Building Musical Artistry

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Music permeates the halls and hearts of Rowland Hall, from our monthly Community Sings and lower schoolers playing Zimbabwean marimba music, to the Upper School jazz band’s surprise concerts at morning meetings.

Our Upper School Advanced Chamber Ensemble's annual Collage event is an evening of interactive listening, art, poetry, dance, and chamber music. The 2020 iteration, held on February 28, was centered around Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Middle and upper school music teacher Sarah Yoon first worked with students to launch Collage in 2018, and it's since become a favorite annual cross-disciplinary arts event, showcasing our students' boundless creativity and thoughtfulness.

In February 2018, Rowland Hall’s Advanced Chamber Ensemble presented Collage, an evening of interactive listening, art, poetry, dance, and chamber music. Musicians: Austin Topham, Augustus Hickman, Patrick McNally, Tim Zeng (violin); Zach Benton (violin, viola); Alex Benton (cello); Jake Bleil (bass); Claire Sanderson (piano); and Alison Puri (harp). Student Oliver Jin ’18, a talented artist himself, captured the interdisciplinary evening on video.


Beginning School

Children in the Beginning School have a joyful, child-centered musical life at school, where they sing, dance, act out songs and stories, experiment with percussion instruments, and play listening and singing games while learning the foundations of singing and rhythm. Music is a part of everyday life in the classroom, and we often hear children spontaneously singing, chanting, dancing, and creating music throughout their day. In addition, we have a weekly music class where students experience a wide variety of musical genres and lay the foundation for the rhythmic, melodic, and improvisational skills that they will use throughout their lives.
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Lower School

Music specialty classes at Rowland Hall are based on the Orff Schulwerk and Kodaly approaches, emphasizing active music-making in the community. Fundamental musical skills in singing, rhythm, and improvisation are explored through a weekly class where students play our beautiful collection of Orff percussion instruments, sing, practice listening skills, move, improvise, work collaboratively, and explore various genres and styles. Recorders and ukuleles are introduced in fourth and fifth grade. For those who love singing, a more concentrated chorus option is offered once a week through the Extended Day program, and we offer optional lunch recess choruses once a week for third through fifth graders.
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Middle & Upper Schools

Students can pursue their musical interests through a variety of program offerings, explained below and detailed on divisional pages.
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