Vision, Mission, & Values

Developing People the World Needs

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Developing People the World Needs


We inspire students to lead ethical and productive lives through a college-preparatory program that promotes the pursuit of academic and personal excellence.


Think Deeply
Rowland Hall students learn how to think, not what to think. They develop the tools to ask questions, think critically, take risks, and solve problems creatively.

At Rowland Hall, we're empowered to create a community that reflects the world we want to live in while positively impacting others.Head of School Mick Gee

Learn for Life
Students are led on a joyful educational journey that culminates with intellectual, social, and emotional empowerment—giving them the understanding, perspective, and confidence to thrive in a dynamic world.

Welcome Everyone
Our culture promotes kindness and inclusion. Unified by our understanding of and appreciation for each other, we see diversity as a strength and an opportunity to expand our perspectives and enhance our community.

Live with Purpose
We inspire students to find and use their own unique voices—literally and figuratively. Whether through public speaking, artistic expression, or service learning, our students engage with their community and build self-awareness. They don’t just develop as intellectuals, they flourish as people.

Relationships Matter
Teachers cultivate meaningful, trusting relationships with students, because relationships are an essential ingredient for learning. We know what makes each student tick and we challenge and support them in ways unique to their learning, personality, and motivations.

You Belong at Rowland Hall