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Faculty & Staff Profile

Christian Waters

Christian Waters

Titles: Director of Technology Integration
Degrees: B.S., Telecommunications, University of Utah
Master's, Education, Hunter College
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-924-2986

Christian Waters grew up in Utah and studied telecommunications at the University of Utah. He worked for AT&T and a tech start-up called ePhones in the Bay Area before moving to New York City to pursue teaching. He received a New York City Teaching Fellow and attained a MSEd at Hunter College while also working for two years at a New York City public school in vibrant Spanish Harlem. Mr. Waters and his wife then moved abroad to teach in Rome where he taught fifth grade and technology at the American Overseas School of Rome. He took his students on field trips to the Roman Forum and Pompeii to study the Roman Empire. After their first son was born Mr. Waters and his wife, Kelly Henderson, decided to move stateside to be closer to family. Their sons, Julian and Felix, attend Rowland Hall in second grade and kindergarten, respectively. Mr. Waters began teaching sixth-grade math and science at Rowland Hall. He took on his current role as Director of Technology Integration in June of 2012. "I have enjoyed it immensely," Mr. Waters said. "I now fill my days with outdoor activities and exploring new and fascinating technologies."

Christian was the recipient of the Middle School's 2012 Sumner Family Excellence in Teaching Award.

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