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What We're Known For

Students and families searching for stellar signature programs from preschool through twelfth grade will find them at Rowland Hall. This is a destination for those who yearn to be supported in their passions and coached by experts in their fields.


Rowland Hall offers students an unrivaled liberal arts education. We prepare young people to thrive in a world of constantly changing information. Here, students face challenges that require analysis, collaboration, and creative solutions. We also strongly believe that no education is complete without commitment to a worthy purpose and passion for making the world a better place.

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Beyond the Classoom

The Upper School's Beyond the Classroom is a four-year sequence of experiences that takes students into the field, exposes them to life skills and paths, engages them in greater community, and develops their leadership skills. The program culminates in Project Action, which requires students to engage, reflect, respond, and build on the mission-centered concept of community engagement. In short, they embrace being community builders.

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Rowland Hall set the stage for the burgeoning elementary school chess movement in the ’90s and has been teaching Lower School students the game—and winning championships at city, state, and national levels—ever since. As one of several specialty classes, students in grades one through five attend chess class weekly to learn essential skills such as predicting, problem solving, using empathy in winning and losing, taking risks, and learning from mistakes.

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Class Trips

Studies “in the field” begin for students as early as 3PreK and continue in the Lower School with trips to local museums, performances, and natural sites around the Wasatch. Students from grades one through eight enjoy a variety of sports experiences for five weeks every winter through the Winter Sports program. Overnight excursions, beginning in sixth grade, include curricular themes and serve to welcome new friends into each grade level and strengthen the bonds between teachers and students.

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Upper schoolers on an interim trip in otherworldly southern Utah.

College Counseling

Individual attention paid to students in the college-placement process empowers them intellectually, socially, and emotionally to confidently find the right-fit schools of their choice. Our counselors are leaders in their field and draw on years of experience when discussing each individual student’s and family’s goals for the next step after Rowland Hall. Expect informed guidance regarding college-entrance tests, recommendations, and essays. We help students find and gain admission to schools that best fit their interests, academics, aspirations, and financial considerations.

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Seniors don their college T-shirts and jump for joy.


Dance at Rowland Hall is a soulful, skillful experience for students. We incorporate both student and professional choreography to captivate community-wide audiences with twice-yearly performances. Directed by professional dancers Sofia Gorder and Allison Spehar, our program teaches technical proficiency and choreography in multiple dance forms. From modern dance to musical theater, from jazz improvisation to contemporary ballet, middle and upper school dancers experience a curriculum that's second to none.

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In just the last five years, Rowland Hall Debate has produced seven State Champions, 19 National Qualifiers, and 14 Academic All-Americans, and sent dozens of students to college on scholarships.

Our most competitive Upper School debaters attend 10 to 12 tournaments a year and travel across the country. Others stay committed to regional or local competitions, but everyone is committed to personal excellence.

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Ethical Education

Rowland Hall teaches students to embody ethical behavior, to value and employ civil and courteous discourse, and to embrace and value variety in our diverse human experience.

Lessons in ethics are woven throughout grades and curriculum—via the required world religions and ethics course, service learning, chapel, and more. From the first bell to the last each day, and from sports fields to art classes, our students are mentored by exemplary adults who model ethical living and choices. Winged Lions are asked to think deeply about what it means to be a contributing member and voice for good in our community.

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Rowmark Ski Academy

The 30 Rowmark Ski Academy athletes are full-time high schoolers at Rowland Hall. That single statement underscores how Rowmark is uniquely different from other ski academies in the country. By combining world-class skiing with a leading academic program, we foster personal challenge and growth and prepare students for whatever path they take.

Rowmark also offers its Junior Program, an after-school/weekend ski program for Rowland Hall students in first through eighth grades designed to foster a lifelong appreciation of alpine skiing and racing.

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