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Alumni Executive BoardFriendship, community, and growth are words that come to mind when I think about Rowland Hall. For me, this experience didn't end upon graduating. In fact, it was only afterwards that I realized just how special it had been. For nearly my entire life, Rowland Hall had been my ‘home away from home’ during the day, and my classmates, teachers, and administrators were an integral part of my family.—Alex Gardner ’07

Christina Billings

Christina Lau Billings ’98

Alumni Association Chair

Conor Bentley

Conor Bentley ’01

Christopher Felt

Christopher Felt ’06

Alex Gardner

Alex Gardner ’07

Kelly Hannah

Kelly Hannah ’90

Molly Jones-Schiers

Molly Jones-Schiers ’07

Valerie Rasmussen

Valerie Rasmussen ’93

Colby Russo

Colby Russo ’15

Molly McCarthey Spain

Molly McCarthey Spain ’03

Meghan Tuohig

Meghan Tuohig ’98

Christopher Von Maack ’97

Christopher Von Maack ’97

Chair of the Board

Becky Webster

Becky Webster ’03

Brad Williams

Brad Williams ’89