Upper School Course Description

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Advanced Topics in Biology

In order to enroll in this course, students must have a B+ or higher in their current science course.  Students who do not meet this requirement but want to enroll should see the Science Department Chair to complete a petition to enroll.

Advanced Topics in Biology is a second-year biology course that asks students to investigate the role of molecules and cells in living systems.  Major topics include the biochemistry of life, cell structure and function, molecular genetics, and signaling in body systems.  Throughout the year, students will conduct experiments and analyze data; in addition, they will look at the work of other scientists as they develop their ability to relate data to underlying scientific concepts.  To succeed in the course, students must be willing to experiment in the lab, analyze data, and explain their understanding of systems both verbally and in writing.  In addition, students will need an understanding of the major concepts covered in 10th grade chemistry.

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