Upper School Course Description

  • Science
Advanced Topics in Chemistry

In order to enroll in this course, students must have a B+ or higher in their current science course.  Students who do not meet this requirement but want to enroll should see the Science Department Chair to complete a petition to enroll.

What is energy? What are the different types of energy? How does energy flow determine if chemical reactions will occur or not?  As a reaction proceeds, what controls the speed? What happens when you mix two compounds? What kind of solutions, properties, or reactions result? How are acid and base reactions essential to so many aspects of life?

AT Chemistry is a second-year chemistry course that will endeavor to answer these questions and much more! The course will investigate these topics through collaborative  experimental labs and discussion. Furthermore, real world applications and current scientific research on the topics will be highlighted and discussed. Students who take this class should have strong math skills and a firm understanding of the topics explored in the 10th-grade chemistry. 

  • Advanced Topics