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Faculty & Staff Profile

Karen Howell

Karen Howell

Titles: Academic Support Counselor
Degrees: BA, University of Utah
Credential, Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Teaching, San Jose State University
Phone Numbers:
School: 801-924-5951

Karen joined Rowland Hall’s Upper School in January 2015. She has experience from several American and international schools. She has lived in Utah, Texas, California, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Mexico. She holds a bachelor of arts from the University of Utah and a bilingual/cross-cultural teaching credential from San Jose State University. She and her husband, Bryan, have three grown children who all graduated from different high schools. They have two mischievous and energetic Samoyed dogs. Karen enjoys playing Mario Kart, growing sunflowers, baking bread, spinning chiengora, and dog sledding with her pups.

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