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Athletics News

Track your favorite team or athlete with school publications.

Fine Print is Rowland Hall's magazine—published online only—and includes at least two in-depth athletics feature stories per year. 

The Finish Line is our school's athletics e-newsletter. It's sent to our community three times a year, at the end of each sports season, and includes coach-written wrap-ups detailing team and individual accomplishments.

Fine Print—Athletics Features

Sara Matsumura playing volleyball.

Haverford College senior Sara Matsumura ’16 added to her impressive list of achievements on September 9, when she was awarded the Centennial Conference’s Player of the Week after being named Most Valuable Player of the Ford Invitational only two days earlier. Then, on September 16, the NCAA announced that Sara was ranked third in Division III in total digs and seventh in service aces.

“I am over-the-moon ecstatic,” Sara said about the start of her senior season.

Despite the recent attention she has personally received, the Haverford volleyball co-captain remained focused on her team. “It is amazing to see all of our hard work coming to fruition and so motivating to see everyone reaching and playing at their full potential,” she said. “I feel a lot of appreciation for the group of girls I get to play with."

I am over-the-moon ecstatic. It is amazing to see all of our hard work coming to fruition and so motivating to see everyone reaching and playing at their full potential.—Sara Matsumura, Class of 2016

Kendra Tomsic, Sara’s former coach and Rowland Hall’s director of athletics, was not surprised to learn of Sara’s focus on teamwork. “Sara never cared about individual stats or accolades—she loved her teammates and celebrated their accomplishments as if they were her own,” she said of Sara’s time playing for the Winged Lions. “Her unmatched work ethic, positive attitude, fiery spirit, enthusiasm, heart, and passion for the game were an inspiration to her teammates and coaches.”
Kendra also praised Sara’s athletic prowess. “Sara is undoubtedly one of the most talented volleyball players to come out of our program. Her stats were tops in nearly every category, and she was instrumental to our winning several consecutive region titles,” she said. “I am so very proud and excited, but definitely not surprised, that Sara has continued to excel and has made such an amazing impact on her Haverford College team.”
Sara credited Rowland Hall for preparing her for success at the college level, both on the court and in the classroom. “The endless support I received from Rowland Hall’s coaching staff gave me the confidence I needed to gain an I-own-the-court mentality. As a back-row player, that is essential and has definitely been tested when facing strong teams,” she said. “Rowland Hall also prepared me to balance school and volleyball, as academics is our top priority at Haverford too.”
These balancing skills, first gained at Rowland Hall and then strengthened at Haverford, are essential to Sara’s success. When she isn’t excelling on the court, the chemistry major is researching microplastics and bioplastics for her senior thesis. After graduation, she plans on taking a gap year to work at an environmentally focused company, then earning a PhD in environmental engineering or chemistry. Armed with an arsenal of skills she has gathered as a student-athlete, we have no doubt she’ll continue to do great things, and we can’t wait to see them.

Update November 12, 2019: Sara was selected for a first-team spot for the 2019 All-Centennial Conference volleyball teams; this is the third consecutive season Sara has been named to an All-Centennial squad. She was also named to the Centennial Conference All-Sportsmanship team for the fourth consecutive season, becoming the first player in program history to earn that distinction four times since the introduction of the plaudit to the conference's postseason awards in 2009. Read the news release.

Update November 14, 2019: Sara was selected to the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Division III All-Mid Atlantic Region team. She is the first Haverford player to garner all-region honors since 2015. Read the news release.

Congratulations, Sara!

Top of page: Sara Matsumura playing in a Haverford College volleyball game. (Photo courtesy David Sinclair)


Kendra Tomsic coaching a volleyball game.

Kendra Tomsic fell in love with sports at a young age, but when she was growing up, schools didn’t offer girls’ teams. Instead of deterring her, that early experience sparked a passion that still drives her today.

“As a pre-Title IX athlete who never had a coach or even the chance to compete until college, I vowed to help make certain others would have the opportunities I didn’t,” Kendra told attendees of YWCA Utah’s Leader Luncheon on September 13, as she accepted this year’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Sports and Athletics.

As a pre-Title IX athlete who never had a coach or even the chance to compete until college, I vowed to help make certain others would have the opportunities I didn’t.—Kendra Tomsic

She continued, “I made a commitment to become a coach and athletic director who would not only teach female athletes skills and strategies, but who would use sports to teach and model leadership, strength, confidence, courage, tenacity, resiliency, and the importance of teamwork.”

Kendra’s 42 years of dedication to this work—28 of them at Rowland Hall in roles including director of athletics, PE teacher, and volleyball, softball, and basketball coach—led YWCA Utah to select her as one of five women honored at this year’s luncheon. Award recipients are community leaders who advance the well-being of Utah women and girls, and who exemplify the YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. In her roles as an administrator, educator, and coach, Kendra has harnessed her passion for athletics to empower Utah girls and women and to promote high school athletics at the state and national levels.

“It's not possible to overstate her positive impact on athletics in general and girls’ athletics in particular in Utah,” said Head of School Alan Sparrow. “Her commitment to getting women's athletics treated with the same opportunities and respect as men's athletics is inspirational. Through her dedication, diplomacy, and tenacity, girls’ athletics in Utah high schools have improved dramatically. She is universally respected by her peers and they listen to her when she points out inequities.” They’ve also celebrated her: Kendra’s long list of accolades includes a national Distinguished Service Award and state Athletic Director of the Year. But it’s praise from students that best illustrates the importance, and reach, of Kendra’s work. When news of the YWCA award was posted on Rowland Hall’s alumni Facebook page, an outpouring of love quickly followed, resulting in the page’s highest interaction to date.

“I am proud to say I know her.”

“There’s no one more deserving!”

“She’s amazing in every way and her dedication to making young women better athletes and, above that, better people cannot be topped!”

Kendra Tomsic with YWCA CEO Anne Burkholder.

Kendra Tomsic, right, with YWCA Chief Executive Officer Anne Burkholder at the September 13 Leader Luncheon. (Photo courtesy Charles Uibel Photography)

Kacie Tachiki Turcuato ’99 is one alumna who can attest to Kendra’s transformative power. The former volleyball player remembers her coach as a true mentor who believed in her potential, and who had the special ability to bring out and refine her strengths.

“I’m not a natural-born athlete,” Kacie said. “I’m super short and in my first year of high school I was very weak; I couldn’t even get a serve over the net. I just played because it was fun and recreational. But Kendra believed in me, she worked with me, and by the time I left Rowland Hall, I was a stronger athlete: I got the school’s Senior Athlete of the Year, I got Salt Lake Tribune’s Prep Athlete of the Week. I went from feeling like I couldn’t do anything to really feeling accomplished.”

Kacie called Kendra one of the most influential people in her life, and that influence didn’t stop at graduation. Her guidance has inspired Kacie in many ways, from pursuing a career in physical therapy to returning to Rowland Hall as an assistant volleyball coach.

Students have the utmost respect for her, because they just know who she is. When she talks, everyone’s engaged and they trust her.—Kacie Tachiki Turcuato ’99

“I feel so lucky because I honestly think I’d be somewhere totally different without her,” Kacie said. “I’ve had a very fortunate, successful career and life, and I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t met her. She can really bring out the best in you.”

Alan also spoke of this capability. “Kendra's deep commitment and caring for each and every player and coach she works with is obvious,” he said. “You can hear it in her tone of voice when she speaks to the students. You can see it in the compassion she shows when a player or student is upset or hurt. You notice it when she genuinely shows interest in her students’ lives outside and inside of school.”

Kendra’s compassion comes up again and again when people talk about her; it’s an important factor in how she mentors others. Coupled with an ability to build trust, Kendra successfully models life skills such as confidence, resiliency, and teamwork on the court and field—and students respond to it. “Students have the utmost respect for her, because they just know who she is,” said Kacie. “When she talks, everyone’s engaged and they trust her. It’s pretty cool to watch.”

This is true for Gita Varner ’05, a former volleyball and softball team manager, whose strongest memories of Kendra involve the life lessons she learned from her and now uses every day.

“Kendra was a role model for me on how to be true to yourself and accept everyone as they come,” Gita said. Kendra’s high standards also taught her the importance of hard work. “She helped instill a strong work ethic in me because she always expected me to be doing something.”

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, and guts—that’s what little girls are made of. To heck with sugar and spice!

And it may be inspiring students to use, and then themselves model, those life skills during and after their time at Rowland Hall that means the most to Kendra. As she closed her remarks at the Leader Luncheon, she shared a quote from professional surfer Bethany Hamilton-Dirks, along with a reminder of the role we all play in female empowerment: “‘Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, and guts—that’s what little girls are made of. To heck with sugar and spice!’ It is my work, and your work, to continue to send that message to young women, the future leaders of tomorrow.”

Thank you, Coach T, for this important lesson, and for the many others you teach student-athletes every day. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.


Girl soccer players walking away with arms around each other.

Rowland Hall won its second-consecutive Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (UIAAA) 2A Directors Cup for excellence across three areas: athletics, academics, and sportsmanship and student leadership.

Athletics Director Kendra Tomsic said the prestigious award, announced July 13, demonstrates that Rowland Hall is home to some truly gifted student-athletes. “I am so very proud of our athletes for their efforts in the competitive arena as well as in the classroom,” Kendra said, “and thankful to our coaches who are so supportive of our student-athletes' academic commitments.”

Strong showings at state tournaments—along with high GPAs—helped Rowland Hall secure its second Directors Cup in the award's nine-year history. The UIAAA recognized seven of our teams for having the highest GPAs among their 2A competitors: volleyball, girls basketball, boys cross-country, boys tennis, boys track, and girls and boys soccer. And top-five finishes at state competitions included first place in 2A for girls soccer, second place in 3A for girls swimming, second place in 2A for boys soccer, third place in 2A for boys golf, third place in 2A for boys basketball, third place in 2A for girls golf, and fourth place in 3A for boys tennis.

The description of the Directors Cup, from UIAAA:

The UIAAA Directors Cup is awarded each year to the top school in each class that demonstrates combined excellence in athletic, academic, and sportsmanship and student-leadership [categories]. Each category makes up a percentage toward a school’s total ranking:

  1. Athletic (40%): The place or position a school team finishes in the state tournament.
  2. Academic (40%): Varsity team GPA.
  3. Sportsmanship and student leadership (20%): School’s participation in UHSAA-sponsored sportsmanship and leadership initiatives.

The top-five ranked schools in 2A:

  1. Rowland Hall: 15.26 points
  2. Gunnison: 13.47
  3. Waterford: 12.8
  4. Kanab: 10.12
  5. Layton Christian: 9.65

Rowland Hall's score also amounted to the fourth-highest point total among all classifications in the state.

Read last year's story about our first Directors Cup.


Lizzie Carlin: Born to Run

Lizzie Carlin may only be a freshman, but she is already part of Rowland Hall history. In her first year on the track team she has broken the school records for both the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints, and she has her eye on the record for the 400.

“Lizzie’s really got goals,” said Mark Oftedal, head track and field coach. “She came in with goals in her freshman year, which is kind of unusual for a freshman to come in knowing straightaway, ‘These are the events I want to do. These are my goals. These are the times I'm shooting for.’"

Lizzie quickly turned her goals into reality. At her first track meet of the season she broke the school record in the 100-meter sprint with a time of 12.87 seconds. At the second meet, she claimed her second school record when she ran the 200 in 26.96 seconds.

Sibling rivalry may have had a bit to do with how Lizzie set her goals. The first two records she broke were set by her older sister, Emma Carlin ’17. Now though, while Lizzie’s still interested in breaking records, she’s running more for herself. “I just want to get faster,” she said. “I don't know if I really have an end goal, but I think mostly I'm just trying to get better with every practice and get the best times I can.”

Those amazing times may seem to come easy to Lizzie, but there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. This is only her first year running track—ever. She was, and still is, a soccer player. As we all know, the two sports are very different. Yet, with the help of coaches she has been able to navigate between the two. 

“We're trying to work more with her to get rid of the soccer arms—when you're running with your elbows out because you're trying to keep people away from the ball,” Coach Oftedal said. “We're trying to get her more linear in her sprint form, which will help take her times down.”

Lizzie said the physical differences between the two sports haven’t been the only adjustment. She’s had to change her mindset as well. “It's probably the first individual sport I've ever done,” she said. “That kind of gives me more motivation to do it well, because I know if I mess up, it's not like my team can fix it for me. And so that makes me work harder.”

There is a lot of hard work in Lizzie’s future if she wants the school record for the 400-meter sprint. At the final meet of the year she ran the race in 1:01.44 seconds. Her best time for the year was 1.00.76. The record, held by Candice Nkoy ’15, is 59.47. Lizzie had hoped to break it before the end of the year, but just over a second still stands between her and making more history. Will she be able to do it?

“She’s got the speed, obviously,” Coach Oftedal said. “Over time she will build endurance, and be able to carry that speed throughout the length of the race better.”

Lizzie knows breaking the record will be a challenge, but she’s digging deep to make it happen. “It's just having the motivation to go out and train on my own, so that I can get better at it,” Lizzie said. “That's the hardest part for me.”

Lizzie’s coaches see her drive growing, and they’re helping her overcome any qualms or fears that may get in her way. “She says she hates to compete, but I think it's because she cares so much about the outcome, the results, that she gets nervous,” Coach Oftedal said. “She's young. She's learning to deal with her nerves.”

Lizzie is at the right school for finding motivation and overcoming challenges. After all, it isn’t a question of if, but when: she hasn’t broken the 400 record, yet. She still has three more years, and the whole school cheering her on.


Ally Hansen

Senior Ally Hansen (pictured above, center) gave the following speech to 330 guests at Rowland Hall's biennial auction March 16. After she shared her story, a paddle raise garnered $88,050 for school financial aid. Thank you to Ally for her heartfelt words, and to our generous donors for empowering wonderful students like her to attend Rowland Hall.

I’ve been attending Rowland Hall since seventh grade, but before that I’d attended the same public school since kindergarten. It was considered small, yet it was almost twice the size of Rowland Hall’s middle and upper schools combined. Despite the size, I never really fit into the community. It was uninviting, unaccepting, and relatively unfriendly. I didn’t like it there very much, and wanted an escape. I looked at other options for middle school, but they were limited. 

A friend told me about Rowland Hall and I looked into it. I quickly realized it wouldn’t be an option for me, as there was no way I could afford it. Then, another friend—a Rowland Hall junior with whom I played competitive basketball—told me about the Malone Scholarship. So I applied, and here I am six years later.

Rowland Hall gave me something no other place had ever given me: a sense of belonging. I felt happy with who I was, quirks and all.

At my previous school, I was always the tomboy. I didn’t want to walk around talking about clothes or boys during recess; I wanted to play football on the back field instead. But I was never really included anywhere—the boys wouldn’t let a girl play with them, and the girls thought I was weird. During my first few weeks at Rowland Hall, I met this boy and one of the very first things he asked me was if I wanted to throw a football with him during recess. He is now one of my very best friends. This is just one example of the warm, loving, and accepting community I was quickly welcomed into. Rowland Hall gave me something no other place had ever given me: a sense of belonging. I felt happy with who I was, weird quirks and all. 

Rowland Hall made me realize my true potential and gave me all the tools I needed to be successful. I played basketball my two years in Middle School and all four years in the Upper School, making varsity my freshman year. This last year, I was lucky enough to be elected team captain. I was a good leader because I always led by example. I knew that if I did what I was supposed to, then others would follow in my footsteps. Also, I always pushed for “better” and never wanted to settle for “good enough.” Rowland Hall taught me what a real leader looks like, so when it was my turn to step into those shoes I knew exactly what to do.

Ally Hansen takes a jump shot in a basketball game.

Ally Hansen takes a jump shot in a January 10 basketball game.

I’ve been able to write my own ticket because of the education Rowland Hall provides. When I enrolled in Rowland Hall, I couldn’t have even imagined how great my life would turn out.

Lastly, Rowland Hall opened my eyes to all of the opportunities out there—ways to become the most successful person I can be. The school community made me feel like I was good enough to pursue my dreams. I’d been dead set on attending the University of Utah as long as I can remember. But my truly amazing counselors, teachers, and friends exposed me to the idea of expanding my horizons and considering other schools. Now, I’ll be attending Arizona State University (ASU) in fall, majoring in sports journalism and pursuing a dream I’ve had since I was little: becoming a sportscaster. I would have never even looked at that college had it not been for that very same seventh-grade friend who asked me to throw the football (he’s the one who told me about ASU), and for Rowland Hall, which opened my eyes to new possibilities.

