Upper School Course Description

  • History & Social Science
Advanced Research Humanities (Fall)

Prerequisite: Completion of an AP History Course, AP Language, and Departmental Recommendation 
This Advanced Research course for juniors and seniors offers students the opportunity to engage in the craft of history and conduct work similar to that of professional historians — creating their own projects, developing unique arguments, and then presenting that scholarship to authentic audiences. During the class, students will explore historical case studies that examine the methods and ethics of the discipline and further prepare them to undertake a major research paper. For that major assignment, students will develop a research topic, formulate a focused question, conduct primary research in available archives, and write a publishable-length (approximately 20-25 pages), original research paper, which they will submit to a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. In working toward the final draft, students will complete smaller assignments such as a research proposal, an annotated bibliography, a detailed outline, and a full draft of their paper prior to the completion of the final assignment. In addition to consulting primary and secondary sources available online or through the school's library, students will also learn about digital tools for research management as well as how to conduct archival research and navigate university libraries. While students will be allowed to choose their own research project with the approval of the instructor, they will also engage with the research of their classmates in class meetings; in workshops, students will read the drafts of others' work and provide comments and suggestions.