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Faculty & Staff Profile

Jennifer Claesgens

Jennifer Claesgens

Titles: Early Childhood Experiential Learning Specialist
Degrees: BA, Molecular Biology, UC Berkeley
Ph.D., Science Education, UC Berkeley

Jennifer has been an assistant professor at Northern Arizona University, the director of science and math education at Weber State, and recently taught high school chemistry at the Punahou Academy in Honolulu. As she happily continues her grade level descent, she started at Rowland Hall in 2023 as the experiential learning specialist in the Beginning School.

Much of Jennifer's career has been at the secondary and university levels, where she continues to research and publish on projects with secondary science teachers and first-year college chemistry students, but her experience at the elementary school level is where she learned about engaging students with joy and wonder. Some of her most enjoyable teaching was with young students at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley.

Jennifer is excited by the opportunity the early childhood position has to offer and feels that her experience will make her an effective experiential learning specialist who provides students and teachers with lived experiences that will help them learn. She has a broad base of science knowledge, a joy of teaching, an awareness of early childhood development, and she truly appreciates and celebrates the sense of wonder young students bring to their learning.

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