My whole life is different because of my scholarship. I now have four of the most amazing friends anyone could ask for and I’ve been able to write my own ticket because of the education Rowland Hall provides. When I enrolled in Rowland Hall, I couldn’t have even imagined how great my life would turn out. None of this would have been possible without the Malone Family Foundation’s generosity. I will be forever grateful. I only hope that other people will be able to have the same opportunities and experiences I did. But for many, Rowland Hall is not a financial option without the generosity of people like you. So tonight, I ask you to please get out your phones and give generously to support future students like me. Thank you.


Zack Alvidrez and team

Zack Alvidrez aimed to build a strong culture in the boys basketball program this season. What he created took the team to a third-place trophy at the State Tournament, their best-ever finish in 2A.

For Rowland Hall senior Trey Provost, the most memorable moment of the basketball season is precisely what you would expect: his buzzer-beating shot to take down Gunnison in the first round of the State 2A Tournament, which brought all his teammates onto the floor in celebration. It was a finish fit for March Madness—although it took place in February—and set the team on course for their best showing in the tournament in over a decade.

Coach Zack Alvidrez cited several joyous moments in the State Tournament, but one other game really stood out to him. It came during Region play, in a matchup at home against rival Waterford. Rowland Hall’s defense stymied their opponents, holding them to just two points at halftime—and the team’s locker room conversation was about how they could do even better. “That showed me they were ready,” Coach Alvidrez said.

As the new head coach this season, Coach Alvidrez’s primary goal was to build a strong culture in the program, one where hard work, communication, and responsibility were paramount. From their earliest practices, he sought investment from everyone on the team—regardless of grade level or experience—and vowed to match their effort. He made himself available for extra workouts, skill development, and weight-training sessions, and he regularly asked players for input, citing a desire to create shared ownership.

As the new head coach this season, Coach Alvidrez’s primary goal was to build a strong culture in the program, one where hard work, communication, and responsibility were paramount. From their earliest practices, he sought investment from everyone on the team—regardless of grade level or experience—and vowed to match their effort.

Such a strong commitment to the team stems from the love Coach Alvidrez has had for this sport since he was in eighth grade. After playing basketball throughout high school and college, he had a seven-year professional career internationally, which might have continued longer if not for a devastating injury to his Achilles tendon. Although he lamented the situation, Zack soon turned elsewhere, launching a competitive league and running basketball camps for kids, something he’d done periodically since college. He connected with Rowland Hall students through his league games, and three years ago began coaching for our Middle School. In fact, some players in Rowland Hall’s class of 2020 have been learning from Coach Alvidrez—in one forum or another—since they were in sixth grade.

Relationships matter, and as the foundation of what Coach Alvidrez has started to build at Rowland Hall, he taught his players to value their interactions with others. “He made us focus on being respectful to everyone, such as our own teammates, our opponents, our coaches, teachers, bus drivers…basically everyone we encountered,” Trey Provost said. Those high expectations were paired with incredible attention to detail on the court and Coach Alvidrez’s meticulous preparation before every game, watching hours of game film and producing long scouting reports to share with the team.

“I think a lot of our shortcomings can be made up for if I’m prepared, and we’re prepared as a team,” he said.

His approach worked. Rowland Hall went undefeated in Region 17 play, and finished third at the State Tournament, notching a gritty win along the way against the defending State Champions from Beaver High School. The standout play from Trey Provost and junior Isaiah Adams—who subsequently won Larry H. Miller Player of the Week honors—led the team during the playoffs, along with steady contributions from juniors Boston Ballard and Oscar Percy and seniors Maya Royer and Zander Smith. During the third-place game against Kanab, which required a second-half comeback to seal the win, Zander played “the game of his life,” according to Coach Alvidrez, scoring 23 points and playing excellent defense.


“All these guys stepped up,” the coach continued. “We had a true definition of a team. We didn’t have one guy to focus on—we had five guys on the floor at all times that needed to be accounted for.”

Playing a team sport…yes, it’s about wins and losses and championships, but if it’s done right, it should teach you life lessons and prepare you for college. —Coach Zack Alvidrez

Athletics Director Kendra Tomsic lauded her new head coach’s performance in building team culture and modeling the high expectations he has for his players. “Zack is one of the best hires we’ve ever made in the boys basketball program, not because he knows and can teach the game so well, but because he gets it—he is able to strike a healthy balance between pushing the players on the court and expecting top-notch behavior off the court.” 

Coach Alvidrez is excited for the future of basketball at Rowland Hall, not just because he believes the state championship trophy is within reach, but because he sees this sport as a vehicle for teaching the values and behaviors students need for lifelong success. “Playing a team sport…yes, it’s about wins and losses and championships, but if it’s done right, it should teach you life lessons and prepare you for college.” 

Also exciting to Coach Alvidrez: buzzer beaters, exceptional defense, and the overwhelming support he’s received from everybody in the school community. “It’s a huge blessing,” he said.


team in park

Carson Burian led a young cross-country team to a Region 17 title last fall, and he's not slowing down. Read about his training methods, goals, and why he thinks 2019 will be his best year yet.

Running can be a lonely sport, particularly for high school athletes pursuing an advanced career. Rowland Hall's cross-country and track and field coach Mark Oftedal knows the situation all too well, having watched his son Eli—a 2015 alum and elite runner who now races for Colorado State University—endure many solitary training sessions. So when he met Carson Burian last fall, Mr. Oftedal recognized what the talented young runner was facing. "I told him, 'You're in a difficult situation, at a small school with a small team, training at your level.' I knew he would be off on his own quite frequently."

Indeed, Carson has experienced just that: long miles on the road alone, when he focuses on long-term goals—such as running in college—to stay motivated. This past summer, he logged between 60–65 miles most weeks, often training in Park City to escape the heat and ozone in the valley. The sophomore, who individually placed first at this year's Region Championship and third at the 2A State meet, used to play up to six sports. He didn't take running all that seriously when he joined the Middle School cross-country team, but after winning every race in his eighth-grade division, he realized that the sport might hold a future for him. Now, he trains year-round for races, competes in cross country and track, and supplements his running with weight lifting—and the occasional ski day, like many Utahns.

Mr. Oftedal described Carson as an intense, determined young athlete who does his research before races and sets realistic goals for himself. While he's competitive, Carson will never bad-mouth his competition—in fact, he wants to race against the best in the field, making a potential victory that much sweeter.

Mr. Oftedal described Carson as an intense, determined young athlete who does his research before races and sets realistic goals for himself. While he's competitive, Carson will never bad-mouth his competition—in fact, he wants to race against the best in the field, making a potential victory that much sweeter. "He wants to bring himself to and beyond the level of the people in front of him," Mr. Oftedal said. And since he's racing against juniors and seniors, he oftentimes has to be patient with himself. Carson can be philosophical about his performance, especially if he's not feeling in peak physical or mental condition on race day. "I still try to run the best race I can," he said, "and though I may be disappointed with my time, I'll usually understand why."

For a young runner, Carson has already developed a balanced regimen of nutrition, sleep, hydration, and workouts. He's learned to listen to his body, and knows that adjusting his pace by five seconds will allow him to push through several more miles instead of hitting a wall. Much of his growth stems from intense training and research, both at Rowland Hall and elsewhere—he attended a running camp at Northern Arizona University this summer, which he credited with giving him an extra boost of motivation during the hottest months of the year. But Carson has also been forced to adapt at times due to injury: last December, he strained ligaments in his foot two days before a race, and then batted through ongoing pain at the start of the track season because he hadn't healed properly. Thankfully, he's stayed healthy since, and says he's hoping to shave another 20–25 seconds off his mile next spring.

Carson's talent and mindset are only part of what makes him a special athlete. His individual performances certainly help the team at race time, but his sportsmanship and leadership help everyone persevere through tough practices. He understands the importance of being a good teammate, and said he'll give others encouragement when they might be struggling, sometimes simply by running alongside them. "It's all about trying to create positivity within the group," he said.

That's a strategy Mr. Oftedal and his assistant coaches, Laura Johnson and Giselle Slotboom, often employ during races too. "We try to give runners cues, and so if someone is having a rough time we'll ask their peer to join up with them and give them a boost." In fact, the camaraderie Mr. Oftedal saw in this fall's cross-country team is one of the things that pleased him most: even with varying levels of ability and experience among the group, they were often running together at practice and training together outside of school.

Carson's dedicated approach to conditioning and wellness has rubbed off on his peers, according to Mr. Oftedal. "Anytime you've got kids that are pushing at the top, it's going to positively influence others." He noticed students comparing their patterns and choices to Carson's, and then emulating his habits or characteristics. "They realize it's not just about showing up for practice and putting in the miles. It's a lifestyle decision."

Mr. Oftedal was quick to add, "It's a gain for Carson, too," as he can find inspiration watching his teammates make huge improvements, and they encourage his growth in return.

A successful season for me is when I meet these kids years down the line and they're still running—still finding joy in competing, or just running for themselves. —Coach Mark Oftedal

This year's cross-country team was a young group, led by sophomores and juniors, which Mr. Oftedal and Carson find exciting. Their achievements included Region 17 titles for both the girls and boys teams, and a third-place finish for the boys at the 2A State Championship—only one point behind the second-place team. With no one on the boys varsity team graduating in 2019, Carson believes the top spot in the state will soon be within reach.

Carson's future, as well as the team's future, is undoubtedly bright, but Mr. Oftedal doesn't necessarily measure success in terms of championships. He recently heard from the parents of a 2012 alum that their son is training for a marathon, and that news is just as satisfying to Mr. Oftedal as any state title. "A successful season for me is when I meet these kids years down the line and they're still running—still finding joy in competing, or just running for themselves," he said.

And if they still hear Coach Oftedal's or a teammate's voice encouraging them to push through training sessions, well, that might just make the runner's life a little less lonely after all.


Girls Soccer Wins Third State Title in Five Years

Congratulations to our girls soccer team for a decisive victory over rival Waterford in the 2A State Championship game on Saturday, October 19, at Rio Tinto Stadium. The group was also recognized Saturday for having the highest team GPA in their division.

Read more:


Finish Line—Upper School

Upper School Athletics - Spring 2019 Roundup

An unusually wet spring didn’t dampen the fiery spirit of Winged Lion Upper School athletic teams as they came away with three Region championships (Boys Soccer, Girls Track & Field, Boys Track & Field) and a near fourth (Girls Golf), and then claimed a State runner-up trophy (Boys Soccer), a State third place (Girls Golf) and State fourth place (Boys Tennis) finish, and had several individual state medalists in golf and track and field! 

Congrats to our student-athletes and Coaches Scott Langone and Ryan Beck (boys soccer); Mark Oftedal, Ashley Hagensick, John Berclaw, and Roland Tolbert (Track & Field); Martin Ellis (Girls Golf); and  Rich Francey and Susan Daynes (Boys Tennis) on these awesome results…a fantastic way to finish the year!  Way to go, Winged Lions!


By Scott Langone, Head Coach

What a season! Back-to-back co-region champs! Back-to-back state finalists! 

The 2019 season started on February 25th with high hopes of returning to the state finals, as the team chose teamwork, competitiveness, and fun for their core values. After a 2-1 win vs. 3A South Summit, we knew we had something special. There was an excitement in this group of 24 strong—they celebrated each other’s efforts and picked each other up when there were near misses.

The “24” battled through snow storms, rain, and opponents, claiming victories until a set -back came with a defeat at Judge Memorial (2018 and 2019 State Champions). The loss at Judge strengthened the team and brought them closer together with a realization that we could not only compete in 2A, but 3A as well. The “24” rolled off another 8 wins in a row, including a very convincing win vs. Waterford at the Steiner Field. In the regular season finale, they had their first Region loss of the year in a tale of two halves vs. rival Waterford in less than desirable weather conditions in a marathon 3.5- hour game marked with multiple stops in play. The “24” finished the regular season as co-region champions with the Ravens and won the coin flip to become the #1 seed out of Region 17 to the State 2A Tournament.

The “24” had a slow start to the playoffs vs. Merit Academy, down 1-0 at the end of the first half, but then scored 10 unanswered goals, defeating Merit Academy, then St. Joseph's in the quarterfinals, followed by a victory over Beaver in the semifinals. During that two -week stretch, the “24” continued to bond and have fun, enjoying a break from soccer playing floor hockey to see who would hoist the Rowland Hall "Stanley" Cup. 

The “24” reached their goal of making it to Rio Tinto for the 2A State Championship vs. Layton Christian Academy, and fell short of raising the championship trophy in a well-played game, losing to LCA 2-0, but showed the Rowland Hall crowd an exciting style of soccer, many fans commenting that it was the best high school soccer game they had  ever seen. 

The season was full of team success and individual successes, as well. Jesus Lamas (‘21) and Charlie Retzer (‘21) were honored by Max Preps as Player of the Week for Utah in week 3 and 8, respectively. Trey Provost (‘19), Jason Nkoy (‘20), Mats Lindgren (‘20), Lamas (‘21), and Retzer (‘21) were named All-Region for Region 17. Charlie Retzer was first in the 2A classification for goals scored and third in the state overall with 28.  Ben Kanter (‘20) had seven shutouts in 18 games and in 1,347 minutes played only gave up 18 goals.  Trey Provost, Jesus Lamas and Mats Lindgren not only scored numerous goals, but assisted on 10, 14, and 11, respectively.  Newcomers Zack Baughman, Daniel McNally, and Luke Muhlestein had a fabulous freshmen season on Varsity.  Jude Whittem (’21)), Alex Okawa (‘21), and Augustus Hickman (‘21) all had a solid varsity season, while Calvin DeBellis (’22), Jaden Jensen (’22), Lorenzo Parker-Pillow (‘22), Charlie Lanchbury (‘22), Tristam Gaylord (‘20), Andy Merrill (‘20), Patrick McNally (‘20), and George Drakos (‘22) had outstanding JV seasons.

At the end of the season banquet, George Wintriss (‘22) was named Most Improved, Jesus Lamas and Mats Lindgren were named Coaches Award winners, and Trey Provost and Jason Nkoy were named Most Valuable Players.

Not only did this team show they are one of the best in the state for soccer, they showed that they are the best academically in 2A, earning the UIAAA Team Academic Award for the top team average GPA.  James Corcoran (‘19), Atticus Hickman (‘19), and Cas Mulford (’19) led the way academically, as they earned UHSAA Academic All-Region Honors, and Mulford and Corcoran were also awarded the prestigious UHSAA Academic All-State award.

Special thank you to assistant coach Ryan Beck who was a key to Rowland Hall's success and to our captains Jason Nkoy, Mats Lindgren, and Trey Provost for supplying key student leadership. Congratulations to our “24” on a season well-played!


by Martin Ellis, Head Coach

The 2019 Rowland Hall girls golf team can best be described by one word: resilient.  Our five student-athletes practiced and played with guts, grit, determination, and heart throughout the season always kept a positive attitude despite weather or struggles on the course.

During our first day of practice meeting, they began setting team and individual goals, their #1 to HAVE FUN and to win the Region Championship.  Result: Tied Waterford at the end of the Region Tournament, went into a playoff and lost by just four strokes.

Goal #2: To finish in the top 5 at the State Championship.  Result: 3rd place overall. Well done!

En route to achieving those goals, the team won two matches and lost two and was tied with Waterford for first place in the region going into the Region Tournament.  At that event, both teams ended the 18-hole competition with the exact same score, forcing an exciting four-hole playoff that the Winged Lions eventually lost by a few strokes to take second place and qualify for State.  Sophie Stinnett took home second place medalist honors and Katy Dark was fourth place medalist for the 2019 season.

At the State Tournament, our team stepped up, everyone played some solid golf, with team captain Sophie Stinnett taking fourth place as an individual, and we ended the season strong with a third-place finish, an outstanding accomplishment given that the majority of our team had never competed at a State Tournament before!

Every team member contributed all season, led by team captain junior Sophie Stinnett who has improved by 10 strokes each of her three years of participation. Sophomore Katy Dark worked hard all season to improve her chipping and putting and was able to consistently shave strokes off her game with each passing tournament. Newcomers to this year’s team, Junior Olivia Bikhazi and sophomores Jacque Park and Ke’ea Ramirez were totally new to the game of golf, all three of them improving on a near daily basis and making huge strides in their play as well as bringing new energy to the team.

I couldn’t be any prouder of these student-athletes. They battled all season long. They set realistic goals based off of their individual skill levels, goals such as try to hit more good shots than bad shots, simple and attainable. They are incredibly smart, were easy to coach, and a lot of fun to work with, making this not only a very successful, but very enjoyable season.

