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Rowland Hall is shifting education from simply being about learning content to empowering students to create content by engaging in authentic learning experiences. This approach connects classroom learning to meaningful, practical experiences, promoting deeper understanding and retention of knowledge.

At Rowland Hall, education is transformational, giving students agency and purpose, connecting them to their global community, and empowering them to make the world a better place for all.

Read more below to learn more about how Rowland Hall students are contributing to the world around them. 

image of a student reading a poem at the White House
student presenting original research at American Chemical Society conference
student writing a mathematical probrlem on a glass wall

Rowland Hall is an exemplary educational institution with professionals, who are passionate about the difference they are making in our community, state, and nation. —Parent of Alum

Rowland Hall by the Numbers

Rowland Hall by the Numbers graphic

College Admit Lists

students jumping on college t-shirt day

Our seniors are admitted to wide range of colleges and universities across the country, including highly selective institutions.

College Admission

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