Rowland Hall By The Numbers

At Rowland Hall, we’re bringing to life an extraordinary vision to develop people the world needs—a vision that builds on our long legacy of exceptional independent education. From small class sizes that ensure each student is well known to a commitment to a diverse and welcoming community, Rowland Hall is a safe place where students can explore their passions, be challenged as learners, and find their voices. Our nationally recognized academic program prepares students to thrive in a dynamic world, emphasizing deep, authentic learning experiences that enable students to see themselves as problem solvers, creators, and leaders. As a result, Rowland Hall students make early impacts in areas such as STEM, debate, and the arts, and are well prepared for the next chapter of their lives: Rowland Hall students earn higher than average ACT, SAT, and AP exam scores, are more likely to be admitted to highly selective colleges and universities, and are highly likely to receive at least one merit scholarship.

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