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Faculty & Staff Profile

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor

Titles: English Teacher
Degrees: PhD, English, UCLA

Dr. Kate Taylor began teaching in the English Department at Rowland Hall in August of 2009 after teaching for two years at Waterford. She has also taught writing at Salt Lake Community College and composition and literature at UCLA, where she received her English PhD in 2006. As an undergraduate, Kate studied literature and gender studies at the University of Utah. She has served for over 10 years in the school's justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work, helping to establish affinity spaces in the Upper School and to start the Dinner & Dialogue program in that time. Kate was born in Salt Lake City, but has also lived in Arizona, Washington, and California. She enjoys spending time with a close-knit group of family and friends in Salt Lake, Santa Fe, and Berkeley, but especially with her extremely extroverted, brilliant, and handsome son, Langston.

Kate was the recipient of the 2020 Cary Jones Faculty Mentor Award.

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