Get To Know Rowland Hall

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students across four divisions

Rowland Hall is an independent private school that consists of a Beginning School (preschool and kindergarten, grades 3PreK–K), Lower School (elementary school, grades 1–5), Middle School (grades 6–8), and Upper School (high school, grades 9–12).


student-to-teacher ratio

With a student-to-teacher ratio of 9:1 and an average class size of 15, our teachers know and nurture their students, allowing for meaningful collaboration in class every day.


urban campuses

Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Rowland Hall enjoys easy access to local businesses, artists, and thought leaders, as well as to the University of Utah and Westminster University, which allow for deep partnership between the school and the community.   


Utah's only Malone Family Foundation School

Rowland Hall was selected to receive a $2 million endowment for the funding of educational opportunities for students who show enthusiasm and motivation for academic excellence, and whose families demonstrate financial need.

Our Students


of students represent racial and ethnic diversity

Rowland Hall celebrates and welcomes diversity. We believe that everyone benefits from exposure to a variety of lived experiences, and we have long been committed to necessary work around diversity, equity, and inclusion.


of students receive scholarships or financial aid

We consider families' circumstances and identify a realistic tuition contribution that matches their financial means. Rowland Hall financial aid awards are grants, not loans, and do not need to be repaid.


of graduates feel prepared for future academic challenges

In a recent survey of graduating seniors, all respondents reported that they felt confident their experiences at Rowland Hall had prepared them to take on whatever future academic challenges they may face.


student-to-college counselor ratio

Our experienced college counselors help students discover the schools that best reflect their interests and aspirations, and they support students—and their families—through all steps of the college admission process.

Our Faculty


average years of teaching experience

Rowland Hall faculty members have an average of 19 years in the classroom. We value highly experienced teachers, and we are committed to continued professional development growth in all faculty. 


of faculty members hold advanced degrees

Faculty backgrounds and interests vary widely. Our educators hold advanced degrees from institutions near and far, reflecting a range of worldly experiences and perspectives, and making learning at Rowland Hall deep and diverse.


hours per year committed to professional development

Our faculty members take time to keep current on the latest learning research, teaching techniques, and curriculum development, and our financial support for professional development is unparalleled among peer Utah schools.


faculty and staff members who have worked at Rowland Hall for 10 or more years

Faculty and staff report an overwhelming feeling of belonging shortly after joining the Rowland Hall community.

Our Program


top policy debate team

Our debate team is recognized as one of the top teams in Utah—where we hold back-to-back-to-back titles of 3A Speech & Debate Champions (2021–2023)—and in the country. In 2010, the National Speech and Debate Association named Rowland Hall a Debate School of Excellence, and we're consistently ranked in the top 10 percent of schools nationwide for member degrees.


courses in eight artistic disciplines

An emphasis on the arts enables our students find ways to express and discover themselves. Upper and middle school students choose among a variety of arts electives, while lower and beginning school students enjoy specialties like visual art and music. 


Advanced Placement, Advanced Topics, and Advanced Research courses

These classes, which feature rigorous college-level curricula, are the most challenging courses at Rowland Hall. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are created by the College Board, while Advanced Topics and Advanced Research classes are designed by Rowland Hall faculty. Advanced Topics and Advanced Research students can also opt to sit for AP exams to earn college credit.


annual internships

Rowland Hall's internship program is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. It allows participants to explore a variety of workplaces and careers, as well as encourages them to apply classroom learning to real-world tasks.  

Our Athletics


sports offered in the middle and upper schools

At Rowland Hall, students develop athletic skills and play in a positive, competitive environment where coaches emphasize leadership, respect, commitment, and accountability.


of students participate in school-offered sports

This high participation rate in athletics is reflected in both the middle and upper school student bodies. 


athletic state titles awarded to Winged Lions

Rowland Hall is home to some of the best Utah Division 2A athletes. In addition to our state titles, Rowland Hall holds 141 athletic region titles.


athletes who have gone on to play sports at the college level over the past 10 years

This list includes 43 students recruited to NCAA Division I teams in the past decade. In addition, 13 Rowland Hall alumni have represented their countries on Olympic teams.

You Belong at Rowland Hall