Biomechanics and Human Performance at TOSH

Biomechanics and Human Performance at TOSH

1 position
Contact: Dr. Bill McDermott
4-5 days per week, at 6 hours per day, for at least a month.

This internship in the Biomechanics Laboratory at the Orthopedic Specialty Hospital is ideal for a student interested in kinesiology or a related medical/clinical field; specifically, students interested in the mechanics of human movement, injury assessment, and recovery should apply. The Human Performance Lab tests orthopedic patients to help assess their recovery using a three-dimensional motion capture system, in-ground force plates, and an instrumented treadmill designed to evaluate the forces and torques being generated at each of the joints of the body during dynamic movements such as walking and running.
The tasks for this internship might include

  • helping with laboratory setup, patient preparation, and instrument calibration
  • inputting data to spreadsheets
  • collecting and inputting questionnaire data into a database
  • helping to analyze motion capture data

While most students would do well with this internship, it would be best suited for someone with good technical skills in math and computers.

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