Leadership, Fair Play, Commitment

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Rich Francey


US Boys Tennis Coach, US Girls Tennis Coach
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Lincoln Campus (6-12)

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Rich first coached the Rowland Hall tennis teams from 1991 to 2004. During that time, Rowland Hall won 12 state championships. He returned in 2019 as the boys coach after 15 years away living in Southern California. Rich has been involved in tennis his entire professional career, starting as the tennis director at the Snowbird Canyon Racquet Club. He left that position to operate Nike Sports Camps across the country. In 2004 he relocated to Southern California to work for Prince Tennis, Babolat, and Tennis Warehouse. He returned to Salt Lake City in 2019 to again work with Nike, operating sports camps across the country. He is excited about his return to the Rowland Hall tennis teams and is passionate about coaching. Rich and his wife, Robyn, have two children—Lisa and Parker—who attended Rowland Hall. Lisa was student body president in 1996.

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