Large Carnivore Ecology at the University of Utah

Large Carnivore Ecology at the University of Utah

Multiple positions
Contact: David Blount
At least three months, on average about 6 hours per week. (More positions with more flexible scheduling available during the school year.)

David Blount is studying large carnivores in Eastern Turkey. His focus is understanding how bears, wolves, and lynx coexist in an area with very limited food resources. To do this, he uses GPS collars and camera traps while in Turkey. Once back in Utah, he uses his photos to train google AI to identify species in the camera traps. As his intern, you will help train the google AI by sorting camera trap photos on Wildlife Insights.

He accepts interns (year-round) to help him with identifying animals on camera traps. There is no field component to this internship.

This position is best suited for someone who is interested in large carnivore ecology, natural history, wildlife biology, and conservation.

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