Financial Aid

Rowland Hall values socioeconomic diversity. Families with financial need are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

Rowland Hall currently provides over $2.61 million per year in financial aid and scholarships to our students in grades K–12. Most of our financial aid recipients obtain 50% or more tuition assistance, but our need-based financial aid program is designed to consider every family’s unique circumstances and identify a realistic tuition contribution that matches their financial means. All financial aid awards offered by Rowland Hall are grants, not loans, and do not have to be repaid. Please note, financial aid is not available for international students.

The application for financial aid is separate from the application for admission, but the two application cycles do overlap. Interested families should simultaneously complete admission application materials and financial aid application materials. Because requests often exceed budget, families are encouraged to apply as early in the cycle as possible.

All inquiries, applications, and supporting documentation with regard to financial aid are treated confidentially. Admissions decisions are made without regard to need—an accepted family's financial aid application is looked at only after the family has been admitted.

How Need Is Determined

As is common with many independent schools, financial aid awards are decided by the School’s Financial Aid Committee. This committee includes the Head of School, the school's Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Enrollment, and the Director of Financial Aid. Rowland Hall uses School and Student Services (SSS), a service of the National Association of Independent Schools, to process our financial aid applications.

Introduction to Eligibility

Even families who feel financially stable can’t always afford tuition. That’s why our financial aid program is here for everybody—not only those who are in the highest-need categories. The table below shows the income ranges of our financial aid recipients, and what applicants of similar means may be asked to contribute.

This chart is a simplification of our process. In reality, awards are determined using a variety of factors beyond family income, including net worth, debt, unusual expenses, and family makeup. Some families in these income ranges will be eligible for significantly more or less financial aid depending on individual circumstances. Our financial aid resources are limited and there is a significantly greater chance of receiving financial aid if you apply by the February deadline.

Gross Annual Income Family’s Expected Contribution (All Students Combined)
Under $40,000 $0–$4,000
$40,000–$70,000 $1,000–$6,000
$70,000–$100,000 $3,000–$11,000
$100,000–$150,000 $7,000–$20,000*
$150,000–$200,000 $15,000–$30,000*
Over $200,000 Eligibility possible with multiple children enrolled

*Tuition cost per student will never exceed the full tuition rate. A family’s total tuition contribution would only exceed the per-child rate if they have multiple students enrolled.

Additional costs beyond tuition (technology fees, tutoring) may also be eligible for financial aid.

For Returning Families

To renew financial aid, families must complete the same steps each year (outlined in steps 1 through 3 below). This process allows us to verify and document that families who receive financial aid continue to demonstrate need for tuition assistance.  Current financial aid recipients will receive detailed instructions for renewal.

For New Applicants

The deadline to submit a new financial aid application has passed. If you submit an application now, it will only be considered if we have remaining resources to distribute.

The application deadline for the 2022-2023 school year was February 7, 2022. Priority will be given to complete applications submitted by the deadline. Late or incomplete applications may not receive full consideration for a financial aid award.

Application Requirements

Rowland Hall believes in supporting families with need-based financial aid. In order for us to fairly distribute limited resources, we rely on each child's guardians to accurately submit financial information. If parents are divorced or separated, each party must independently follow the financial aid application steps. If you have questions or concerns about fulfilling this requirement, please contact Mary Anne Wetzel.

School and Student Services (SSS) does provide forms in multiple languages. If you need help with the forms because of a language barrier, or for any other reason, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will be happy to guide you through the process. 

Steps for Completing the Financial Aid Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond Financial Aid


Please refer to our scholarships page for information regarding need-based and merit-based scholarship opportunities at Rowland Hall.

Tuition Loan Option

For families that do not qualify for financial aid—or for those who qualify but need assistance with their portion of tuition—you may want to investigate Your Tuition Solution, which may be able to offer a tuition loan.

Notice of Nondiscrimination
Rowland Hall does not discriminate on the basis of physical ability, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in its admission, financial aid, or employment policies or in the administration of educational, athletic, or other school programs.

Admission Deadline

FEBRUARY 7: Application and Financial Aid Deadline

All application materials must be submitted by February 7. Decision letters will be published to the application portal at 3 pm on March 4. 

If you applied for financial aid, those decisions will also be published on March 4.

Independent school Rowland Hall shares what to expect when applying for financial aid for the independent school.

Rowland Hall believes that an independent education should not be out of reach for families unable to pay full tuition. Learn what you can expect when applying for financial aid at Rowland Hall.

Like other private independent schools, Rowland Hall is independently funded, relying on tuition to offer an exceptional education to the PreK through twelfth-grade students who attend our two Salt Lake City, Utah, campuses.

While tuition is a major source of funding for the school, Rowland Hall believes that an independent education should not be out of reach for families unable to pay the full tuition. As a result, we provide over $2.61 million in financial aid and scholarships to students each year. Rowland Hall financial aid awards are grants, not loans, and do not have to be repaid, and are available to students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

At Rowland Hall, we are committed to understanding each family’s individual circumstances to determine financial aid eligibility and appropriate awards. A family should never assume they are not eligible for aid, or that any financial aid examples they may see online are complete; the only sure way to know if you qualify, and how much you qualify for, is to work directly with a school financial aid professional. Rowland Hall Director of Financial Aid Mary Anne Wetzel '01 guides each family through the financial aid journey.