Congratulations to Most Valuable Player and First Team All-State player, Sophie Stinnett; Most Improved Player, Olivia Bikhazi; and Coaches’ Award recipients Katy Dark, Jacque Park, and Ke’ea Ramirez on a great 2019 season of golf!


Young Boys Tennis Team Has Strong Season
By Rich Francey, Head Coach

Rain, rain, and more rain is the best way to describe the weather conditions for this year’s boys’ tennis season. Practices started on March 4th on a sunny day, followed by four days of rain. The team coped with this unfortunate weather and participated in cardio work outs in the gym when necessary. This week unfortunately set the standard for the entire season as there was a least one rained out practice or match every week, causing us to play the majority of our league matches during the very last week of the season!

The team, however, evolved and came together to form some strong bonds and a solid Varsity and JV team. The JV team was anchored by Gary Fenton, Ben Fowler, Andrew Kimball and Charles Topoleski, all making strong efforts to break into the top seven positions.  Good efforts and improvement were also seen from Christian McCartney, Gosha Polischuk, Steven Doctorman, Cooper Davis and Daniel Damico. All of these players will be returning in 2020 which is good news for the Winged Lions.

The Varsity team had a successful season, playing a number of 5A opponents, posting an overall record of 6-3 with a third -place finish in Region play with a 4-3 league record, and then finished the year taking fourth place at the State 3A Tournament.  

Peter Chase played #1 singles and finished fourth at the State tournament.  Justin Peng competed at #2 singles and had a strong season, as did #3 singles player Tim ZengAuden Bown and Noah Edgar teamed up at #1 doubles and played in the State finals at the position, finishing second in a well-played match.  Josh Kesling and Cole McCartney represented the team at the #2 doubles spot and did a great job all season.  Senior Ben McGraw served as team captain, his leadership and enthusiasm key to the team’s success this year.

A big thank you to Assistant Coach Susan Daynes for all her help during my first season back to coaching in the Rowland Hall tennis program—she was awesome!

Team award recipients included Peter Chase, Most Valuable Player; Tim Zeng, Most Improved; Ben McGraw and Josh Kesling, Coaches’ Award; and Gary Fenton, JV Coaches’ Award.

We were also very proud that our Varsity team was recognized with the UIAAA Top 3A Team GPA award, led by Ben McGraw who earned Academic All-Region and Academic All-State accolades for 2019.

Good luck to Seniors Josh Kesling and Ben McGraw as they move on to college adventures—they will be missed!

Congrats Winged Lions on a great season—good things await in 2020!


Track & Field Team Shines In 2019
by Mark Oftedal, Head Coach

Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote, “True sport is always a duel, a duel with nature, with one’s own fear, with one’s own fatigue, a duel in which body and mind are strengthened.” Though these duels are always present each athletic season, the 2019 track and field season certainly provided a lot on the side of duel with nature in the form of rain, sleet, hail, wind, lightening, and sun. I can’t recall a meet that didn’t throw something at us. Athletic Director Kendra Tomsic commented after day-one of the State meet, “I really enjoyed watching the athletes compete and am excited to see so many personal and season bests posted by so many, especially given the terrible weather conditions on Friday!” Throws coach John Bercaw reported that he was very impressed with how everyone kept their focus on their events while handling the conditions at State. A week earlier, after our Region Championship meet, University of Utah head track coach Kyle Kepler, referring to the conditions that day wrote, “. . . I saw a group of people who did the best they could with the situation presented on behalf of the kids they coach . . . that’s real world education!” And, the week before that, at the North Summit Invitational, all teams were sent running for their busses at the conclusion of the 400-meter races. I’ll never forget watching sophomore Zach Benton who rounded the corner into the home stretch—well on his way to a personal best time judging from his time at the 200-meter mark—only to be blasted by a firehose of water and wind turning what would have been a great time into a true battle with nature. 

In spite of the weather, high spirits prevailed throughout our season as our team often headed out the door into cold temperatures and falling rain for recovery runs after quality track sessions the day before which were all too often adjusted due to the weather of the day. Meet after meet, our team members managed to maintain their focus and drop their times and further their jumps and throws no matter the conditions. At the end of the day, whether practices or competitions, good cheer and promise for the events ahead were never in short supply.

Comparing the 2019 season’s best times in the sport’s eight running events (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 110 and 300 hurdles) to the 2018 season, the boys’ team ended the season with better times in seven of the eight events. Two of those bettered marks set new school records. Sophomore Carson Burian surpassed Ryan Westerman’s (class of 2014) 3200-meter record of 9:39.00, set in 2014, with a time of 9:37.62 at the BYU Invitational in early May; junior Andres Torres broke Chris Nkoy’s (class of 2014) 100-meter record of 11.93, set in 2013, by posting a 11.55 at the Region Championships. Two new records were set by 9th-grader Lizzie Carlin for the girls’ team. Lizzie bettered the 100-meter record of 13.14 set by her sister Emma in 2017, by running 12.87 twice this season—once at the Morgan Invitational and once at the Region Championships. Racing to a 26.68 in the 200-meter at the State Championships, Lizzie also knocked off that record of 27.14 set by Candice Nkoy at State in 2013. Read more about Lizzie’s incredible season here.

Both the girls’ and boys’ teams handily won the Region 17 Championships this season, which left all participants tested and strengthened by the many obstacles presented that day—weather being the main one. Twenty, out of our forty-one-member team, advanced to the State meet in forty-one individual events. The Region meet—again in spite of the weather—saw twenty-two new personal best or season best marks posted. Those qualifying for State in individual events were: Lizzie Carlin, Brenna Davison, Shayna Green, Alex Hodson, Ellie Hyde, Anna Jiricko, Grace Macintyre, Micha Nenbee, Laisha Padilla, Katie Plavan, Jezzie Sammons, Lily Scaife, Mia Vinding, Aksel Anderson, Logan Bateman, Zach Benton, Carson Burian, Max Eatchel, Cole Lunde, and Alvaro Nicolia. The following student-athletes were this year’s Region Champions: Lizzie Carlin (100, 200), Carson Burian (800, 1600, 3200), Anna Jiricko (400, High Jump), Logan Bateman (400), Alvaro Nicolia (300 Hurdles), Mia Vinding (Long Jump), Jezzie Sammons (Shot Put), and Sage Matkin (Discus).

Our athletes were not fazed when day one of the two-day Utah State Track & Field Championships at BYU presented rain. To cap off the season, nineteen personal best marks were accomplished at the State Championships. For the girls’ team, Lizzie Carlin (200, school record), Anna Jiriciko (100, 200), Brenna Davison (400), Mia Vinding (100 Hurdles), Lily Scaife, Ellie Hyde, and Katie Plavan (800), Grace Macintyre and Laisha Padilla (3200), and Shayna Green (Long Jump) all performed their best of the season at State. For the boys’ team, Zach Benton (400), Logan Bateman (1600), Aksel Anderson and Max Eatchel (3200), and our all-9th-grade 4x400-meter relay team of Tyler Gerstein, Max Locke, Wynn Mellor, and Max Smart all left their best for the last meet of the year. Making it onto the 2A Utah State top-six podium were Carson Burian as the State Champion in the 3200 and runner-up in the 1600; Lizzie Carlin finished 3rd in the 100, 5th in the 200, and 6th in the 400; Aksel Anderson was 6th in the 3200; Lily Scaife 6th in the 800; and Logan Bateman finished 6th in the 1600. 

On May 28th at the track team’s awards banquet, we celebrated our five senior team members—Jonah Borgenicht (4 years on the track and cross country teams), Grace Macintyre (4 years on track and 1 year on the cross country team), Rob Welt (3 years track and 4 years cross country), Ricky Sanchez (3 years track and 3 years cross country) and Alvaro Nicolia (1 year on track). Jonah Borgenicht and Grace Macintyre were awarded the Coaches’ Choice awards for their outstanding leadership/mentorship on our teams over their high school careers. The Most Improved awards went to junior Aksel Anderson (800, 1600, 3200), while sophomores Ellie Hyde (400, 800) and Lily Scaife (800, 1600) shared the honor, as these two close friends and teammates have motivated each other impressively throughout the season. Our Most Valuable Athlete awards, solidly earned throughout the season by accumulating points for the team that went into triple digits, were presented to 9th-grader Lizzie Carlin and sophomore Carson Burian. Lastly, Tough as Nails awards went to sophomore Katie Plavan for her fast 1600-meter race with a “stunning finish” and to senior Ricky Sanchez—forever the role model for good natured determination and dedication to whatever he takes on.

Thank you to all that supported our team this season. Already looking forward to Spring of 2020! 


Academic Honors for Spring Sport Athletes

Several Winged Lion athletes were recognized with academic honors this spring.  Ben McGraw (Boys Tennis) and Boys Soccer players James Corcoran, Cas Mulford, and Atticus Hickman were named to the Region 17 Academic All-Region Team.

Corcoran, Mulford, and McGraw were also recognized with the prestigious Utah High School Activities Association’s Academic All-State award for their prowess in the classroom and in the athletic arena.



Athletes Earn Post-Season Accolades

 Five players from the Boys Soccer team were named to the All-Region Team, including Trey Provost, Jason Nkoy, Mats Lindgren, Jesus Lamas, and Charlie Retzer.  Several of our players will also be receiving All-State recognition from the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune in the coming days.

Girls Golf team standout, Sophie Stinnett, earned First Team All-State honors based on her 2019 season performance and was recognized at an awards evening at Thanksgiving Point on June 4, along with boys’ golf First Team All-State player, Giorgio Gianoulis.

Two members of the Track and Field team, Carson Burian and Lizzie Carlin, were recognized as All-State athletes by the Track Coaches’ Association.

Although Rowland Hall was unable to field a baseball team this spring, standout player and senior Austin Davison finished out his final year of high school ball playing for his hometown Park City Miners.  His performance earned for him 4A Senior All-Star recognition, as well as First Team All-Region 11 honors.  His prowess behind the plate netted for him Defensive Player of the Year for the Miners this season. 




Class of 2019 Athletic Award Recipients Named

Twelve of our Winged Lion student-athletes were recognized by the Athletics Department with awards at the recent Senior Awards Night program.

The Outstanding Senior Athlete awards were earned by four-year basketball and soccer standouts, Trey Provost and Kat Lanham.  The Lee Scholar-Athlete award was presented to volleyball/basketball captain and Academic All-Region player in both sports, Leah Button, and Boys Soccer Academic All Region and Academic All State honoree, James Corcoran.  The Winged Lion Award for Athletics recipients included impact athletes Samantha Carlisle (soccer/basketball); Austin Davison (baseball); Tess Edgley (volleyball); Ally Hansen (basketball); Grace Macintyre (swimming/cross country/track); Maya Royer (basketball); Ricky Sanchez (cross country/track); and Claire Sanderson (basketball).

Congratulations to these student-athletes on their contributions to Winged Lion athletics over the past four years!


Rowland Hall Students Pursue Athletics at College Level

Three Rowland Hall students will be moving on to compete at the collegiate level in their respective high school sport of choice.

Four-year Baseball All-Region and All-State player Austin Davison is ranked by PerfectGame USA as Utah’s #2 catcher for 2019 and the #20 overall player in Utah, ending the 2019 season batting .337 with 29 singles, 11 doubles, 1 home run, and knocking in 18 RBIs.

Recruited by nine colleges to play baseball after high school graduation, Austin has enrolled at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas to study finance and is excited to play for the top-notch Trinity University baseball program which has numerous accolades in the sport, including winning the 2016 Division III National title and the 2019 SCAC championship.  Austin holds many Rowland Hall and Utah state baseball stat records and was a team captain and impact player for three years in our high school program and has also been very active in community service, creating a non-profit organization called “Extra Innings for Kids” whose purpose is to collect and send baseball gear to youth programs in underprivileged countries. Austin spearheaded the collection of over three tons of equipment in 2017 and is now working with the MLB Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame as well as Roberto’s Kids to increase and expand this year’s donation efforts to include Russia and Venezuela. Austin is looking forward to the opportunity to continue his baseball development at Trinity and have a shot to play at the next level, as well. 

A Rowland Hall student who is a top-ranked and highly decorated wrestler for 6A West High School, Jack Lang, will be enrolling at Princeton University this fall and will be continuing his wrestling career with the Tigers.  Jack amassed 152 wins during his high school wrestling career, making him the winningest wrestler in the history of the West High program.  He was a three-time 6A Utah State Tournament placer, capturing a third and two fifth places during his career, as well as twice earning Division Champion honors.  A four-year team captain and three-time West High Wrestling MVP who also earned Academic All-State honors in the sport this year, Jack is excited to be wrestling at the D1 level at 15th ranked Princeton next year.

Jack Plavan was introduced to sailing at a camp in San Diego the summer after Kindergarten, and it has been a passion for him ever since. Growing up close to the water, Jack had the opportunity to sail year-round and was exposed to many different types of boats and racing environments, including leading his high school sailing team in San Diego as a Freshman before moving to Utah and Rowland Hall. Jack has continued to use his skills and love of sailing to serve as a full-time coach in the summers for younger sailors in his San Diego community and has been recognized by his home sailing club for his off the water contributions. Most recently, Jack has focused on US National and North American Championship level competitions in the C420 doublehanded boat. He and his skipper have won bronze, silver, and gold medals in the area Junior Olympics, taken third and second in the US National Championships, and sixth in the North American Championship. Recruited by the Division 1 Boston College sailing program that has won over 20 National Championships and has been ranked NCAA number one multiple times, Jack is thrilled to be able to continue his sailing in college at this elite level.  

Congratulations to these athletes! We are proud of your accomplishments and wish you well in your future athletic endeavors.


Thank You to Athletics Booster Club

A heartfelt shout out to Winged Lion Athletics Booster Club Board members Ashley Holbrook and Erica Keil (co-Presidents), Karen Edgley (Treasurer), and Melanie Bates (Middle School liaison) for the great service they have given to our Athletics program throughout the 2018-2019 school year.  The countless hours they give on a volunteer basis to help make the athletics experience top-notch for the student-athletes who participate in our programs at both the Upper and Middle School level is very much appreciated—their service is invaluable! A special thank you to the outgoing treasurer, Karen Edgley, who has provided four years of outstanding service to the Booster Club, serving both as treasurer and parent liaison during her tenure…she will be much missed.

A thank you to ALL the parents, families, and winged lion athletics supporters who chose to join the Booster Club this year—we were able to capture almost 100 memberships this year! Your financial support allowed the booster board to fund numerous athletic department projects throughout the year, including new Region 17 banners, new chairs for use by the volleyball and basketball teams, sports calendar posters, award celebrations, Pack the Bleachers events, a new entryway carpet runner for the Lincoln Street Campus gym, Middle School sports participation gifts, senior parent recognition gifts, to name a few.

In addition, parent support in staffing the concession and ticket table for volleyball and basketball as well as in supplying drinks and snacks for our student-athletes during each team’s season was very much appreciated.

A special thank you to parents who were willing to spearhead each sport and serve as the parent liaison for a sport or sports  this year and most recently our spring sport liaisons, including Jackie Stinnett, Girls Golf; Cindy Burian and Ashley Holbrook, Track & Field; Lee Molen-Chase, Boys Tennis; and Jessica Lindgren, Boys Soccer. 

Fall and Winter sport liaisons were Tammy Park and Phuong Bodeen, Girls Soccer; Gretchen King, Girls Tennis; Karen Edgley and Angelina Beitia, Volleyball; Cindy Burian, Cross Country; Ashley Holbrook, Boys Golf; Gwen Creel-Erickson, Swimming; Sarah Button and Jackie Stinnett, Girls Basketball; and Ashley Holbrook, Boys Basketball.

Many thanks to everyone for helping to make the 2018-2019 year of Winged Lion athletics a huge success…it takes a village to create something special—thanks for being there to make it happen!  Looking forward to your continued support in 2019-2020…Happy summer and GO WINGED LIONS!












