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 The Benefits of Speech and Debate in High School

Top Eight Benefits of High School Debate

Participating in a strong debate program in high school can provide students with numerous advantages that go beyond the excitement of competing. In addition to fostering leadership skills and allowing students to express themselves, high school debaters enjoy several benefits.

  1.  Critical-thinking skills. Engaging in debate necessitates critical thinking as you’re asked to analyze intricate issues and evaluate evidence and arguments from various perspectives. This process promotes the cultivation of strong analytical skills and helps students learn to form and articulate well-informed opinions.
  2. Improved public speaking. Debating involves speaking in front of an audience. With practice and guidance from coaches, students can enhance their public speaking abilities and gain confidence in effective communication.
  3. Enhanced research skills. Preparing for debates requires extensive research on a wide range of topics. This process helps students develop strong research skills and the capacity to locate and analyze relevant information.
  4. Expanded knowledge on diverse topics. Debates cover a broad spectrum of subjects, including politics, ethics, and current events. By participating in debate, students can broaden their knowledge and deepen their understanding of complex issues.
  5. Teamwork and collaboration skills. Debate is a collaborative endeavor, with students working together to research, prepare, and present arguments. Through teamwork, they develop valuable skills in communication and collaboration.
  6. Improved academic skills. Participation in debate has been shown to significantly improve various academic skills, including written and oral communication and reading comprehension. Through extensive research and the construction of well-organized arguments, debaters develop the ability to articulate thoughts clearly, speak confidently, and adapt to different audiences.
  7. Enhanced college and career readiness. Involvement in a debate program can set students apart on college applications and demonstrate their critical thinking, research, and communication abilities—skills that are highly sought after in careers including law, politics, and business.
  8. Improved problem-solving skills. Debaters frequently encounter unexpected challenges and must think on their feet to develop effective responses, enhancing their adaptability and building their ability to analyze situations quickly.

Engaging in a strong debate program during high school can provide a multitude of benefits beyond the thrill of competition. 

To learn more about joining Rowland Hall's award-winning, state-champion debate program, we invite you to visit our debate page or to reach out to a member of our Admission Team.  All levels are welcome!

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