Developing Strengths

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Middle School Curriculum

We prepare Middle School students to take academic and creative risks, and to learn from both their successes and failures. We encourage middle schoolers to take personal responsibility for their own learning while supplying the tools, information, and organizational skills necessary to progress through upper grades.

Required Courses

Our six required yearlong classes are math, English, science, social studies, world language (French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish), and physical education. Sixth graders also are required to take Foundations, which allows for them to gain a depth of understanding for the basics of art, music, debate, theatre, and technology. Students are assigned all required classes by the school, with the exception of world language, which is student/family choice. Students remain in their world language choice for all of their Middle School years.

Extension & Elective Courses

Middle School extension and elective courses are designed to expand our curriculum into other areas that develop new skills and deepen the learning experience. Most extension and elective courses fall into the categories of athletics, visual or performing arts, STEM, and humanities. These courses are hands-on, experiential, and exploratory, and give students opportunities to take risks by trying new areas of interest. Extension courses also offer students and teachers alike the opportunity to interact with peers from other grades.


Grade Level


Personalized Attention

Middle School student and teacher chatting.

Our Middle School has an average class size of 16 students. Every child is well-known and supported in the ways that best meet their needs.

You Belong at Rowland Hall