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Rowland Hall’s vision of Developing People the World Needs is transformative for the school and community. It’s extraordinary vision that’s only possible at Rowland Hall.

Rowland Hall has long provided students of all ages with flexible, transformative educational experiences that equip them with the skills they need to thrive in our dynamic world. As a leader among independent schools, we are committed to building on our legacy of excellence to shape the future of education—to develop people the world needs.

We believe students of all ages can create knowledge, not just learn knowledge. With investments in areas such as applied mathematics, engineering, environmental and research science, computer science, and entrepreneurship, we’re preparing students to find solutions to real-world problems.

We believe students are the problem solvers, communicators, critical thinkers, and creators the world needs, and we’re expanding opportunities for deep learning and leadership that will continue to build these identities.

We believe in the benefits of coming together in partnership. By embracing collaboration, we enable meaningful learning and connections that expand perspectives, foster understanding and creativity, build and strengthen community, and shape empathetic, ethical global citizens.

Rowland Hall Students in Action

Upper Schoolers Present Original Research

Students standing in front of their presentation poster


The list of Rowland Hall students who have presented their original research nationally and internationally continues to grow. The Upper School’s Advanced Research Chemistry class has been invited to present two projects at the spring 2024 conference of the American Chemical Society, one of the world’s largest scientific societies and the premier home of chemistry professionals, and Advanced Research Biology students have been invited to present a poster at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, the first and largest cancer research organization.

Students Address Extreme Heat in Salt Lake City

Two students displaying heat mapping sensor


Rowland Hall’s climate science class was integral to Salt Lake City’s inclusion in the 2023 urban heat island mapping campaign, a citizen scientist program, funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, that identifies where communities should prioritize life-saving heat mitigation resources. Rowland Hall students were among the community members who helped record temperature and humidity on a hot July day, and they helped to lead community conversations by sharing their stories and discoveries. Learn more about the project.

Seventh Graders Advise Great Salt Lake Institute

Two students present to Great Salt Lake Institute


When Westminster University’s Great Salt Lake Institute became concerned that their efforts to educate young Utahns about the lake weren’t effective, they decided to partner with Rowland Hall. Through a project-based learning opportunity, all seventh graders were asked to research ways that the Great Salt Lake Institute could better reach out to younger audiences so that more people understand and prioritize the local impact of the lake. Read about the students’ recommendations.

New Approaches to a Garden Menace

Student holding up a section of punturevine


Tribulus terrestris—also known as goathead, tackweed, devil’s weed, and puncturevine—is a local garden nightmare. Its thorns get stuck in everything from shoes to tires, and its deep roots make it especially difficult to fully remove. To help combat the invasive weed, this year’s fifth graders joined the Jordan River Commission’s puncturevine eradication project, where they received firsthand experience of the best ways to remove the plant. They then used their observations to design and create their own puncturevine removal tools in the McCarthey Campus’ TREC Lab. Learn more about the experience.

Leadership Opportunities for All

4Prek and fourth grade buddies together
Two fifth grade interns at work


As part of our work to shape people the world needs, Rowland Hall is building leadership skills in all students. Among our current offerings are Buddy Programs, which connect students in 4PreK and fourth grade, kindergarten and fifth grade, first grade and third grade, and second grade and sixth grade. A fifth-grade internship program (see below) is providing budding middle schoolers with opportunities to contribute to the school community. And a Middle School Leadership Lab allows eighth-grade club leaders and Student Council members to connect with peers from The McGillis School—this fall, 60 of these middle schoolers gathered on a Friday afternoon to explore leadership and team-building activities.

Fifth-Grade Interns Make an Impact

Two fifth grade interns at work


Rowland Hall’s first-ever fifth-grade internship program kicked off in fall 2023, offering the Lower School’s oldest students a yearlong opportunity to build relationships with staff, administrative, and leadership teams while contributing to the school community. Thirty-four fifth graders have been placed in 19 internships across the McCarthey Campus and have (so far) led Roar and Soar assemblies, emceed the Grandparents Day program, welcomed prospective families on campus tours, supported tech tickets, and organized a Lower School Spirit Night.

You Belong at Rowland Hall