, with a particular emphasis on promoting diversity and equity within the educational domain. Kristi also enjoys exploring the potential intersections of anthropology and computer science/technology.

Outside the professional sphere, Kristi has a diverse range of interests. She loves her family, which includes her husband Jared, three daughters, and a bonus son and daughter. She is an adept watercolor artist, enjoys the virtual landscapes of Minecraft, and is passionate about hiking and exploring natural terrains. Her interests also extend to rockhounding and visiting both historic and prehistoric sites during her travels.

Kristi's enthusiasm for teaching computer science stems from its dynamic applicability, making it an essential skill and tool for young adults. She is happily looking forward to helping grow the Middle School computer science program.

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