Upper School girls basketball team

An historic third-place finish at the State 2A Tournament by our boys basketball team, a runner-up State Championship trophy for our girls swim team, and a strong showing for our girls basketball team in Region play marked another successful season of ROHO Athletics! The success of our programs is anchored in the knowledgeable, passionate, caring coaches who oversee and lead these teams: Bill Tatomer, Ashlee Ostler, and Meagan Hall for Girls Basketball; Zack Alvidrez and Paulino Beach for Boys Basketball; and Amelia Wolfgramm, Cole Jackman, and Hope Feliciano for Swimming. You are truly the heart and soul of Winged Lion Athletics. Thank you for all you do, and for all you give. Congrats on a banner year!
Successful Season for Girls Basketball
By Bill Tatomer, Head Coach
The girls basketball team concluded their season at the 2A State Tournament, held at Snow College in Ephraim. Their State game capped a fantastic year with many reasons for the athletes, their parents, and the school to be proud.
Success started last spring when they played in the Olympus High School’s Spring Fling Tournament. Next, the Rowland Hall team summer camp entailed three days of practice at the Lincoln Street gym, followed by eight games at the University of Utah. These game-play opportunities fostered the development of a solid team chemistry in preparation for their 2018-2019 campaign. Momentum continued when season practice started in November, and the players never looked back.
The team had no shortage of skilled leaders. Seniors Ally Hansen and Leah Button served as captains—Leah won the Coaches’ Award in 2018, and Ally in 2019. Other strong hoopster senior leaders included Offensive Player of the Year Claire “Sandy” Sanderson, Defensive Player of the Year Kat Lanham, and standout Sam Carlisle. All seniors modeled and taught the value of teamwork this season, emphasizing the importance of commitment, respect, integrity, and selflessness. These seniors also taught the significance of working hard and placing the welfare of the team ahead of oneself. Establishing these traits early allowed positive character skills to resonate throughout the year, and character remained the foundation of the basketball program this season.

All players had accomplishments worth celebrating. The varsity team had an extremely successful pre-Region campaign with a 7-2 record, including two big wins over 3A Providence Hall and Maeser Prep Academy. The team continued with positive outcomes during Region 17 play, finishing with an outstanding 9-3 record and a Region 17 second-place finish. Equally as important, two of these Region victories were against archrival Waterford. We defended the Den in our highly anticipated blackout game, then defeated the Ravens on their home floor. This was an absolute banner year from start to finish! In addition to the varsity senior cohort, junior superstar and this year’s MVP (two-time winner) Sophie Stinnett led the team in scoring for a third straight year. She finished near the top statewide with her three-point shooting prowess. Four other girls rounded out the varsity roster, including junior dribbling sensation Chloe Coleman-Houghton, junior defensive standout Olivia Bikhazi, sophomore three-point sharpshooter Anna Jiricko, and freshman rebounding talent Micha Nenbee
While the varsity team captivated crowds this season, the JV squad also found incredible success on the court, finishing the year with a 14-4 record. The freshmen also ruled the lip-sync contest held during the annual Lincoln Street gym overnight lock-in—both freshmen groups stole the night with their creative choreography and dancing (and incredible, yet humble, senses of humor). Thanks to JV players Grace Baranko, Kaitlyn Bates, Paris Everett, Alexandra Hodson, Enna Mustajbegovic, Ana Rodriguez, Irenka Saffarian, and Tennyson Seethaler for a great season!

Playing with confidence and an emphasis on team, this year’s squad really solidified as a hoops family on and off the court, and had a ton of fun competing together this season. They forged a lot of great memories playing and hanging out together. The future also looks bright for the program, with the return of eight talented freshman players and several student-athletes ready to take on the challenge of a varsity role next season.
The team concluded the year with an awards night hosted by Jim Carlisle and Kris Kokeny. This celebration was a wonderful way to honor all of the incredible memories made on and off the court. In addition to the aforementioned award winners, we recognized Ally Hansen, Claire Sanderson, and Sophie Stinnett as All-Region 17 players; Micha Nenbee as varsity’s most improved player; and Kaitlyn Bates as JV’s most improved player. We also announced next year’s team captains: Olivia Bikhazi, Chloe Coleman-Houghton, and Sophie Stinnett. Coaches acknowledged fantastic parent liaisons Sarah Button and Jackie Stinnett, who supported the team by selflessly giving their time all year long coordinating all aspects of team logistics. The awards night capped an unforgettable season in fantastic way: with food, fun, and more time with all of our basketball O’hana. 
Thank you again, seniors, for all of your hard work, commitment, and passion for the sport and the program over the past four years. Your legacy will live on for years to come. A shoutout congrats to Claire and Ally who were named to the 2A Senior All-Star Team and competed in the 2A vs. 1A game on March 16—a wonderful and well-earned honor! And a big thank you to senior team manager Cora Lopez for all her behind-the-scenes help. Go Lady Lions!

Third-Place Boys Basketball Team Boasts Historic Season
by Zack Alvidrez, Head Coach

The boys basketball team ended their season in third place at the 2A State Tournament, their best-ever finish since moving to the 2A ranks. The hard-fought last game perfectly summed up our season, and it allowed our seniors to end their careers on a high note.
We were led this year by a solid group of five seniors who all had different ways of leading and were great examples for the rest of the team both on and off the court. I would like to thank Maya Royer, Zander Smith, Trey Provost, Nektarios Mantas, and Alex Klebingat for building the foundation for this program. We will continue growing the positive culture they helped create.
The season began last summer with weight training, agility work, tons of shooting, and open gyms. We created a competitive culture by challenging each of the boys to make 10,000 shots and by keeping track of wins in open gym. The participation was impressive and helped the boys come together and gel in a positive atmosphere. The best part of the sessions was listening to the boys as they learned to communicate, and watching as their team roles began to develop.
We broke the season down into three parts: pre-season through the winter break, Region play, and the State Tournament.
The first part of the season went as expected, with a 6-5 record and the growing pains that come with new expectations and a new system. The boys invested in the new culture early and worked hard to improve in all facets of the game. I asked them to learn many new defensive schemes and offensive philosophies. Preseason helped build optimism for the rest of the season, as we were able to push bigger schools in competitive games early on.
Region games are a whole different animal, and we had to prepare for the always-difficult holiday break. The boys did a phenomenal job of coming back from break ready to work. We finished the second section of the season 10-0 and earned another Region championship for Rowland Hall. The highlight of Region play was seeing our team defense flex its muscles every time we stepped on the floor.
The final stretch of the season was the most stressful and eventful. We earned a #1 seed heading into our first-round game at Snow College, against a tough Gunnison Valley team. It was a hard-fought contest with neither team backing down. We found ourselves in a timeout huddle with possession of the ball, 10 seconds left, and a 60-60 tie. Facing elimination and with our season on the line, senior Trey Provost came through in the clutch and buried a mid-range pull-up jump shot as time expired. The ensuing pandemonium was well earned as we found ourselves heading into the quarterfinals against the defending 2A State Champions, the Beaver Beavers.
The game versus Beaver was another physical, tooth-and-nail battle. The Beavers were well coached and prepared for everything we threw at them. They slowed down the pace and dictated the style of the game. However, we were able to execute enough times down the stretch and secure a 40-37 win with free throws, punching our ticket into the semifinals against preseason favorites Layton Christian Academy. We found ourselves on the wrong side of the 76-59 score in that game and moved on to play against Kanab the next day.
This game for third place started as expected after playing three games in three days. The boys battled back from a 13-point deficit by halftime, and it was all Rowland Hall in the second half as we went on to claim victory, 66-58. This game will always be remembered for the huge offensive game we saw from senior Zander Smith and the absolutely devastating full-court press and suffocating defense of junior Boston Ballard, junior Isaiah Adams, senior Maya Royer, and sophomore Galib Ibrahima.
We finished the season with a record of 19-6, an undefeated Region championship, and a third-place showing at the State Tournament—all amazing accomplishments that we're very proud of. Isaiah Adams, Boston Ballard, Trey Provost, and junior Oscar Percy earned All-Region honors. Deseret News All-State honorees included Isaiah Adams (first team), Trey Provost (third team), Boston Ballard (honorable mention), and Oscar Percy (honorable mention). In addition, Provost, Ballard, and Zander Smith were invited to participate in the Monroe Lions sponsored 2A All-Star game.
Thank you again to our five seniors and their teammates, Isaiah Adams, George Adondakis, Sam Andrew, Boston Ballard, Briggs Ballard, Sam Fouche, Giorgio Gianoulis, Augustus Hickman, Isaac Holbrook, Ben Houden, Connor Hughes-Bellen, Galib Ibrahima, Christian McCartney, Andy Merrill, Lorenzo Parker-Pillow, Gus Percy, Oscar Percy, Gosha Polishchuk, Ozzie Smith, and Alex Tokita for a wonderful season. Many thanks, also, to our faculty, the operations staff, administration, and parents for helping make this season successful!
A shoutout to those who earned awards presented at our end-of-season team celebration, including MVP Isaiah Adams, Most Improved Player Oscar Percy, Coaches’ Award recipient Zander Smith, Impact Player of the Year Trey Provost, Leadership Award winner Maya Royer, and Defensive Player of the Year Boston Ballard.
Swim Team Finishes Strong
by Amelia Wolfgramm, Head Coach
It was another very successful season for the Rowland Hall swim team. The girls team captured their second-consecutive Region title and went on to earn a second-place finish at the State 3A Meet, a mere one point behind first-place Carbon High! The boys team finished in 11th place at State, an amazing feat for a meet squad of only four swimmers!
Assistant coaches Cole Jackman and Hope Feliciano and I watched in awe at the progress of the team as a whole this season. The team grew to 27 athletes this year, all of whom showed exemplary leadership, work ethic, and dedication to the sport. Led by captains Mia Chamberlain, Grace Macintyre, Ali Puri, Connor Johansson, and Lucas Erickson, the Winged Lions swam their way to successful results.
During the Region Meet at South Summit Aquatic Center, our girls scored 443 points—88 points ahead of second-place Judge Memorial. Finishers in the top six at Region included Alison Puri (first in 50 Free, fourth in 200 Free); Grace Smith (first in 200 IM and 100 Breast); Ella Vitek (first in 100 Free and 100 Back); Katie Moore (sixth in 100 Fly and 100 Back); Charlotte Orford (fifth in 200 IM and 100 Breast); and Isabelle Louis (third in 50 Free). The 200 Medley Relay team of Katie Moore, Samantha Lehman, Olivia Milavetz, and Isabelle Louis placed third; and the 200 Free Relay team of Ella Vitek, Grace Smith, Isabelle Louis, and Alison Puri placed first, as did the 400 Free Relay team of Puri, Moore, Smith, and Vitek.
At Region, our boys team finished sixth. Top-six finishers in their events included Lucas Erickson (second in 50 and 100 Free) and Matthew Goh (fifth in 200 IM and 100 Breast). The 400 Free Relay team of Erickson, Goh, Daniel McNally, and Connor Johansson placed third. The boys and girls combined score gave us an overall third-place finish at Region.
​State Meet notable performances included four of our boys team members swimming personal best times. Junior captain Lucas Erickson won two medals by taking fifth in both the 50 Free and 100 free. Sophomore Matthew Goh placed 11th in the 200 IM and 13th in the 100 Breast. Both the 200 and 400 Free Relays, consisting of junior Lucas Erickson, senior Connor Johansson, sophomore Matthew Goh, and freshman Daniel McNally, finished sixth.
Nine members of our girls team competed at State: junior Ella Bagley, senior Mia Chamberlain, freshman Samantha Lehman, freshman Isabelle Louis, sophomore Katie Moore, junior Charlotte Orford, senior Alison Puri, sophomore Grace Smith, and junior Ella Vitek. We had an excellent mix of achievements: personal-best times, an individual state champion in two events, and first-place finishes in two relay races!
Grace Smith swam to state titles in both the 200 IM and the 100 Breast; Ella Vitek took second in both the 50 Free and 100 Back; Alison Puri placed fifth in the 100 and 200 Free; Mia Chamberlain was 14th in the 500 Free; Samantha Lehman took 12th in the 100 Fly; Isabelle Louis placed 10th in the 50 Free and 7th in the 100 Free; Katie Moore finished eighth in the 100 Fly and ninth in the 100 Back; and Charlotte Orford took ninth in the 100 Breast. The girls also finished as State Champions in the 200 and 400 Free Relay races, swam by Ali Puri, Isabelle Louis, Ella Vitek, and Grace Smith.
A thank you to all of the swimmers who went to State as well as teammates Caroline Applegate, Cate Christiansen, Sasha Diamandis, Maddy Eatchel, Ava Erickson, Jaden Jensen, Alex Kahler, Grayson King, Grace Macintyre, Patrick McNally, Olivia Milavetz, Max Murphy, Cambrin Taylor, and Sarah Wahlen—it was an amazing season with you all!
Congratulations to those who were honored at our team awards celebration, including Most Valuable Swimmers Grace Smith and Lucas Erickson; Coaches’ Award recipients Isabelle Louis and Matthew Goh; and Most Improved Swimmers Grayson King and Daniel McNally.
Way to go, “Finned” Lions!
Girls Basketball Players and Program Receive Academic Honors
Three of our Winged Lion girls basketball team players were named to this year’s Region 17 Academic All-Region Team. Congratulations to Leah Button, Sam Carlisle, and Kat Lanham on receiving this prestigious honor.
These three led the way for our Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators’ Association (UIAAA) designation as the 2A Girls Varsity Basketball Team with the Top GPA. We had a team average GPA of 3.96—the highest of any high school classification in the state! The UIAAA recognized the Winged Lions at halftime of the State 2A championship game, held at Weber State University. Congratulations!

Postseason Basketball Honors for Winged Lions
Several Winged Lion basketball players on both the boys and girls teams have received postseason honors.
Senior Trey Provost was named to the Deseret News 2A All-Tournament Team following an outstanding performance at the State Tournament; the Deseret News All-State Third Team; and the All-Region Team. He was also tapped to participate in the Monroe Lions Club 2A All-Star game.
Junior Isaiah Adams earned All-Region Team status, and radio station 1280 The Zone named him player of the week for his outstanding performance at the State Tournament. Deseret News also named him to their All-State First Team.
Senior Zander Smith and junior Boston Ballard were selected to the 2A All-Star Team and invited to play in the Monroe Lions Club All-Star games on March 9. In addition, Boston Ballard was named to the All-Region 17 Team, and the Deseret News Honorable Mention All-State squad. Junior Oscar Percy was also named to the All-Region 17 Team and the Deseret News Honorable Mention All-State squad.
Three players on our girls team were named All-Region, including senior Claire Sanderson, senior Ally Hansen, and junior Sophie Stinnett. Sanderson and Hansen were also selected to participate in the 1A vs. 2A Senior All-Star game held March 16 at Stansbury High School.
Congratulations to all of these student-athletes—you represented yourself and our school community with class!
Winged Lion Soccer Coaches Honored
Both of our head soccer coaches were recently recognized as the Coach of the Year by different organizations.
Boys Head Coach Scott Langone was named the 2017-2018 Utah Coach of the Year for Boys Soccer by the Utah High School Activities Association in conjunction with the National Federation of State High School Associations. This comes on the heels of Coach Langone being named the 2017-2018 Utah High School Boys Soccer Coach of the Year for Private/Parochial Schools. Scott led our boys team to a Region title last spring and to a second-place finish at the State 2A Tournament. 
Girls Head Coach Bobby Kennedy was recently selected by the United Soccer Coaches organization as the 2018 Utah High School Girls Soccer Coach of the Year for Private/Parochial Schools, the second-consecutive year he’s been so honored. Coach Kennedy led our girls team to a Region title this season and followed that with a second-consecutive State 2A championship.
Congratulations, Scott and Bobby!
Thanks to Booster Club Parent Liaisons     
Upper School Athletics would like to give a shoutout to those who volunteered as Booster Club parent liaisons for our winter teams. A huge thank you to Ashley Holbrook for boys basketball; Sarah Button and Jackie Stinnett for girls basketball; and Gwen Creel-Erickson for swimming. They put endless time and energy into communicating with other parents, scheduling ticket/concession table volunteers (basketball), covering snacks and drinks for teams, and making arrangements for end-of-season awards celebrations. Your help is invaluable, and we could not function at full steam without you. Many thanks!
A heartfelt thank you to all parents of our winter athletes—your willingness to help as needed is truly appreciated.


Upper School Athletics Fall 2018

Another successful season of Upper School fall athletics is in the books with four new Region titles, a State championship, and all five varsity teams qualifying for and playing well at their State competitions. Additionally, the Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators' Association recognized three of our teams for having the highest GPA in their 2A sport: boys cross country, girls soccer, and volleyball. This made for an amazing finish to the fall 2018 Winged Lions athletics campaign.

