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Booster Club

Receive free admission to home sporting events* while supporting our athletics department when you join the Booster Club.All parents of athletes and fans of Rowland Hall sports are encouraged to become members of the Booster Club, an important source of revenue and volunteer support for our many athletes and our coaches.

The Booster Club costs $50 per family to join for the entire school year. This great group also provides financial support through sales of tickets to athletic events, concessions, and merchandise. Members of the Booster Club gain free admission to home sporting events (with the exception of endowment or tournament games).

Join Booster Club

Boosters are enthusiastic and much-needed volunteers. We are very fortunate that Booster Club parents are willing to put in hours coordinating with coaches about each team's needs, whether snacks at halftime or help designing sweats. Booster Club parent liaisons help coordinate both Middle School and Upper School sports teams.

The Booster Club sells team merchandise and spirit items for all Rowland Hall teams. To purchase merchandise, please email Ashley Holbrook.

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*with the exception of endowment or tournament games.

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