Alumni Day of Giving – March 27, 2024

Thank you for supporting the Alumni Scholarship Fund. The Alumni Scholarship provides financial assistance to students who otherwise might not be able to attend the school. Through the generosity of our alumni, this scholarship currently supports three scholars. Thank you for giving back to Rowland Hall. 

Total Donors: 177
Total Raised: $20,114.49

Honor Faculty & Staff

This year, we ask you to make a donation in honor of faculty or staff who have had a lasting impact on your life. When making your donation, use the description field to let us know who your gift is in honor of. We'll then add photos of that person to our mosaic. As more donations are made in honor of faculty and staff, more photos get added, and more of the underlying picture becomes visible. The mosaic is interactive, so click through and browse all of the honorees!

Alumni Executive Board Challenge Gift

The Alumni Executive Board will be making a donation for every 50 alums who contribute to the Alumni Scholarship Fund. The more alums who donate, the more the board will add on, so contact your fellow alums and encourage them to contribute.

Alumni Scholarship Recipients

The Alumni Scholarship Fund enables Rowland Hall to provide financial assistance to students who otherwise might not be able to attend the school. Through the generosity of our alumni, the school has awarded three alumni scholars and hopes to add more in the future. Your support has a direct impact on these students.




Thank you for giving!

Class of 1936
Marion Alexander Peterson

Class of 1956
Stephanie Deck Jackel

Class of 1958
Jodie Ray Hunt

Class of 1959
Heather Ririe Race

Class of 1960
Nancy Sandack Borgenicht
Joni Friedman Pratt
Sally Adams Prinster

Class of 1961
Joseph Smith

Class of 1962
Carol Olwell

Class of 1971
David Warner

Class of 1972
Stephen Goldsmith

Class of 1989
Eric Baughman
Amy Hoeppner Taylor

Class of 1990
Kelly Hannah
Laura Hermance
Rachel Kulmer Burnett
Wood Moyle
Matt Rogers
Lesa Sullivan-Abajian
Heather VanDeventer
Rebecca Winder

Class of 1991
Kathy Ogles Kennedy
Rudi Riet

Class of 1992
Libby Mitchell
Lindsey Oswald Smith

Class of 1995
Bobby Lonergan
Niki Martinet

Class of 1996
Hilary Amoss
Tacy Conrad Quinn
Lisa Frates
Tracy Gibbons Llanos
Mo Hall

Class of 1997
Del Anderson
Michael Billings
Mark Langheinrich
Mark Long
Marilee Miller
Sarah Ranger
Chris Von Maack

Class of 1998
David Billings
Whitney Brinton
Sierra Burton
Molly Doilney Crosswhite
Christina Lau Billings
Emily Sloan-Pace
Mike Stewart
Kyle Walton
Sadie Weyher Schabdach

Class of 1999
Alex Lee Von Maack
Sadie Hoagland Wise
Calli Payne McGann
Kacie Tachiki Turcuato
Andrea Williams

Class of 2000
Kristen Caswell
​​​​​​​Carrie Cornwall
Kate Eyre Sandfoss
Nate Kogan
Mary Lombardi
Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort
Tara Tribe Meade

Class of 2001
Conor Bentley
Mike Elliott
Megan Hillyard
Adrienne Martain Black
Preston Nielson
Lauren Pardey Stivers
Liza Springmeyer
Jeanna Tachiki Ryan
Stacey Timmons Ehleringer
Alexandra Velasco
Ajay Virkar
Mary Anne Wetzel

Class of 2002
Jamie Delong
Brittney Hansen
David Hoffman
Shanni Baraki
Adrienne Martain Black
William Michalak
Ryan Olson
Robyn Payne Jensen
Nicole Pershing
Brandon Rasmusson
Joe Sadoski
Eric Strohacker
Chas Swanson

Class of 2003
Ian Anderson
Megan Andrews
Libbie Brown
Eric Fish
Kristin Gelegotis
Caroline Gleich
Molly McCarthey Spain
Jeff Norris
Becky Webster
Alessa Zimmerman Maw

Class of 2004
Alan Butler
Emily Drake Miska
Jason Eder
Mikaela Larson
Briggs Matheson
Michael Sotiriou
David Wetzel

Class of 2005
Nathaniel Barusch
Kiersten Joesten Prucha
Megan Jones Shiotani
Vanessa Therson

Class of 2006
Chris Felt
Mairin McCarthey
Dana Pool Cremeno
Tommy Rollins
KC Rommel
Tori Searl Cassel

Class of 2007
Cyrus Akrami
Alex Gardner
Molly Jones
Liz Elliott
Christopher Slager

Class of 2008
Zachary Brodsky
Tyson Call
Danielle Therson

Class of 2009
Hayes Bischoff
Callahan Jacobs
Anne Kay Bischoff

Class of 2010
Andrew Arsht
Mario Feola
Jo Friedman Bowry
Maddie Haslam
Aria Thaker

Class of 2011
Daniel Christensen
Claire Edgley
Chloe Jones
Robert Lainhart

Class of 2012
John Gilbert
Sophie Hochhauser

Class of 2013
Alex Beaufort

Class of 2014
Marisa Eng
Conor Nelson

Class of 2015
Ally Askew
Anna Heslop
Georgia Larsen
Francesca Steiner

Class of 2016
Harper Coleman-Houghton Lundquist
Garrett Furubayashi
Rachel Nelson
Mathew O'Brien
Maxwell Sueoka
Grant Tilson

Class of 2017
Knox Heslop

Class of 2018
Sophia Cutrubus
Kenzie Steward

Class of 2019
Alex Baughman
Ally Hansen
Emilie Orfanakis
Alison Puri
Trey Provost

Class of 2020
Carter Louchheim
Charlotte Orford
Zach Rohovit

Class of 2021
Auden Bown
Beca Damico
Sam Francis
Madeleine Gee

Class of 2022
Samantha Lehman
Max Murphy

Class of 2023
Caelum van Ispelen
Arden Louchheim

Honorary Alums
Jana Baldwin
Annjanine Freeman Etzel
Karen Hyde

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