Congratulations to our outstanding coaches, including Susan Daynes and Lee Molen-Chase, girls tennis; Martin Ellis and Stacey Camacho, boys golf; Mark Oftedal, Laura Johnson, and Giselle Slotboom, cross country; Bobby Kennedy and Scott Langone, girls soccer; and Kendra Tomsic, Lauren Carpenter, Kathy Howa, and Kacie Turcuato, volleyball. And congrats to the over 100 student-athletes who wore the green and white this fall—you represented yourselves and our school community with much heart and pride. Way to go, Winged Lions!


Girls Soccer State 2A Champs Second Year in a Row
By Head Coach Bobby Kennedy

We started our soccer season on a warm summer morning July 30 and ended on a spectacular fall day October 20. Along the way, 24 girls worked hard on and off the field to come together and build a championship team. We amassed a 17–1 record while playing teams from four separate classifications. The varsity team earned a share of the Region 17 title and then repeated as 2A State champs. Our junior varsity (JV) team went undefeated, and for the first time in five years, the teams were blended in every training session and game.

The highlights of the season included a convincing 3–0 victory on the road against Real Salt Lake Academy, and a stunning 7–0 result in the State final against Waterford. I've rarely seen a team execute a game plan so flawlessly under pressure as this team did in the State final. Special thanks to all of the faculty, staff, and students who supported the girls during the season.

This year's team consisted of Sam Carlisle, Kat Lanham, Aislinn Mitcham, Olivia Bikhazi, Giselle Bodeen, Jordan Crockett, Sofia Espinoza, Anna Fukushima, Sally Logue, Sophie Stinnett, Mia Vinding, Izzy Cox, Alexandra Hodson, Ellie Hyde, Lily Scaife, Grace Baranko, Kaitlyn Bates, Faustine Ainsworth-Beaudot, Mary Bocock, Lizzie Carlin, Summer Connery, Julia Graham, Camryn Kennedy, and Micha Nenbee.

Postseason team awards went to Aislinn Mitcham, Most Valuable Player (MVP); Jordan Crockett, Coaches' Award; and Sam Carlisle, Most Improved. Players named to the All-Region 17 Team included Aislinn Mitcham, Jordan Crockett, Sam Carlisle, Kat Lanham, and Lizzie Carlin. Seven of our players earned Deseret News All-State honors: Aislinn Mitcham, Sam Carlisle, Kat Lanham, Jordan Crockett, Sophie Stinnett, Summer Connery, and Lizzie Carlin. Deseret News also named junior standout Jordan Crockett the 2A girls soccer MVP. And during halftime at the State Championship game, we were proud to accept an award from the Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators' Association for being the 2A team with the top GPA.


Boys Golf Region Champs and Third at State
By Head Coach Martin Ellis

The boys golf season was a huge success: as a team, we won every Region match and then finished the sweep by winning the Region 17 championship.

The team was led by Giorgio Gianoulis, who played the best golf of his high school career throughout the season and finished fourth individually at State. Zach Rohovit was also a major contributor to the team's success, as he finished 12th at the State tournament. Team newcomer Jack AbuHaidar, who also competes for Rowmark Ski Academy, played exceptionally well this season. Alex Baughman and Isaac Holbrook showed great improvement over the course of the fall and were also key to clinching the Region championship. Daniel Damico stepped up his game to join us at State. This year's junior varsity team consisted of Josef Sueoka, Shoji Mori, Zydaan Siddiqi, and Zach Baughman.

Assistant Coach Stacey Camacho and I are proud of the effort our athletes put in this fall and are already looking forward to 2019. A special shoutout to Giorgio Gianoulis and Zack Rohovit who made the Utah PGA All-State First and Second Teams, respectively.

Congratulations to team award recipients Giorgio Gianoulis, MVP; Isaac Holbrook, Most Improved; and Zach Rohovit, Coaches' Award.


Girls Tennis Finishes Strong
By Head Coach Susan Daynes

The Winged Lions girls tennis team took to the courts this fall without a senior on the roster and with many new faces on the squad. First-year Assistant Coach Lee Molen-Chase and I were excited by the talent and potential we saw as practices started in early August, and our hopes for a successful season with a young team came to fruition as the season progressed.

Every team member worked hard throughout the season and showed substantial improvement with each practice and match. In a tough 3A Region, we won four matches and lost four matches, and played well enough at the Region tournament to qualify players at all five positions for the State 3A tournament.

The following players represented Rowland Hall in a strong field at State in late September: Violette Truong, #1 Singles; freshman Madeline Frazier, #2 Singles; junior Tala Shihab, #3 Singles; junior Caroline Applegate / freshman Tennyson Seethaler, #1 Doubles; and junior Grayson King / junior Kajal Ganesh, #2 Doubles. Our players battled hard and were fantastic representatives of our school, ending the State competition tied for fifth place. We're so proud of the great effort they gave with every point played.

We're excited to have all of these hardworking players plus JV team members Sasha Diamandis, Laura Summerfield, and Olivia Tracey returning to the court next season. Thanks much to parents and families for their support during the season.

Our team award recipients included Tala Shihab, MVP; Caroline Applegate, Most Improved; and Violette Truong, the Lionhearted Award. Congratulations!


Cross Country Teams Race to Region Titles
By Head Coach Mark Oftedal

Rowland Hall's 2018 cross-country running season ended on a beautiful autumn day in Sugar House Park, the place where it all began back in mid-August.

Our varsity boys team of juniors Aksel Anderson, Logan Bateman, George Bee, and Cyrus Johnston, and sophomores Carson Burian, Max Eatchel, and Matthew Goh finished third in the Utah State Cross Country Championships. Carson finished third overall and Logan snagged seventh, while Max, Aksel, and Matthew rounded out our top-five scoring positions in very respectable 18th, 19th, and 21st positions, respectively.

Our girls team of senior Grace Macintyre, juniors Brenna Davison and Ella Vitek, and sophomores Laisha Padilla and Samantha Paisley earned their spot on the starting line at State by securing the Region 17 championship one week earlier. A quote from Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko perhaps best describes both the Region and State races: "True sport is always a duel, a duel with nature, with one's own fear, with one's own fatigue, a duel in which body and mind are strengthened." The girls team exhibited a huge amount of grit to come together—many bringing late-season injuries and the reasonable accompanying apprehensions due to the less-than-healthy state of the team—to win the Region race. Unfortunately, Ella, our only returning team member from last year and our only team member with experience on the State course, had given it her all to be on the podium at Region with an overall fourth-place finish. She set aside knee pain to race for the team championship at Region, and a second go for the team at State was not an option. But teammates Brenna, Grace, Laisha, and Samantha all toed the line for the first time in the girls 2A championship race with Ella cheering them on. Brenna was our top finisher in 30th place.

We welcomed 10 newcomers to our team this year, some of them already mentioned. Senior Grace Macintyre, juniors George Bee and Brenna Davison, sophomores Laisha Padilla and Samantha Paisley, and freshmen Max Locke, Wynn Mellor, Lorenzo Parker Pillow, Max Smart, and George Wintriss joined 17 returning team members to make up our focused and determined squad. With the spring track and field season still coming, I always dislike saying goodbyes at this point, but as far as cross-country races go, we bid farewell to our four-year team members Jonah Borgenicht and Robert Welt, three-year member Ricky Sanchez, two-year member Connor Johansson, and one-year member Grace Macintyre. However, I'll save my final goodbyes for when they round that last curve and make their way into the finish line on the track in May.

Our 2018 cross country team awards recipients were as follows.

  • Most Valuable: Ella Vitek, first for the girls team each time she raced, and fourth place overall at Region; and Carson Burian, seventh place at Bob Firman, fourth at Sanpete Classic, first at Region, and third at State.
  • Most Improved: Brenna Davison and Cyrus Johnston.
  • Coaches' Choice: Max Eatchel and the five-member girls' team.
  • Tough-as-Nails: Samantha Paisley and Ricky Sanchez.

Congrats to all on a great 2018 season!


Volleyball Team Eighth at State Tournament
By Head Coach Kendra Tomsic

"Lionhearted" continued to be this year's team mantra, and the 19 volleyball players who stepped on the court in each competition always proved that energy and heart.

The team included senior captains Leah Button, Tess Edgley, Cody Googin, and Claire Hyde; juniors Leonie Anderson, Livia Anderson, Chloe Coleman-Houghton, and Lily Roberts; sophomores Jacque Park and Ke'ea Ramirez; and freshmen Ella Houden, Samantha Lehman, Isabelle Louis, Casey Maloy, Enna Mustajbegovic, Ally Smith, Kit Stevens, Tina Su, and Charleigh Vitek. They came to practice each day with a mindset to improve. They knew they'd sometimes fail, but stayed determined to learn from their mistakes and get better as individuals to ultimately make our team stronger. That mentality paid big dividends.

A tough preseason schedule included an early tournament at Skyline with top volleyball teams from across classifications, and matches with always-strong 3A Manti and South Summit—all competitions during which we tweaked our varsity lineup. Come mid-September, the team was well prepared to start Region play.

League play brought with it much success for our teams. JV posted a 9–2 record, the freshman team went undefeated at 5–0, and varsity ended the season at 10–2. The only varsity losses came at the hands of archrival Waterford in exciting contests with lengthy rallies. Varsity highlights of the league season included a come-from-behind, four-set road win over Wasatch Academy, an amazingly well-played first set at Waterford that ended in a heartbreaking 26–28 loss, and another first-set-down, gritty, comeback, four-set victory over Wasatch Academy at home in our Pink Night match before a rowdy crowd of Winged Lion fans. That victory topped off a very special night for our team, as we dedicated the match to beloved, longtime Rowland Hall staff member Linda Hampton, who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With the help of the Rowland Hall community, the team raised over $4,000 to be donated in Linda's name to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation for cancer research.

Our second-place finish in Region 17 sent us to the State 2A tournament held October 26–27 at Utah Valley University in Orem. We faced a tough North Sevier squad in our first match of this double-elimination tourney. Despite battling every point, we were unable to overcome the offensive firepower of the Wolves and lost, putting us into the tournament's consolation bracket. We next faced St. Joe in a match scheduled for 8:30 pm Friday evening; however, earlier matches went long, so our team didn't take the court until 9:45 pm. This epic five-set, two-hour match became a highlight of our season, as every set featured lengthy rallies and see-saw scoring. With the welcomed help of our loyal parents and friends who stayed and cheered us on until the final point, our determined Winged Lions celebrated a huge win, walking off the court at midnight with a decisive fifth-set score of 15–5.

As a reward for that incredible performance, we played Merit Academy 8 am Saturday. Our team came ready and defeated the Knights in three straight sets to advance to the consolation championship match against Duchesne. Although all three sets were hotly contested and featured numerous exciting rallies, we lost to the Eagles to ultimately place eighth at State, our best finish at the tournament in a number of years.

Thanks to my coaching staff—Lauren Carpenter, Kathy Howa, and Kacie Turcuato—whose support of the team and me was invaluable. A special shoutout to our four Seniors, Leah, Tess, Cody, and Claire, who anchored the team and whose talent on the court and leadership by example was a key to our success. Thanks for all you've given to the volleyball program these past four years—you'll be missed.

End-of-season honors went to Chloe Coleman-Houghton, MVP; Leah Button and Tess Edgley, Offensive Co-MVPs; Claire Hyde, Coaches' Award; Cody Googin, Most Improved; and Jacque Park, the Lionhearted Award.

Postseason recognition to date has gone to All-Region 17 players Leah Button, Tess Edgley, and Chloe Coleman-Houghton; Utah Volleyball Coaches' Association (UVCA) All-State to Leah Button (Honorable Mention), Tess Edgley (Honorable Mention), and Chloe Coleman-Houghton (Third Team); and selection to UVCA Senior 2A All-Star Team to Tess Edgley. We're also proud to say that our varsity team was recognized at the State tournament as the 2A team with the highest GPA (3.87) for 2018.

A huge congratulations to the team on a wonderful finish to an exciting, fun, and successful season—you're champions in my book!


Fall Sport Academic Awards

Each season, the Region 17 Board of Managers recognizes with Academic All-Region honors seniors who are regular starters or performers on the varsity team, and have at least a 3.75 cumulative, unweighted GPA. They recognized six of our fall athletes: girls soccer players Aislinn Mitcham, Kat Lanham, and Sam Carlisle, and volleyball players Leah Button, Cody Googin, and Claire Hyde.

The Utah High School Activities Association also recognizes excellence in the classroom with the designation of Academic All-State status for seniors who are regular starters or performers for their varsity team, and have an unweighted, cumulative GPA of 4.0 or who meet a new index based on GPA and SAT or ACT scores. Three of our fall-sport student-athletes earned that award: Aislinn Mitcham (girls soccer) and Claire Hyde and Cody Googin (volleyball).

Congratulations to these Winged Lions on achieving excellence not only in the competitive athletics arena, but also in the classroom.

The Utah Interscholastic Athletics Administrators' Association this year started a program to recognize one school per varsity sport, per classification with a Top Team GPA award. We're proud to say that three of our fall teams received the plaque for this award: boys cross country (3.77), girls soccer (3.76), and volleyball (3.87). Congratulations!


Fall Athletics Postseason Awards

Several of our fall-sport athletes have received postseason recognition for their performance in their respective sport.

All-Region girls soccer players include Sam Carlisle, Kat Lanham, Aislinn Mitcham, Jordan Crockett, and Lizzie Carlin. Radio station 1280 The Zone recognized Carlin and Summer Connery as South Towne Auto Mall Players of the Week at a ceremony held in late October.

Jordan Crockett was named the 2A Girls Soccer MVP for 2018 by the Deseret News. Coaches from across 2A selected Sam Carlisle, Kat Lanham, Aislinn Mitcham, Jordan Crockett, Sophie Stinnett, Summer Connery, and Lizzie Carlin to the Deseret News 2A Girls' Soccer All-State Team.

Volleyball players named to the All-Region Team were Leah Button, Tess Edgley, and Chloe Coleman-Houghton. The Utah Volleyball Coaches' Association selection panel named to their All-State Team Leah Button (Honorable Mention), Tess Edgley (Honorable Mention), and Chloe Coleman-Houghton (Third Team). In addition, that same group named Tess Edgley to the 2A Senior All-Star Team. All-State volleyball for the Deseret News has not yet been announced.

Boys golf team members who earned Utah PGA All-State honors included Giorgio Gianoulis (First Team) and Zach Rohovit (Second Team). They'll be recognized at an award banquet this spring.

Boys cross country team members Carson Burian and Logan Bateman earned 2A All-State designation by the coaches' association.

Congratulations to our hard-working athletes on these well-earned honors.


Davison Earns Rowland Hall Wendy's High School Heisman

Rowland Hall senior baseball standout Austin Davison was recently named a Wendy's High School Heisman school-level winner. From a total applicant pool of nearly 42,000 high school scholar-athletes graduating in 2019, Austin was one of 7,500 named school winners in Wendy's annual scholarship competition. He is now eligible for state, regional, and national recognition.

Austin has set numerous Rowland Hall and state records with his outstanding play on the baseball diamond over the past three seasons, and he'll anchor the Winged Lion team in the spring. Congratulations, Austin!


Langone Named USCA Coach Of The Year

The United Soccer Coaches Association (USCA) recently named our very own Scott Langone the Boys Private/Parochial School Coach of the Year. His coaching peers here in Utah selected him due to his success with our Upper School boys soccer program. Coach Langone led our Winged Lion boys varsity team to a 15-win season last year—they captured the Region 17 title, followed by second place at the State 2A tournament. Congratulations, Scott!


Thank You to Booster Club Parent Liaisons

As the athletics director, and on behalf of all of our fall coaches and student-athletes, I want to thank the following Booster Club team parent liaisons who volunteered countless hours of their time and energy to help make the athletics experience better for all involved—you were amazing!

Many thanks to Ashley Holbrook, boys golf; Cindy Burian, cross country; Tammy Park and Phuong Bodeen, girls soccer; Gretchen King, girls tennis; and Karen Edgley and Angelina Beitia, volleyball.

Thanks also to all the parents who provided drinks and snacks for our teams, as well as staffed the concessions/ticket table for home volleyball events. Our programs could not function without your volunteer help. Thank you!



Volleyball Team Gets Visit from Former Olympian

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our volleyball team who was treated to a visit in late September by former National NCAA Division I champion and two-time USA Olympic Volleyball athlete and medalist, Courtney Thompson.


