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Meaningful Leadership

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College Counseling Ambassadors

Our College Counseling Ambassador program gives juniors an opportunity to engage in a meaningful leadership position that will jumpstart their engagement with the college process, hone their communication and organizational skills, and provide opportunities to develop relationships with their college counselors, admissions representatives, and peers.

Their responsibilities include:

  • serving as representatives of Rowland Hall to visiting college admissions representatives;
  • greeting admissions representatives and providing them with a brief Upper School campus tour highlighting Rowland Hall's distinctive programs;
  • attending meetings with admissions representatives to learn about their institutions;
  • conducting primary-source research on colleges and universities with representatives visiting Rowland Hall; and
  • participating in Rocky Mountain Association for College Admission Counseling's annual fair in Salt Lake City.

Students selected to serve for a second year as Lead Ambassadors are responsible for both training new ambassadors and coordinating the logistics for representative visits. Lead ambassadors also contribute to the visual representation and communication pieces of the process, which include contacting other ambassadors, college representatives, and fellow seniors.

Ambassador Biographies

Claire Hyde

Claire Hyde

Lead Ambassador

Favorite thing about Rowland Hall: The relationships I have with peers, even across grades. Because of the small population, it’s easy to get to know people and develop meaningful relationships that brighten my day.Favorite thing to do in SLC: Outdoor activities are a short drive away. I love hiking, backpacking, skiing, and snowshoeing. Year round, the mountains are the best place to be!
Favorite restaurant in SLC: Eggs in the City serves the best breakfast, my favorite meal. I get the Parisian crepes with bananas.

Megan Rasich.

Megan Rasich

Lead Ambassador

Favorite thing about Rowland Hall: The teachers provide an engaging environment for learning.
Favorite thing to do in SLC: Hang out with my dogs on the trails, and hang out in the College Counseling office.
Favorite restaurant in SLC: B&D Burgers.

Claire Sanderson.

Claire Sanderson

Lead Ambassador

Nickname: Sandy, but not everyone calls me that.
Favorite thing about Rowland Hall: The small community because it allows me to become close to my teachers and peers.
Favorite thing to do in SLC: Be with my friends and eat.
Favorite restaurant in SLC: Old Spaghetti Factory or Hires Big H.
Favorite activity/hobby outside of school: Piano.

Sydney Young.

Sydney Young

Lead Ambassador

Nickname: Syd.
Favorite thing about Rowland Hall: The small class sizes and ability to build relationships with teachers. We can ask lots of questions and have in-depth discussions. We can also pursue our own individual interests, with teachers’ guidance and expertise.
Favorite thing to do in SLC: Hiking, especially on the Living Room Trail. There are cool rock structures and forts at the top.
Favorite restaurant in SLC: Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana for margherita pizza. I like dessert at Capo or Bruges Waffles.

Boston Ballard.

Boston Ballard

Favorite thing about Rowland Hall: The sense of togetherness within the community, and the close bonds formed between teachers and each of their individual students.
Favorite thing to do in SLC: I enjoy taking advantage of the city’s various activities such as seeing movies, hiking, playing basketball, and shopping at City Creek.
Favorite restaurant in SLC: Tsunami. I heavily recommend this great sushi restaurant.
Favorite activity/hobby outside of school: Playing basketball and Xbox with my friends.

Brenna Davison.

Brenna Davison

Nickname: Bren.
Favorite thing about Rowland Hall: The teacher-student relationships.
Favorite thing to do in SLC: Run.
Favorite restaurant in SLC: Trio.
Favorite restaurant in SLC: Skiing.


Hailey Hauck.

Hailey Hauck

Favorite thing about Rowland Hall: The small class sizes and the opportunities to be involved in administration through committees.
Favorite thing to do in SLC: I love skiing at Alta.
Favorite restaurant in SLC: Trio or Eggs in the City.


Ella Vitek.

Ella Vitek

Favorite thing about Rowland Hall: The community. There are so many great people and resources for help in our school.
Favorite thing to do in SLC: I love to hike and run in the mountains.
Favorite restaurant in SLC: Taco Taco in downtown Salt Lake.
Favorite activity/hobby outside of school: Hang out with my friends. I love to go swimming and take adventures with them.


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