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Upper School Curriculum

The pursuit of academic and personal excellence balanced with an emphasis on social and emotional wellness prepares students exceedingly well for college and for life. 

Our curriculum is extensive and includes advanced classes in most subjects. In addition to traditional courses, upper schoolers can choose from an array of electives to enrich their learning and explore their passions. Teachers value all learners, invest in teamwork, and encourage students to take risks and strive for improvement. Excelling is admired and upper schoolers are inclined to stretch themselves.

Digital Course Catalog

More About Our Advanced Courses

Rowland Hall offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) and Advanced Topics (AT) classes. Students should be aware that AP and AT courses carry increased homework requirements and possibly summer work, and all students enrolled in AP classes are required to take the AP exam. Rowland Hall’s advanced courses are viewed by college admissions professionals during the college application process as the most challenging courses taught at Rowland Hall. AP exam scores are not required by any college or university in the admission process. Students may submit AP exam scores to the college they attend for consideration for advanced placement and/or credit. Finally, students may opt to take AP tests in a subject even when the corresponding course is not offered.

In certain areas, Rowland Hall faculty members and administrators believe the school can offer a richer academic experience without teaching to the course requirements and test expectations of the AP program. We believe that our AT offerings prepare students to perform well on any AP test a student elects to take. Watch the video below to hear why our Upper School Science Department has shifted from AP to AT courses.

Admission to AP, AT, and honors classes is made on the basis of departmental recommendations and on what students, teachers, parents, college counselors, academic support, and administrators believe is the appropriate course load for the student. Every student completes a course-load planning form which is reviewed by the academic support counselors, the principals, and the student’s current teachers. Ultimately, the students—with guidance from the aforementioned parties—decide the best schedules for themselves, knowing their other interests and involvements outside of the academic school day.

View current Advanced Placement and Advanced Topics offerings in the digital course catalog above.

The Upper School Experience

Personalized Attention

Student working with teacher in science class.

Our Upper School has an average class size of 13. Every student is well-known and supported in the ways that best meet their needs.

You Belong at Rowland Hall