Courtney, as a Co-Founder of the nonprofit Give It Back Foundation, has always understood the concept of team. Named team captain of the University of Washington women's volleyball team as a freshman, Courtney held this title throughout her 4-year career, while also leading the Huskies to an NCAA Division I National Championship in 2005. Post college, Thompson proudly represented USA Volleyball, winning a gold medal at the World Championships in Italy (2014), an Olympic silver medal in London (2012), and an Olympic bronze medal in Rio (2016), serving as team captain from 2013-2016. Having worked with Dr. Gervais while competing on the USA team, she has lived through the process of changing a culture and understands how and why it starts with each individual's mindset. She brings this experience, as well as her drive to make those around her better, to her work with Compete to Create.

Courtney spent an hour with the volleyball team, talking to them about her personal experience with high school, college, and Olympic athletic competition, sharing with us some of the difficulties and roadblocks she faced as she worked toward her Olympic dream, focusing on encouraging our players to follow their dreams in all areas of their life despite inevitable setbacks and obstacles, urging them to always use positive self-talk and maintain a positive mindset to work their way through adversity. It was a very interesting and motivating conversation for all.

The team was treated to being able to not only see but to hold and wear Courtney's Olympic silver and bronze medals! It was an afternoon that none of them will soon forget. Thanks to Sarah Lehman for offering this opportunity to the team.




Upper School Sports Roundup, Spring 2018

The 2018 spring sports season was one of the best ever for Winged Lion teams, as it ended with all teams qualifying for post-season play, which resulted in three Region titles, a State runner-up trophy, and two State Championships! Athletes also earned individual State Championships in Boys Tennis and Girls Golf.

Kudos to our coaching staff—Tim Sleeper, Susan Daynes, Boys Tennis; Martin Ellis, Ryan Holt, Girls Golf; Scott Langone, Boys Soccer; Mark Oftedal, Giselle Slotboom, Ashley Hagensick, Roland Tolbert, Track & Field; Kathy Howa, Kendra Tomsic, Leslie Varoz, Softball; and Zach Paige, Tyler Curtis, Ben Stoddard, Baseball—and the over 100 student athletes who dedicated themselves to admirably representing the Green and White this spring. Read on to learn more about their amazing accomplishments.


Boys Tennis Captures Gold
By Tim Sleeper, Head Coach


The boys tennis team finished up an amazing season with an even more amazing team effort at the State Tournament on Saturday, May 12. In what turned out to be one of the closest championships in boys tennis history, our Winged Lions pulled out a state championship victory over 15 other schools and bettered Waterford by just one point!

The team championship came down to the final four matches, which were all being played at the same time, with our boys needing to win three of the four to take State. The composure shown by our players was epic, and they put their best foot forward when we needed it most.

Soren Feola and Justin Peng played at the 2nd Doubles position and were the last players on court. They didn't know at the time, but their close 7-5, 7-5 win put us over the top and finally claimed the state title. Peter Chase went head to head with Waterford in the finals match at 3rd Singles and came back from being down 1-5 in the third set to claim victory from the hands of defeat. Tucker Lee closed out an incredible season, going undefeated from start to finish at the 2nd Singles position to claim a State title at the spot. Senior leader Leif Thulin pushed the squad towards perfection all year and took second place at the 1st Singles position. Josh Kesling and Noah Edgar played hard in a talented 1st Doubles bracket to earn critical points toward the title as well.

The whole team really united during the final two weeks of the season to craft this victory, and many thanks go out to our JV squad, including Chris Ausbeck, Auden Bown, Tim Zeng, Leo Doctorman, Ben McGraw, Ben Fowler, Gary Fenton, Cooper Davis, Steven Doctorman, and Charlie Cutt. Of course, no sport has a chance at success at Rowland Hall without the efforts of Athletic Director Kendra Tomsic and the rest of the administration. Thanks to all for an unforgettable season and Goooooo Lions!

Congratulations to our end of season awardees, including Leif Thulin, Tucker Lee, Peter Chase, Team MVPs and Soren Feola and Justin Peng, Coaches' Award.


Girls Golf Crowned State 2A Champs
By Martin Ellis, Head Coach


The Rowland Hall girls golf team is once again State Champion! The Winged Lions claimed their third state title in the past four years with a gutsy performance at Rose Park Golf Course on May 9.

Senior Zaria Thompson led the way all season by winning every tournament she played, claiming her fourth consecutive Region individual medalist finish. Senior Maddie Kwun was only a stroke or two behind Zaria at most Region events. Sophomore Sophie Stinnett finished the season very strong by shooting her career best round (94). Katy Dark, a ninth grader who just started playing golf the week before team tryouts, made huge improvements all season long. The team easily claimed their fourth Region Championship, going undefeated all season.

As a team, we battled all season long and were rewarded for our efforts. Since we had only had four girls on the team this year, every score counted at every match. Our competition at State, Beaver High School, had six girls, so they were able to throw out their two worst scores. That put a lot of pressure on the Winged Lions, but they rose to the occasion, beating Beaver by a total of 5 strokes in a very close battle. Our players set a goal to play their best golf of the season at State, and they did just that. Maddie Kwun ended up edging out Zaria Thompson by just two strokes to claim her second State Individual Medalist honors. Zaria finished in second place and Sophie Stinnett finished in fifth. Assistant Coach Ryan Holt said, "We couldn't be more proud of our girls, and it just goes to show that hard work really pays off."

Thompson, Kwun, and Stinnett earned All-State honors for their efforts all season. We offer our congratulations to end of season award winners: Zaria Thompson and Maddie Kwun were named Co-MVPs, Sophie Stinnett received the Coaches' Award, and Katy Dark was our Most Improved Player this year.


Boys Soccer Earns State Runner-Up Trophy
By Scott Langone, Head Coach


The 2018 boys soccer season can be summed up in one word: EXCITING! From the start of the 2018 season, something was different about the team. The team's leadership changed, the spirit changed and a brotherhood was fostered. The team played each day for each other and always gave credit when credit was due, electing a player of the game whether a win or a loss. The camaraderie developed into the most exciting on-field product that I've seen in five years. The brotherhood won 15 games (most wins since 2009), claimed the Region 17 Title, and was runner-up in the 2A State Tournament.

While collecting team hardware, we had plenty of individual recognition as well. Nico Edgar and Youssef Salama were honored as Academic All-Region and Academic All-State soccer players; Charlie Retzer was named Player of the Week by Max Preps for the week of March 31; Trey Provost, Jake Dreyfous, Simon Logue, Jason Nkoy, and Mats Lindgren were named to the All-Region 17 team; and Logue, Dreyfous, Provost, and Lindgren were recently named 2A All-State by the Deseret News.

Special thank you to the 2018 captains, Jake Dreyfous and Simon Logue, and a special thank you to the four seniors, Jake, Simon, Nico Edgar, and Youssef Salama for changing the culture in the boys soccer program with their strong, positive leadership.

At the end of season team celebration, Jason Nkoy was recognized as the team MVP; Simon Logue and Jake Dreyfous were Coach's Award recipients; and Vida DiLego was named Most Improved Player.

Thank you and congratulations to all other team members not yet mentioned, including James Corcoran, Atticus Hickman, Augustus Hickman, Ben Kanter, Ben Korngiebel, Jesus Lamas, Nektarios Mantas, Patrick McNally, Alex Okawa, and Jack Vitek.



Baseball Team Has Solid Season
By Zach Paige, Head Coach


The 2018 Rowland Hall baseball team ended the season in fourth place in Region 2A North with a 5-7 record in Region play and was 5-10 overall. This year, we were placed in a new region with traditional baseball powerhouses North Sevier and Gunnison, as well as Monticello and Duchesne.

From start to finish, the team showed a lot of heart and a determination to win. The players worked hard in practices and continued to improve in order to compete in every game we played. Throughout the season, spring weather caused many challenges, cancellations, and re-schedules; however, despite these challenges, the boys remained focused, supported each other day in and day out, and were dedicated to being the best team we could be.

At State, we matched up with Milford in the first round, which was played at Enterprise High School. This game ended in a loss, and a follow-up matchup with Milford in the one-loss bracket ended our season with a second loss of the day. Although we did not advance in the State Tournament, the coaching staff was pleased with how we competed in each game and stepped up to the challenge against some tough teams.

This year we bid farewell to our five seniors: Alex Benton, Jack Dischmann, Luke Nicoloff, Michael Palmer, and William Stone. Coaches Tyler Curtis, Ben Stoddard, and I would like to thank them for their dedication and leadership over the past four years. Their contributions to the program extend far beyond the lines of the baseball field. We would also like to thank and recognize the remaining members of our team for a great season: Calvin Barbanell, Alex Baughman, Austin Davison, Cyrus Johnston, Andy Merrill, Nick Murphy, Jack Plavan, Zach Rohovit, and Seth Thomas. We are already excited for next season!

Congratulations to three of our players who were selected to the 2A All-Star Team—Jack Dischmann, Luke Nicoloff, and Austin Davison—and to those who received end-of-season awards including Andy Merrill, Most Improved Player; Luke Nicoloff, Silver Slugger Award; Austin Davison, Coaches' Award; and Jack Dischmann, Most Valuable Player.



Softball Team Finishes Strong
By Kathy Howa, Head Coach


When the softball season started, a number of players who were expected to return decided to withdraw due to academic commitments, thus leaving us short of players. Our Seniors, Pippa Hodgkins and Sydney Rabbitt, were determined to finish their softball careers on the field and so went to work recruiting a few players to the squad and succeeded...game on!

Seven athletes joined Pippa and Syd on the diamond, including Cora Lopez, Chloe Coleman-Houghton, Laura Summerfield, Maddie Keil, Sophie Dau, Mena Zendejas-Portugal and Imani Mendenhall, and then they proceeded to have one of the best seasons in Rowland Hall softball history!

Young but eager and determined to learn and excel, these athletes came to practice every day with a desire to improve and did so by leaps and bounds. It was exciting to watch them make great strides in their individual skills and in their understanding of this complicated sport. Losing several games early on via the run rule, by season's end, we were able to go a full seven innings in our games, ended up fourth in the Region, and qualified to compete at the State 2A Tournament!

The first round of the double elimination State Tournament was played at "pod" locations, and we landed at Enterprise High School, where we lost our first game to North Sevier, but bounced back to defeat Rockwell in game two by a score of 19-9 to qualify as one of only 12 teams to move onto the second round of State played in Spanish Fork on May 10.

Although we lost to Duchesne in this round and were thus eliminated from further State play, the coaching staff was so very proud of the team as they held their own throughout the game, leaving bases loaded three innings and making many outstanding defensive plays during the contest. It was a fun and exciting way to end what we all felt was a very successful season. With all but two players returning next year, we are excited and optimistic about what awaits!

Four of our players were named to the Region 17 All-Region team, including Pippa Hodgkins, Sydney Rabbitt, Chloe Coleman-Houghton, and Maddie Keil. In addition, both Syd and Pippa were selected by vote of 2A coaches to compete in the 2A Senior All Star game held at Cottonwood Complex on May 29, a fitting end to their outstanding softball careers. Sydney was also named to the Academic All-Region team and was also honored with the prestigious UHSAA Academic All-State award recognizing her athletic and academic prowess.

Congratulations to all team members and a special shout-out to those who were recognized with team awards at our end of season team celebration, including Pippa Hodgkins and Maddie Keil, Co-MVPs; Sydney Rabbitt, Offensive MVP; Chloe Coleman-Houghton, Coaches' Award and Defensive MVP; and Laura Summerfield, Most Improved Player. Thanks much to Assistant Coaches Kendra Tomsic and Leslie Varoz for all they did this year—much credit for our success is due to their efforts.


Track and Field Team Has Impressive Season
By Mark Oftedal, Head Coach


From start to finish, the 2018 Rowland Hall track and field team was impressive. After bidding farewell to eight seniors at the end of the 2017 season, our team was nourished with eighteen newcomers—fifteen ninth graders, two sophomores, and a senior—and each and every one of these new recruits were not just out to test the waters of the sport, but from day one were seriously vying for top spots on the team. Adding their out-of-the-gate focus and enthusiasm to our returning seventeen student-athletes' knowledge and dedication was a recipe for a successful season.

Our team lined up nearly every weekend between mid-March and mid-May against 1A-6A schools and more often than not bettered their personal best marks from the previous week's performances. The coaching staff was continually impressed—and thankful—not just for our team members always setting a higher standard each week but for their authentic desire and dedication for continual improvement in their chosen events.

Performances at the Region Championship meet showed no indication that our athletes had topped out at the season's seven invitational contests, as no fewer than 32 new season-best and/or personal best marks were posted on May 10 at the University of Utah's McCarthey Family Track & Field Complex. Capturing a state-qualifying spot and those scoring for the team at Region were: Tate Beasley, Sidney Hare, Allison Bagley, Mia Vinding, Ellie Hyde, Brenna Davison, Ella Vitek, Lily Scaife, Grace Macintyre, Caroline Applegate, Alexandra Hodson, Ria Agarwal, Lily Yang, Ella Brown, Megan Rasich, Sage Matkin, Aiko Miller, Carson Burian, Logan Bateman, Max Eatchel, Ty Lunde, Cole Lunde, Aksel Anderson, Robert Welt, Jonah Borgenicht, Luke Nicoloff, Tristam Gaylord, Andres Torres, Isaac Holbrook, and Zachary Benton. Our girls team claimed the Region Championship trophy, our boys team took second place while the two teams' combined scores captured the top spot in the Region Championships.

Our relatively small 2A track and field team turned heads at the State Championship meet on May 18 and 19 at Brigham Young University when ninth-grade newcomers Tate Beasley and Carson Burian raced in their first Utah State Championships. Tate finished second in the 800-, 1600-, and 3200-meter races and Carson finished second in the 3200-meter race. As a warm-up to his second place in the 3200, Carson started off the scoring for the boys team, finishing seventh in the 1600-meter on the first day of competition. Seniors Allison Bagley and Sidney Hare stood atop the podium for the last time in their high school careers with Allison finishing fifth in the high jump and Sidney second in the 300-meter hurdles and fourth in the 100-meter hurdles. Logan Bateman also made an impressive leap to the podium with a sixth-place finish in the 1600-meter, besting his previous best in the event by eleven seconds! Logan scored again for the team the next day, taking seventh in the 800-meter race. Finally, and giving us a glimpse of what's ahead for our team in the coming years, Alexandra Hodson (ninth grade), Brenna Davison (tenth), Ellie Hyde (ninth), and Ella Vitek (tenth) took the baton four times around the track (legs of 200-, 200-, 400-, and 800-meters respectively) in the sprint medley relay, finishing sixth with a new season-best time.

Seniors Aiko Miller and Luke Nicoloff extended school records in the discus and the javelin, respectively. Taking first place at Region, Aiko's throw of 73'-4.25" bested the previous record held by Daphne Michie (class of 2017; 69'-7.75"). Senior cross-country runner, baseball standout, and first-year javelin thrower, Luke Nicoloff, surpassed the previous school record held by Henry Lewinsohn ( 88'-1", set in 2017) with a toss of 120'-4.5", claiming first place in the Region. The State meet gave ninth grader Tate Beasley a chance to better the school's 800-meter record as she nipped off two-tenths of a second setting a new school record with a time of 2:21.70. The old record was set in 2013 by then eleventh grader Emily Sundquist (2:21.90) who incidentally has just completed her college career running for Williams College.

While considering both our individual team members and the team's success this season, there was much to celebrate at the end-of-season track and field banquet. The Most Improved awards were presented to sophomore Mia Vinding for her performances in the 100- and 300-meter hurdle races and the long jump, and to junior Ricky Sanchez for eliminating 24 seconds from his best 1600-meter and 10 seconds from his best 800-meter races of the 2017 season. Most Valuable awards, for the most points scored over the course of the season, went to ninth graders Tate Beasley (40 points at Region and State) and Carson Burian (32 points at Region and State). And the Coaches' Choice awards went to senior Aiko Miller and sophomore Aksel Anderson. Aiko, along with seniors Allison Bagley, Sidney Hare, and Luke Nicoloff will be greatly missed in the years ahead, not just for the strength they offered in their chosen events, but for the exceptionally positive role they played through their leadership both on and off the track.



Winged Lion Tennis Coach, Tim Sleeper, To Retire


Long time, beloved Head Girls and Boys Tennis Coach Tim Sleeper has decided to retire, wanting to spend more time with his family.

Sleeper has been part of Winged Lion tennis since he joined the staff as an assistant coach in 1998, a role he held for five years, taking the reins as head coach in the fall of 2003. During his 20-year coaching career at Rowland Hall, Coach Sleeper has been a part of an amazing number of State and Region titles, with a total of 18 State championships (8 Girls and 10 Boys) and 21 Region titles (10 Girls and 11 Boys), while as head coach he led our team to 14 State championships (7 Girls and 7 Boys) and 17 Region titles (9 Girls and 8 Boys). Tim has also coached countless players to individual Region and State titles. Few if any Utah coaches can boast those results!

