Developing Strengths

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Middle School Program Overview

The Middle School's three-year course of study seeks to empower students to take responsibility for their own learning and to help them recognize and develop their strengths.

This division's program model, curriculum, assessment philosophy, daily schedule, and, of course, teachers all combine to create the very best Middle School experience.

Students participating in class with their teacher

Rowland Hall Middle School utilizes Mission-Based Grading to report holistically on students’ development as learners. Students earn three grades per class in categories derived from our Rowland Hall mission statement: academic mastery, productivity, and contributions.

Personalized Attention

Middle School student and teacher chatting.

Our Middle School has an average class size of 16 students. Every child is well-known and supported in the ways that best meet their needs.

Student Leadership

Middle School faculty help students learn what it means to be an effective leader, including leadership styles and skills. By eighth grade, students enjoy leading peers across the division, helping to create connections, facilitate personal growth, and solve conflict.

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