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Middle School Athletics Policies

The information below applies to everyone playing sports.

Email Middle School Director of Athletics Doug Booher with any questions.


The Middle School Athletics Handbook (PDF) details expectations and policies, some of which are repeated below.

Attendance Policy

School Absences and Game Participation

In order to participate in a game, a student athlete must be in attendance at every class that day. Medical or dental appointments, funerals, weddings, field trips, and other school-related functions will be considered as excused absences and participation is allowed. Failure to attend classes due to illness will result in ineligibility for game participation that day.

Attendance at Practices and Games

Attendance at all practices and games is mandatory. If an athlete must miss a practice or game, notification of the coach should be done as far in advance as possible, not the day of the game or practice unless the absence is due to illness. Each coach may develop a policy concerning tardiness or absence from practices or games. Conflicts arising from academic needs or personal circumstances should be discussed with a player’s coach as soon as the need arises so that arrangements for appropriate accommodations can be made if deemed possible.

Transportation Policy

Cell Phones, Texting, and iMessaging

Students cell phones should not be used during extended day program, while participating in athletics events, or on field trips, except with permission from the supervising adult. Rowland Hall provides transportation to regular season away athletic events when the departure time is before or during dismissal. Any game that requires transportation to leave after school hours is the responsibility of the parent to get their child to the game site. Please note that only coaches and players can ride the bus to and from athletic events. Parents must provide their own transport.

Athletic Events at McGillis

*For away games at McGillis, RH will provide drop-off transportation only. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pick up their student athlete after the athletic event at McGillis.

What To Do If Your Athlete Will Not Ride the Bus Back to Rowland Hall After an Athletic Event

Written permission (text message or email ) directly to the head coach from a parent or guardian is necessary if an athlete will use alternative transportation back to Rowland Hall (in lieu of riding the bus) even if that transportation will be provided by the athlete’s parent or guardian. Each request of this nature will be considered on its own merit by the coach. These text messages/emails give RH written documentation that all players are safe and accounted for after away games.

  • Email: Parents must notify the head coach before noon on game day via email to inform them that they will be transporting their child home from the game.
  • Text Message: We realize that parents' plans can be very fluid and that sometimes parents don't know in advance to send an email before noon on game day. Given that, parents also have the option to send the head coach a text message indicating that you will be transporting your student after the contest. Parents are asked to include their full name as well as the full name of the student on the text message so that the coach knows from whom it originates.
  • Important Note: One parent cannot simply call or text another and ask them to take their child home without having first notified the head coach in writing (email or text message) of this requested plan; otherwise, this type of after game transport (a parent transporting anyone other than their own child) cannot occur.
  • Sign-Out Sheet: Parents present at the contest should initial the sign out sheet (provided by the coach), indicating which player or players they are transporting away from the event.

Ride with Respect

Coaches and student-athletes are responsible for the care of vans and buses. These vehicles should be kept clean and free from damage. Upon return from a trip, athletes are expected to remove all trash and equipment from the vehicle. Passengers are expected to show respect for the vehicle and driver at all times.

Pickup & Extended Day Policy

There is a 10-minute window for pick-up after athletics practices and games. If a student is not picked up during this time (e.g. 5–5:10 pm for an event ending at 5 pm) they will be sent to Extended Day and signed-in. If the practice or event is on the McCarthey Campus, they will be signed-in at the McCarthey Extended Day program in the Dining Room.

Cell Phones and Texting

Students cell phones should not be used during extended day program, while participating in athletics events, or on field trips, except with permission from the supervising adult.

Park City Late Bus

Park City is the only route with a late bus.

  • Cost for families registered for the regular bus: $150 per semester
  • Cost for families not registered for the regular bus: $300 per semester

The late bus can be a van or a small bus given the numbers for each day.

  • Lower School students are picked up from extended at 5:30 pm.
  • Students involved with athletics at Steiner are picked up by the McCarthey gym at 5:35 pm.
  • Middle and upper school students are picked up in the bus zone at Lincoln Street Campus at 5:45 pm.

Students arrive in Park City around 6:10–6:15 pm at the Quarry Village Stop located at 3126 Quarry Road, Summit Park, near the Park City Bagel Shop.

Late-Bus Drivers

  • Rhett Card: 801-916-7301
  • Allen Raab: 801-599-6807

Concussion Clearance Return to Play

Any athlete that has experienced trauma to the head and experiences concussion-like symptoms should be evaluated by a doctor who has concussion training. All coaches and athletes must abide by the UHSAA concussion management plan and the Rowland Hall Concussion Management Policy.

If an athlete has been diagnosed with a concussion by a trained doctor then the family must complete all steps of the UHSAA Post Concussion Instructions / Return to Play Clearance Form before being allowed to return to full participation in athletics. The doctor will play a role in determining your athlete’s readiness to fully “Return to Play” and “Return to Learn” mode. If your athlete is diagnosed with a concussion by a trained doctor then your family is responsible for notifying the Rowland Hall Main Office and Athletic Director so that they can notify coaches, PE teachers, and classroom teachers of any accommodations recommended by the doctor.

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