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Alumni at open mic night
Alumni at all-class reunion
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Welcome, Alumni

For over 150 years, Rowland Hall has focused on the power of education and the importance of good character.

While uniforms, faculty, and campuses have changed since 1867, Rowland Hall has remained true to its core commitment: offering children the best education in the Intermountain West, and teaching them how to lead ethical and productive lives.

Whether you went to Rowland Hall for one year or you’re a lifer—an alum who attended for 12 years or more—you’re part of the school’s legacy and a valued member of our community. We would love to have you engaged in celebrating your alma mater!

The Rowland Hall Alumni Association cultivates a passionate, lifelong community of alumni connected to Rowland Hall and to each other by engaging and celebrating alumni and creating a culture of philanthropy and support of the school. 

Sesquicentennial Anniversary

During the 2017–2018 school year, Rowland Hall celebrated its 150th anniversary with special events—including an All-Class Reunion—and curricular activities that honored the school's rich traditions and bright future.