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Faculty & Staff Profile

Robert Lainhart

Robert Lainhart

Class of 2011
Titles: Digital Communications Associate
Degrees: BA, Digital Communications with an Emphasis in Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design

Robert Lainhart is a 2011 alum of Rowland Hall. He describes himself as a world traveler, photographer, television addict, adventure enthusiast, animal lover, Pokémon master, and avid golfer. In 2018 he received his bachelor’s degree in digital communications with an emphasis in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. Robert has deep-rooted passions for travel and photography. Robert first left the country when he was only a few months old and has loved traveling ever since. He has been to 26 countries on six continents and has taken photographs in every one of them. He received his first camera from his aunt when he was 13, an old Canon film SLR. The minute she put it in his hands, he was captivated. Check out some of his photos at RobertLainhart.com.

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