Coach Sleeper's talent as a coach has not gone unrecognized, as he was named National Federation of High Schools Utah Tennis Coach of the Year in 2010, was named West Sectional Boys Tennis Coach of the Year in 2009, and was selected in 2006 as the NFHS State Girls Tennis Coach of the Year for Utah.

His always positive, upbeat, low-key coaching style has been appreciated by his players, and his calm demeanor has helped settle many a nervous competitor, helping them to achieve much success on the court. He loves the kids and they him.

The consummate professional always, Coach Sleeper will be sorely missed—he IS Rowland Hall tennis! We wish him well and thank him for all he has done for our program and our tennis athletes. Congratulations on a stellar career, Tim!


Rowland Hall Fourth in 2018 Deseret News 2A All Sport Awards


At the end of each school year, the Deseret News names high school All Sport Award winners in each UHSAA classification. The award recognizes the top overall athletic programs in each of the six classifications, with schools earning All Sports points for placing in the top eight at State in football, cross country, golf, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, track, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and softball. First place earns ten points, second place gets eight, third scores six, five for fourth, four for fifth, three for sixth, two for seventh, ad one for eighth (if teams tie for a spot, points are divided).

In Class 2A this year, the race for the All Sports title was extremely close, as the top four teams finished within five points of each other. Millard was crowned the 2A All Sport champion with 77.5 points, followed by Beaver with 77, North Summit was third with 74.5 points, and our own Winged Lions finished fourth with a 73-point total.

Our teams won four 2A titles this year, including Girls Soccer, Girls Swimming, Girls Golf, and Boys Tennis.

Congratulations to our coaching staff and to all those athletes who competed this year on this strong finish in the All Sport Award competition.


Senior Athletic Department Awards


A number of Winged Lion Seniors were recognized for their athletic accomplishments at the Senior Awards night celebration on May 31.

Jack Dischmann and Gillian Larsen, both of who were impact players in multiple sports for the past four years, earned Outstanding Senior Athlete honors. Ten athletes were awarded the Winged Lion Award for leadership in Athletics, recognizing their contributions to one or more teams during the course of their athletic career, including Allison Bagley, Jake Dreyfous, Pippa Hodgkins, Meg Janes, Caeli Kennedy, Simon Logue, Maddie Kwun, Luke Nicoloff, Youssef Salama, Zaria Thompson, and Leif Thulin. The Lee Athlete-Scholar Award recognizing combined excellence in the classroom and in the competitive arena was awarded to Katie Foley and Youssef Salama, both of who contributed much to their teams and who also earned Academic All-Region and/or Academic All-State recognition during the year.



Tatomer Named Region 17 Girls Basketball Coach of the Year


Coach Bill Tatomer, head girls basketball coach, was named by the Utah High School Girls Basketball Coaches' Association as the Region 17 Girls Basketball Coach of the Year for 2017-2018. This is the second year in a row he has received this honor, and fifth time overall. Coach Tatomer was recognized at the annual 2A vs. 1A Senior All-Star Basketball Game held at Stansbury High School in late March. Congratulations!


Shout-Out to the Booster Club


Our Athletics Booster Club is an integral and important part of Winged Lion Athletics. The leadership is all volunteer and Co-Presidents Ashley Holbrook and Erica Keil, Treasurer Karen Edgley, and Middle School liaisons Melanie Bates and Emily Smith have done a wonderful job of working together to find ways to help support our athletic program both financially and with "people power."

Parents who volunteered to serve as Booster liaisons for a spring sport team, helping not only to promote the sport but to organize other parents to provide drinks and snacks for teams and help organize end of season award celebrations included Erica Keil, Softball; Jeanne Davison, Baseball; Jessica Lindgren, Boys Soccer; Tina Bagley, Track & Field; Lee Molen-Chase, Boys Tennis; and Patty Yun, Girls Golf. Thanks to each of you for volunteering your time—it means much.

Athletics Booster Club membership is $50 a year, with those dollars helping fund special equipment needs for the Athletic Department; helping pay for end-of-season US award celebrations; funding US Pack the Bleachers and MS Fan Appreciation events; paying for championship banners; covering the cost of T-shirts each sports season for Middle School athletes; purchasing senior photos for presentation to parents at the end of the season, and helping cover other athletics department needs throughout the year. Thanks to the nearly 80 families who joined Boosters—we hope that more parents whose sons and daughters participate in our athletics program will join in 2018-19. Your support does make a huge difference to our athletics program!


Upper School Winter Athletics Season Roundup

The 2017-2018 season is one of the best in recent memory for Winged Lion winter athletics! Congratulations to our athletes and coaches Amelia Wolfgramm, Cole Jackman, Hope Feliciano (swimming); Ronnie Ross, Romaro Rogers, Zach Paige (boys basketball); and Bill Tatomer, Ashlee Ostler, Stacy Martin (girls basketball). Read on for their stories!

"Finned" Lions Girls Swim Team Makes History
By Amelia Wolfgramm, Head Swim Coach

Rowland Hall's swim team made their mark on history this season with the girls team taking the Region 13 title and then topping it off as 3A state champions, the first region and first state championship in Rowland Hall girls swimming history! An amazing feat and well deserved for a tight-knit group of hard working student-athletes.

The team welcomed a new coaching staff this year as well, with Amelia Wolfgramm as Head Coach and assistants Hope Feliciano and Cole Jackman taking over the program. The season started off with a whopping 25 swimmers—the largest number ever—who were on varying levels of skill. However, by the end of the season, one might have a hard time discerning the rookies from the experienced athletes as the progress of the team as a whole was incredible to witness. Led by captains Bella Goh, Sophie Hannah, Skylar Diamandis, and Hayden Stotts, the Winged Lions were able to swim their way to a successful season.

At the Region 13 meet held at South Summit High School in late January, our boys team placed third and the girls team took first. On the boys side, the 200 medley relay team placed third and the 400 free relay took second place; Skylar Diamandis took fourth in the 200 free and third in the 100 fly; Lucas Erickson took first in both the 500 free and 200 IM; and Alex Fort placed third in the 50 free and fourth in the 100 free. Noteworthy performances from the girls team included Alison Puri who placed first in the 100 free and third in the 200 free; Grace Smith took second in the 200 IM and 100 fly; Ella Vitek took first in the 50 free and 100 back; Katie Moore place second in the 100 back; and the 400 free relay team took first place.

Qualifiers from the girls and boys team then traveled to compete at the state 3A meet held at the Wasatch Aquatic Center in Heber City on February 8, a meet that was a combination of 1A, 2A, and 3A schools competing for the 3A state titles in boys and girls competition.

Seven of our boys team members qualified for state—Skylar Diamandis (12), Lucas Erickson (10), Alex Fort (12), Matthew Goh (9), Connor Johansson (11), Alex Kahler (10), and Hayden Stotts (12). All swam personal best times at the competition, with two of our swimmers taking home medals for their efforts: co-captain Skylar Diamandis placed fifth in the 200 free and sophomore Lucas Erickson took second in the 500 free and third in the 200 IM. The boys 400 free relay consisting of Skylar, Lucas, Alex Fort, and Matthew Goh finished fourth. Our boys team placed tenth of twenty teams.

Nine members of our girls team competed at state: Ella Bagley (10), Mia Chamberlain (11), Bella Goh (12), Sophie Hannah (12), Katie Moore (9), Charlotte Orford (10), Alison Puri (11), Grace Smith (9) and Ella Vitek (10). Every one of them swam personal bests in their events as well, with multiple athletes winning medals: Goh third in the 100 free; Hannah sixth in both the 200 and 100 free; Moore fifth in the 100 back, Puri fourth in the 200 free; Smith second in both 200 IM and 100 fly; and Vitek second in the 100 back and state champion in the 50 free. To top it off, our 200 free relay team (Grace Smith, Alison Puri, Sophie Hannah, Ella Vitek) and our 400 free relay team (Bella Goh, Grace Smith, Sophie Hannah, and Ella Vitek) swam to first place finishes in both events! Our nine swimmers amassed 279 points to win the state 3A title over much larger teams and thus gained a place in Winged Lion athletics history.

Our combined girls and boys team scores placed Rowland Hall in second place overall of the twenty-two teams who competed: an amazing season for a great group of athletes.

At our end of season awards night, we were pleased to recognize several swimmers with special awards. From the girls team, Ella Vitek was named Most Valuable Swimmer; Maddy Eatchel, Most Improved; and Bella Goh, Coaches' Award. On the boys team, Lucas Erickson was named Most Valuable Swimmer; Jonah Thomas, Most Improved; and Skylar Diamandis, Coaches' Award.

A shout out to the entire team on a wonderful season full of good times and great performances—thanks and a huge congrats to all of the aforementioned student-athletes, as well as teammates Sadie AbuHaidar, Cate Christiansen, Sasha Diamandis, Maddy Eatchel, Grace Macintyre, Sarah Wahlen, Luke Nicoloff, Jonah Thomas, and Ziteng Zeng. The coaching staff is looking forward to next season already!

Boys Basketball Earns Region 17 Championship
By Ronnie Ross, Head Coach

The 2017-2018 boys basketball season ended with Rowland Hall playing for fifth place in the 2A state tournament, capping off a historic season with the team posting an undefeated 10-0 league season to win the Region 17 championship trophy, the first since 2000.

This strong season started long before region play began, as the team had a solid off-season consisting of team camps, individual workouts, weightlifting and pre-season tournament play. At the University of Utah team camp, they went 4-2, which marked the first wins at this team camp in two years. Heading into the Big Mountain Jam in July, they were playing even better and competed well against higher classification schools. The boys started to trust one another, led by senior captain and shooting guard Jack Dischmann and junior point guard Trey Provost.

After deciding their goal for the season was to make it out of the first round of the state playoffs, the players carried their summer experience into their pre-season practices and continued to work hard. With that goal in mind, the coaching staff scheduled a tough pre-season to prepare for the competitive play that would await in the post-season. And so, to kick off the season and with two starters out of town, Rowland Hall took Judge down to the wire behind the tough and consistent play of sophomore Boston Ballard. Next up was Roy High, a tough 5A school, and a game that saw our team lead most of the way, powered by the rebounding and interior play of sophomore Isaiah Adams. Although we dropped that heartbreaker to Roy, it was clear that our players were starting to understand the process and were stepping up to the challenge.

The pre-season was wrapped up at the Holiday Tournament in Riverton, where we played Kearns, Riverton, Cyprus, and Wasatch. In each of those games, the coaching staff was proud of the way in which the team competed with 5A and 6A schools, as we worked hard to affirm our identity. Players began to gain confidence and showed their potential. We took some tough losses, but didn't stop competing, a trait that we had hoped to instill and were happy to see in action.

Heading into region play, we were very eager to begin playing 2A schools. Region play began against APA West Valley, a game during which Dischmann poured in 45 points, a career high. The team carried this momentum into the next two games, beating APA Draper and Merit Academy before meeting undefeated Rockwell at their home court. The matchup proved to be tough, with our team taking an early lead. After halftime, Rockwell went on a run and put us on our heels for the first time of the season, a situation that in previous years would have caused us to fold; however, with a tough summer and pre-season schedule behind them, we were pleased to see that the team was prepared for the test this time. Led by Provost's 15 points and eight assists, the boys battled through Rockwell's run and pulled off the big win on the road.

Following Rockwell, we faced rival Waterford, whom we had not defeated in the previous two years. Fueled by Isaiah Adams' 12 points and ten rebounds, we finally took down the Ravens. After these two wins, we were 5-0 in region play and ready to face the second half of the season. The boys were determined to keep the winning streak alive and felt they could win our region. With this confidence, we ended the season 10-0 to capture the Region 17 trophy, the first undefeated season in school history and the first region championship in 18 years.

We entered state as a No. 1 seed and met a tough North Sevier No. 6 seed from Region 18. In the always tough first round of "win or go home" play, senior forward Youssef Salama had a career game, refusing to allow us to be sent home. Inspired by Youssef, the team rallied to ensure they met their goal of making it out of the first round, aided by a game high 17 points scored by Isaiah Adams. This win was the highlight of the year and sent us to Richfield as part of the "elite eight."

In Richfield, we lost in the quarterfinals to Duchesne, who would go on to take second place in the state, but we bounced back the next day to beat North Summit handily. On Saturday, we dropped the fifth place game to a tough Enterprise squad and ended the season with a sixth-place finish at State, the best in over a decade. Coach Ro, Coach Zach, and I were very proud of the team's performance—they played with heart and determination throughout.

The coaching staff would like to extend congratulations to the following players who ended the season in the top 20 across all classifications in some statistical categories: Isaiah Adams, first in rebounds and third in blocked shots; Trey Provost, fourth in steals and 14th in assists; and Boston Ballard, fifth in assists and 13th in steals. Jack Dischmann ended the year fifth in points per game scored in 2A.

The team concluded the year with an awards celebration hosted by Tiffanie Provost. The following players were recognized with end of season awards:

Team MVP: Jack Dischmann

Co-Defensive Players: Youssef Salama and Isaiah Adams

X-Factor Award: Trey Provost

Most Improved: Maya Royer

Coaches' Award: Boston Ballard

Thank you to each of the players in the program—Isaiah Adams, George Adondakis, Boston Ballard, Tristam Gaylord, Giorgio Gianoulis, Augustus Hickman, Issac Holbrook, Ben Houden, Galib Ibrahima, Alex Klebingat, Nektarios Mantas, Andy Merrill, Oscar Percy, Trey Provost, Maya Royer, Zander Smith, Alex Tokita, and Milo Yeates, and especially to our three seniors, Jack Dischmann, Adin Mustajbegovic, and Youssef Salama—for making this a very exciting and memorable year.

Girls Basketball Has Strong Season
By Bill Tatomer, Head Coach

The Rowland Hall girls' basketball team concluded their 2017-2018 season attending the 2A state tournament in St. George. This game capped a fantastic year for the Lady Lions with many reasons to be proud.

Success for the Lady Lions started this year during the summer with 15 girls participating in the team's weeklong camp. This experience culminated with the hoopsters playing in 18 games at the University of Utah, which allowed the girls to come together as a team. Momentum continued when the official basketball season started in November with their first practice, and the girls never looked back.

Led by senior team captains Gillian Larsen and Meg Janes, the squad battled in 40 junior varsity and varsity contests this year. The junior varsity team finished the year with an impressive 16-2 record and the varsity team finished at 16-6, taking second place in Region 17. Both lineups played inspired basketball over the four-month schedule. Highlights this year included two region victories over archrival Waterford and several close wins over challenging opponents like Kemmerer, Wyoming (a one-point win in the final second), and Hayden, Colorado. Playing with confidence and an emphasis on team, this year's squad solidified as a hoops family on and off the court and had a ton of fun competing together. There were a lot of great memories made.

This year, the team was fortunate to have three senior players on the squad. Returning last year's MVP Allison Bagley, Coaches Award winner Gillian Larsen, and senior standout Meg Janes, strong leadership and direction were not lacking. These three seniors set the example of grit, spirit, composure, and hustle for the rest of the team to emulate. Undoubtedly the success of this year's team was a direct result of these three athletes and their outstanding leadership and basketball ability. A host of junior girls also made their mark this year. Juniors Ally Hansen, Claire "Sandy" Sanderson, Kat Lanham, Sam Carlisle, Tess Edgley, and Leah Button were all instrumental in the program's success, modeling incredible focus and determination in all practice and game situations. Additionally, sophomore standout and last year's Offensive Player of the Year Sophie Stinnett, paired with freshman sensation Imani Mendenhall, brought unbelievable athleticism, maturity, and toughness to the squad. The future looks bright for the program with the return of these talented student athletes and with junior varsity standouts Chloe Coleman-Houghton, Olivia Bikhazi, Anna Jiricko, and Lillian Brown ready to take on the challenge of a varsity role next season.

The team concluded the year with a banquet hosted by Tina and Bryan Bagley. This celebration was a wonderful way to honor and remember all of the incredible memories made on the court and off. The awards ceremony recognized the following players as voted by their fellow players and coaches: Team MVP – Sophie Stinnett; Team Offensive Player – Allison Bagley; Team Defensive Player – Gillian Larsen; and Coaches Award – Leah Button. Additionally, Region 17 first team All Region honors were awarded to Allison Bagley, Gillian Larsen, and Sophie Stinnett, and next year's team captains, Ally Hansen, Leah Button, and Claire Sanderson were announced. The banquet was a fantastic way to culminate an unforgettable season with food, fun, and a heartwarming tribute video by cinematic genius Tess Edgley, all while spending time with our wonderful basketball O'hana.

