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Faculty & Staff Profile

Anna Ernst

Anna Ernst

Titles: Physical Education Teacher (McCarthey Campus)
Degrees: B.S., Physical Education, California State University
M.A., Education (Curriculum and Instruction), University of Phoenix
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-355-7485

Anna Ernst (Anna Banana) has been teaching physical education at Rowland Hall’s beginning and lower schools for the past 25 years of her 33-year career. She holds a BS in physical education and an MA in curriculum and instruction. Anna has participated in and presented our Rowland Hall physical education curriculum at many local and national physical education and independent school conferences. She has coached Rowland Hall Lower School teams in softball and basketball. Anna has been involved with our DEI work for the past 20 years and has attended the People of Color Conference twice.

Anna enjoyed participating in a variety of sports growing up and has always cherished spending time with young children, so she knew she wanted to be a PE elementary teacher from the age of 15. One of her greatest pleasures is giving high-fives and seeing the excitement in a child’s face when they accomplish a skill. Anna can also be found welcoming and waving goodbye to students each day on the south side drop-off and pick-up zones.

Anna enjoys pickleball, tennis, swimming, biking, and snow skiing with her family. She and her husband are proud parents of three grown children who have all graduated from the U of U—go Utes!

Anna was the recipient of the Lower School's 2009 Sumner Family Excellence in Teaching Award.

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