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A Rowland Hall Middle School student performs in a school play.
In a Grove


Theatre can be a gateway into dialogue on new, challenging questions young students confront on personal, community, and global levels.

2022–2023 theatre highlights featuring Puffs, Almost, Maine, and The Great Salt Film

At Rowland Hall, theatre is a magical and powerful art form. Experiences in class and on stage charge students’ imaginations and challenge their belief systems. Theatre teacher and technical designer Matt Sincell guides middle and upper schoolers in finding their own artistic voices and provides a platform for complex social-emotional learning.

Under Matt's direction, students present two major shows per year: a fall production for upper schoolers only and a spring production for both middle and upper schoolers. Classes, meanwhile, focus on generating excitement around all the disciplines of theatre: acting, singing, dancing, stage management, lighting, sound, set, costumes, and directing.

Matt also hosts guest artists, collaborates with other educational institutions such as the University of Utah, and keeps middle and upper schoolers connected to the Salt Lake City community theatre scene, including helping interested students find internships with professional theaters.

Matt Sincell
Theatre Teacher and Technical Designerget to know Matt

Shauna Brand
Middle School Theatre Teacherget to know Shauna


Rowland Hall offers theatre courses in grades 6–12.

Middle School Courses

  • Foundations of Theatre
  • Twelve-Week Theatre
  • Six-Week Theatre
  • Musical Theatre
  • Rag and Bone Theatre Ensemble

Upper School Courses

  • Technical Theatre
  • Theatre Production
  • Musical Theatre


Almost, Maine

Welcome to Almost, Maine, a town that’s so far north, it’s almost not in the United States—it’s almost in Canada. And it almost doesn’t exist. Because its residents never got around to getting organized. So it’s just… Almost.

In May 2023, Rowland Hall's Middle School presented Almost, Maine in the Larimer Center for the Performing Arts.

The Great Salt Film

The Great Salt Film centers around the disappearance of the Great Salt Lake and is told through the perspectives of teenagers. Set at the edge of the lake, the play focuses on two groups of teens who are in the process of creating short films to enter into a competition that seeks to bring attention to the lake's decline. Through the voices of the teenagers, we learn about the frustration, the struggle and, ultimately, the genuine love they have for the lake. Realistic and hopeful, The Great Salt Film reveals to viewers what the lake used to be—and what it could be again.

In May 2023, Rowland Hall was proud to present the world premiere of The Great Salt Film in the Larimer Center for the Performing Arts.

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