What to Expect When You Apply for Financial Aid at Rowland Hall

1. Explore Rowland Hall, Then Fill Out an Admission Application

Before you apply to Rowland Hall—including for financial aid—it’s important to determine if our school is right for your family. Begin by contacting our Admission Department via the inquiry page. After inquiring, you may also choose to attend an admission event or take a virtual tour to help make your decision.

If your family determines that you’d like to apply to Rowland Hall, please begin or complete an admission application before starting a financial aid application.

2. Prepare Your Financial Documents

Rowland Hall uses School and Student Services (SSS), a document verification service utilized by hundreds of private and independent schools that award financial aid. To ensure the smoothest process in SSS, we recommend that you gather necessary financial documents—including W2s or 1040s, and mortgage interest, banking, and investment statements—before beginning the financial aid application. We also recommend that you review SSS’ Guiding Principles for Families prior to starting the application.

3. Fill Out Your Financial Aid Application

After gathering financial documents, you are ready to begin the application.

  • Create an account in the SSS Family Portal. Keep track of login information, as you will need it to return to the system. (You can fill out an application over multiple sessions.)

  • The application will first ask for basic demographic information to help determine eligibility. After completing these questions, eligible families will pay an application fee of $55, which can be done with a credit or debit card. (A fee waiver may apply in certain situations; please contact the director of financial aid with questions.)

  • After submitting the fee, continue your application. The SSS application is designed for ease of use and offers a robust help system, as well as a support phone number. Families are also welcome to contact Rowland Hall’s Admission Team if SSS is unable to provide an answer.

  • Use the application’s comment area to expand on anything in your application, or to make us aware of other circumstances that may affect your ability to pay.

  • Be sure to upload the tax documents requested by SSS, as your application will not be considered complete without them.

After your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by Rowland Hall’s four-person Financial Aid Committee. Your personal information, as well as any awarded aid, is only shared with this committee and is always kept confidential. If necessary, the director of financial aid may reach out to you with follow-up questions that will help the committee make an informed decision.

Please be aware that financial aid priority for the upcoming school year is given to applications submitted by the admission deadline. The due date for admission and financial aid applications for 2022–2023 is Monday, February 7, 2022; both applications must be fully completed by this date.

4. Review Financial Aid Decision and Follow Up as Requested

All families receive communication regarding Rowland Hall’s financial aid decisions. Contracts and financial award letters for 2022–2023 will be available in Rowland Hall’s admission portal in early March 2022.

If your family receives a financial award letter, you’ll accept that award by signing the provided contract and returning it to Rowland Hall by the required date, along with a non-refundable deposit of 10% of your tuition amount. Receipt of a signed contract and deposit locks in your financial aid package and secures your student’s, or students’, place for the next school year. Families also choose a payment plan at contract signing.

Want more information on Rowland Hall’s financial aid process? Contact Director of Financial Aid Mary Anne Wetzel at or 801-924-2964 to get started. We also invite you to visit our admission RSVP page if you would like to attend a virtual open house or a small group tour of our Utah independent private school campuses.

Financial Aid

Students on the McCarthey Campus.

Director of Financial Aid Mary Anne Wetzel ’01 on our kind, thoughtful, and transparent process: “A truly equitable financial aid program benefits all who demonstrate even partial need.”

Thank you for your interest in Rowland Hall. I’m proud to be part of a community that cares so deeply about making a difference in students’ lives and creating a welcoming learning atmosphere for all.

As of summer 2019, we’ve exceeded $2.6 million per year in financial aid awards and scholarships for families that demonstrate financial need. That number grows each year, as does the scope of our financial aid program to cover expenses beyond tuition. Our program is not only sound—it’s increasingly robust. As its director, part of my mission is to educate families about the wide range of people it’s designed to benefit.

As an alum, I’m deeply familiar with the joys and rewards of a Rowland Hall education. I suspect you wouldn’t be reading this letter if you didn’t also recognize that value. But valuing an exceptional early education is not the same as affording it, and many families that would pay full tuition simply don’t have the means to do so. The beauty of our need-based financial aid program is its personalization, designed to consider every family’s unique circumstances and identify a realistic tuition contribution that is well-aligned with their financial means.

I can honestly say that our process is thoughtful, human, and kind. Award decisions are made in a room of caring professionals and educators and the results are presented with transparency and clarity.

It’s a myth that financial aid is an all-or-nothing equation solely intended for families of few means. A truly equitable financial aid program benefits all who demonstrate even partial need. In fact, all of our financial aid recipients fall somewhere between full-pay and no-pay, meaning families from a wide range of income levels pay anywhere from zero to 99% of full tuition depending on their level of need. If any family feels that the cost of full tuition at Rowland Hall is beyond reach, I always encourage them to explore this as an option.

I also encourage families to apply as early as possible. We have limited financial aid to distribute each year, and demand typically exceeds our budgeted funds. The best way for us to meet your family’s needs is to complete your application before the February deadline.

I can honestly say that our process is thoughtful, human, and kind. I personally collaborate with every applicant family to ensure we understand their whole financial picture before the application is reviewed. Award decisions are made in a room of caring professionals and educators and the results are presented with transparency and clarity.

Ultimately, this is about placing your child in an environment that will allow them to become lifelong learners who will make a difference in the world. If that environment is right for your child, I believe the cost should be within your family’s means. So please take some time to read through our philosophy, policies, and steps to apply. I’m always available to discuss your situation in greater detail and to answer any questions. I look forward to it!

Mary Anne Wetzel ’01
Director of Financial Aid

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Additional Forms

All supplemental forms are now accessible in the Admission Portal. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing a form, please email Mary Anne Wetzel.

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