Valuing Self-expression

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A Rowland Hall Middle School student performs in a school play.

The Arts

When students have opportunities to perform and create, they find new ways for self-expression and self-discovery—and gain self-confidence.

Our Upper School Advanced Chamber Ensemble's annual Collage event is an evening of interactive listening, art, poetry, dance, and chamber music. Middle School and Upper School music teacher Sarah Yoon first worked with students to launch Collage in 2018, and it's since become a favorite annual cross-disciplinary arts event, showcasing our students' boundless creativity and thoughtfulness.

Taught by faculty who are professional actors, writers, dancers, musicians, and visual artists, our extracurriculars and curriculum open doors for students who want to develop confidence and creativity in practicing an art form.

Art is woven into the very fabric of our students’ lives, from the preschooler trying out watercolors for the first time to the senior sharing their voice through their own dance choreography. At every age, Rowland Hall students enjoy fine and performing arts opportunities designed to build their confidence and self-understanding.

Dance is especially beloved at Rowland Hall and embraced across divisions, whether in movement exploration in the Beginning School, an impromptu playground rehearsal for the Lower School's Puttin’ on the Arts concert, or the Lincoln Street Campus dance studio, home base for our dedicated middle and upper school dancers. 

Visual art is integrated in the Beginning School curriculum and becomes more formal in the Lower School, where students enjoy weekly visits to our art studio to learn technique, history, and criticism, and to make 2D and 3D masterpieces. As they move into the middle and upper schools, students enjoy further opportunities to express themselves, choosing from classes in drawing and painting, ceramics, sculpture, media arts, and even specialized areas such as metalsmithing and public art.

Music instruction kicks off in the beginning and lower schools, where students embrace the art form by learning to play Orff-Shulwerk instruments and exploring music theory, history, and performance. In the middle and upper schools, students build on these skills by joining band, orchestra, and choir groups.

Stage performance starts in the Lower School, and students further develop their theatrical talents in the Middle School, where budding performers explore a variety of performing arts—even comedy! When they enter the Upper School, students further advance their acting techniques, build their technical theatre skills, and can even collaborate with professional artists in Salt Lake City.

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