Thank you again seniors for all of your hard work, commitment, and passion for the sport and the program over the past four years. Your legacy will surely live on for years to come. Go Lady Lions!

Academic All-Region Honors Announced

Each sports season, the Region 17 Board of Managers recognizes those senior athletes who are varsity starters or regular performers on their varsity squad and who have a 3.75 or better non-weighted, cumulative GPA with Academic All-Region honors.

Congratulations to basketball athletes Gillian Larsen and Youssef Salama on being named to the Region 17 Academic All-Region team!

Post-Season Recognition for Winged Lion Boys and Girls Basketball Players

Three Winged Lion basketball athletes were recently recognized by the Deseret News with All-State honors as voted by 2A coaches from across the state.

Congratulations to senior Jack Dischmann, team MVP and fifth leading scorer in 2A, who was named First Team All-State; sophomore standout Isaiah Adams, number one rebounder and number three shot blocker in the state, named Honorable Mention All-State; and sophomore girls basketball sensation Sophie Stinnett, team MVP, named Honorable Mention All-State.

Four Winged Lion boys basketball players and three members of the girls basketball team were also named by vote of coaches to the Region 17 All-Region team: Jack Dischmann, Trey Provost, Isaiah Adams, Boston Ballard, Allison Bagley, Gillian Larsen, and Sophie Stinnett.

Dischmann also received the prestigious honor of selection to two 2A All-Star teams: the Monroe Lions Club 2A All-Star Team and the Utah High School Basketball Coaches Association All-Star Team. Jack competed in a 1A vs. 2A vs. 3A All-Star contest in Monroe at South Sevier High School on Saturday, March 10, followed by competing in a 2A vs. 1A Coaches' Association All-Star game on March 23 at Olympus High School.

Senior Allison Bagley was named to the 2A Girls All-Star team, the first ever pick to a girls All-Star team for a Winged Lion player. Allison played in a 2A vs. 1A contest on March 17 at Stansbury High School.

Congratulations to these student-athletes on these honors—we are proud of you!

Two Rowland Hall Coaches Receive Honors

Two Winged Lion coaches were recently recognized by their colleagues as outstanding coaches in their sport.

Head girls soccer coach Bobby Kennedy was named by the United Soccer Coaches—a national organization—as the Utah High School Girls Soccer Coach of the Year for Private and Parochial Schools.

Coach Kennedy led our team to an undefeated 2017 season, a region title, and the 2A state championship. BK does an incredible job with the girls soccer team year in and year out and has been recognized a number of times for his coaching prowess.

Amelia Wolfgramm, first year head swim team coach, was named the 3A Girls Swim Coach of the Year at the state 3A swim meet held in February. Coach Wolfgramm led the Winged Lions girls team to its first-ever region and state championship titles. An accomplished swimmer herself, Coach Wolfgramm still holds the state 3A record in the 100 back. Her passion has been an inspiration to this year's swim team.

Congratulations to Coach Kennedy and Coach Wolfgramm on honors well earned!

Thanks to Booster Club Liaisons

A heartfelt thank you to the following Winged Lion Booster Club parent volunteers who were liaisons for a winter athletic team this year: Robin Puri, swim team; Ashley Holbrook and Marianne Arrigona, boys basketball; and Sarah Button and Karen Edgley, girls basketball.

Your willingness to organize other parents for drinks and snacks and to work at the ticket/concessions table at home basketball games, as well as to spearhead arrangements for awards celebrations is much appreciated. You truly made a difference for our teams and coaches. Many thanks!

A Successful Season for Fall Upper School Sports

US Athletics

Fall 2017 brought with it another very successful season of Rowland Hall athletics! Nearly 100 students and 14 coaches took to the courts and fields starting July 31, giving up part of their summer break and dedicating countless hours over two and half months to practices and competition to represent the green and white of Rowland Hall in the pursuit of athletic excellence. We applaud their commitment and sacrifice and thank them for their willingness to risk failure every day to achieve success. They epitomize what it means to have a growth mindset.

Congratulations to each coach and athlete--they represented themselves and our school community admirably and with much heart and pride. Read on for details of their achievements. WAY TO GO, WINGED LIONS!


By Bobby Kennedy, Head Coach

On July 31, twenty-nine student-athletes showed up for tryouts and started what would prove to be a very successful season. As I shared the team motto that helps guide the program--Winged Lion Soccer, where winning is cultured, skills are tested, bonds are formed, and memories made--little did we know at the time that the combined varsity and junior varsity teams would finish with a record of 23-0-2.

Nine seniors—Allison Bagley, Lauren Bikhazi, Sidney Hare, Pippa Hodgkins, Meg Janes, Caeli Kennedy, Gillian Larsen, Airam Perez, and Savannah Price—set the tone for the training sessions, and it was evident based on preseason results that the program was filled with hard-working, intelligent, receptive student-athletes that would be very competitive in divisional play. After the varsity allowed only a single goal in the three pre-season games against teams from higher classifications, confidence grew, and the team was poised to face the 2A competition.

The first true test was the defending state champion Waterford Ravens, a team that beat us in the final last year by a score of 2-0. This time, our balanced attack and high-pressure defense proved to be too much for the Ravens, and our Winged Lions walked off the Steiner Field with a convincing 7-1 victory. As positions were solidified and players became more fit, the team improved steadily with an eye toward the rematch with Waterford which came on October 10 when Waterford hosted the green and white on their senior day and recognized our nine seniors, as well as theirs. When the game was over, victory was once again ours with an impressive 6-1 result.

The team won the Region 17 Championship and took the number one seed into the playoffs, hosting Gunnison in the first round. Our technical ability and combination passing were difficult for Gunnison to deal with, and the final score was 8-0. In the semifinals at Jordan High School, the team faced Millard High, a team that lost to us last year by a score of 5-0, but who in 2015 finished as the State Champions, beating our Winged Lions along the way. Millard worked hard to close down players and limit space in the attacking third of the field, but it was evident early on if we executed our game plan as drawn up, a favorable result would follow. Our players stepped up to that challenge, and we prevailed by a score of 8-0 and began to prepare mentally for the State final at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Once again we would face Waterford in the State 2A Championship game. The team was focused and ready to meet the demands of the game. It was awesome to see the bleachers packed with Winged Lion fans, cheering us on throughout!

At the half, we held a slim 1-0 lead, even though we had outplayed the Ravens for a majority of the forty minutes. Our team took the field with renewed determination the second half and, with all twenty-one players on the roster contributing, the final score was 6-3 in favor of our Winged Lions. The sound of Queen's famous anthem We are the Champions could be heard as the bus rolled back to campus.

This year's varsity team included Allison Bagley, Lauren Bikhazi, Sidney Hare, Pippa Hodgkins, Meg Janes, Caeli Kennedy, Gillian Larsen, Airam Perez, Savannah Price, Sam Carlisle, Kat Lanham, Aislinn Mitcham, Giselle Bodeen, Jordan Crockett, Anna Fukushima, Sally Logue, and Mia Vinding.

The junior varsity team was comprised of Grace Macintyre, Anya Mulligan, Ria Agarwal, Olivia Bikhazi, Eliza Hodgkins, Ellison Brown-Barbero, Cate Cannon-Match, Izzy Cox, Lindley Friedman, Alexandra Hodson, Ellie Hyde, and Lily Scaife.

Award recipients this year were Allison Bagley, Most Valuable Player; Caeli Kennedy and Airam Perez, Coaches' Award; and Gillian Larsen, Most Improved.

Kudos to our all-region recipients, including Allison Bagley, Caeli Kennedy, Airam Perez, Kat Lanham, and Jordan Crockett. A record number—nine—Winged Lions from our state 2A Championship Girls Soccer Team were named All State. Caeli Kennedy received the prestigious 2A MVP award and was joined by first-team All State teammates Giselle Bodeen, Jordan Crockett, Aislinn Mitcham, Airam Perez, Kat Lanham, Allison Bagley and by second-team honorees Gillian Larsen and Sidney Hare on this year's 2A All State squad.

Congratulations to all on a job well done, and best of luck to our seniors as they move on. They will be missed.


By Mark Oftedal, Head Coach

Mid-August arrived, the tail end of a long hot summer. Twenty-seven Rowland Hall student-athletes, the largest number in eleven years, joined or re-joined our cross country team. Most of these runners understood if they wanted to reach their personal goals for the season—or just not suffer too much during it—earnest preparation should have occurred during all those hot summer days leading up to this first meeting. All, probably, questioned their conditioning at this point, or at least wished they had an extra month or two to prepare. But, as most of us know, understanding that something should be done and making it happen are two different things. Regardless, one thing was certain: everyone came with a focused determination to accomplish all they could this season no matter their starting point. The range was wide, from those that wanted to compete head-to-head with the best Utah high school cross country had to offer to those with the desire to turn themselves into distance runners—or at least see what running itself had to offer them.

It's been said that the sport of distance running can be a lonely pursuit, but from what I witnessed this season, it was all but lonely. The support, encouragement, and infectious spread of dedicated effort both at practice sessions and in races was in good supply throughout the season. Under the leadership of seniors Kenzie Steward and Luke Nicoloff, our team members bonded together, establishing a positive team dynamic that propelled everyone forward to their best marks. Season's end left our team much to celebrate. Our Region Champion boys and girls teams went on to secure third and fourth places, respectively, at the 2A State Championships, while ninth-grade individual standouts, Carson Burian and Tate Beasley finished second and third overall, respectively.

Though we will miss the remarkable leadership of our senior team captains, Luke and Kenzie, they have left a solid foundation for the years ahead. I thank them for the mentorship they instilled in our young team of over twenty first- and second-year runners. Team sports generally speak of their end-of-season wins and losses. From my end-of-season perspective, we had 27 wins and zero losses. From those running neck-and-neck for the top spots in a championship race to those toeing the start-line with their personal-best mark as the barrier to beat, to those doing the training that must be done to get back to running after an injury, we are all on a winning course.

2017 Notable Performances

Tate Beasley: 25th place, varsity—BYU Invitational; 1st place, DII varsity—Bob Firman Invitational; 2nd place, varsity—Sanpete Classic; 1st place, varsity—Region Championships; 3rd place, State Championships

Ellie Revenhaugh: 3rd place, varsity—Region Championships; 19th place, State Championships

Kenzie Steward: 5th place, varsity—Region Championships: 28th place, State Championships

Ella Vitek: 12th place, sophomore division—Murray Invitational; 19 place, freshman-sophomore division—BYU Invitational; 7 place, varsity—All-City Championships; 14 place, varsity—Sanpete Classic; 2nd place, varsity—Region Championships; 11th place, State Championships

Lily Yang: 8th place, varsity—Region Championships; 36th place, State Championships

Aksel Anderson: 3rd place, varsity—Region Championships; 26th place, State Championships

Logan Bateman: 13th place, varsity—All-City Championships; 2nd place, varsity—Region Championships; 11th place, State Championships

Carson Burian: 3rd place, freshman division—Highland Invitational; 1st place, freshman division—Murray Invitational; 8th place, freshman-sophomore—BYU Invitational; 4th place, freshman division—Bob Firman Invitational; 11th place, varsity—Sanpete Classic; 1st place, varsity—Region Championships; 2nd place, State Championships

Matthew Goh: 12th place, varsity—Region Championships; 41st place, State Championships

Jesus Lamas: 4th place, varsity—Region Championships; 28th place, State Championships

Luke Nicoloff: 5th place, varsity—Region Championships; 39th place, State Championships

Robert Welt: 15th place, varsity—Region Championships; 34th place, State Championships

Our 2017 Rowland Hall Cross Country team award recipients included

Most Valuable, Tate Beasley and Carson Burian; Most Improved, Ella Vitek and Aksel Anderson; Coaches' Choice, Kenzie Steward and Luke Nicoloff; and

Tough-as-Nails, Lily Yang and Luke Nicoloff. Congratulations!


By Tim Sleeper, Head Coach

The girls tennis team finished up a great regular season at the Region Tournament held at Salt Lake Swim & Tennis Club on September 30. From the start of practices in early August, the squad worked hard every day, and we were able to qualify for the state tournament at every position, which is quite a feat considering many of the girls just picked up the sport at the beginning of the season!

Grayson King and Kajal Ganesh came together as a unified force and played well at 2nd Doubles, while Madeline Keil and Sofia Espinosa fought hard at 1st Doubles this season. Tala Shihab showed amazing improvement from last season and played better and better with every match at the 3rd Singles position. Violette Truong displayed her exacting technique and amazing potential at 2nd Singles. And, of course, the shining star of the team, as well as the best tennis player to ever walk the halls at Rowland Hall, senior Katie Foley rallied from a set down in the exciting final match to take the 3A State Championship at 1st Singles and place a cherry on the top of an amazing high school career, capturing her third individual state title!

The team, including JV players Blair Alley and Laura Summerfield, represented the Winged Lions well this season as we moved up a class to 3A, and we're looking forward to some amazing years ahead with our young talent!

End of season awards were presented to Katie Foley, Most Valuable Player; Tala Shihab, Most Improved Player; and Violette Truong, Coaches' Choice. Kudos to these athletes!


By Martin Ellis, Head Coach

The 2017 Rowland Hall Boys Golf season was a huge success. We finished second in Region 17 play, only a few strokes behind Waterford. We qualified for the State 2A Tournament where, last year, we finished 5th overall at the State Championships, and this year improved to a third-place finish at State, shooting a team score of 690 over the two-day event. We had a ton of fun getting there, too! As a team, we all grew closer and worked as a unit to accomplish our goals.

Ninth grader Tucker Lee led the charge and worked hard all year, setting the bar high for his teammates as he placed third as an individual at the Region Tournament, followed by a tie for fifth place at State. Giorgio Gianoulis was another workhorse for our team, showing improvement throughout the season as he finished in eleventh place at State. Zach Rohovit worked incredibly hard to improve his game and made great strides during the season, as did teammate Alex Baughman. Our team captains were seniors Jake West and Max Scaife who led the team proudly and will be missed next season.

Coach Stacey Camacho and I were very impressed with the team effort and accomplishments this season and look forward to much success next year with a strong group of returning players, including four of our six earlier mentioned varsity golfers, plus JV players Isaac Holbrook, Shoji Mori, Zydaan Siddiqi, and Josef Sueoka.

We were pleased to recognize the following players with awards at season's end: Most Valuable Player, Tucker Lee; Most Improved Player, Zach Rohovit; and Coaches Choice, Giorgio Gianoulis.

Thanks, and congrats on a great season!


By Kendra Tomsic, Head Coach

The 2017 Volleyball season began on August 7, when eighteen enthusiastic, talented, fun-loving young women walked into the Lincoln Street Campus gym ready to prepare for what we hoped to be another successful year on the court.

Even a few days into our practices, it was apparent to the coaching staff that these athletes had put in some time over the summer months to get themselves in condition for a rigorous three hours per day of pre-season workouts. Led by senior captains Emily Fowler, Emma Reuling, and Allie Zehner, the team adopted the mantra "Lionhearted" as the backdrop for the season and proudly wore T-shirts and sweatshirts designed by Fowler depicting that slogan. I am happy to report that the players lived up to that motto in every practice and during every competition.

A tough pre-season schedule helped hone our skills and build team camaraderie, as we beat 3A Manti, lost a close match to 3A South Summit, competed tough against 3A through 6A schools at a tournament hosted by Hunter High School, and then captured the Championship trophy at the Wendover Wildcat Invitational Tournament in mid-September. We were ready for Region 17 play!

Our toughest competition in league play was offered up by Wasatch Academy and Waterford. When we met Wasatch Academy in the Den, we came from behind in a first set loss 25-27 to win the next three games in convincing fashion 25-14, 25-11, 25-18 to get the victory. Our first showdown with Waterford happened at their gym, where we played some of the very best volleyball of our season, defeating the Ravens in straight sets 25-12, 25-17, 25-14. At the midway point of the season, we were undefeated and cruising.

A road trip to Mt. Pleasant in early October to once again face Wasatch Academy brought with it a heartbreaking loss to the Tigers in a five-set battle after they were able to come back from two sets down to get the win 25-14, 25-15, 22-25, 21-25, 13-15. Momentum shifted in game three, and despite a valiant effort by every player, we just couldn't seem to get it back on our side of the net. It was a tough loss, but we played with a ton of heart and battled to the last point.

With a chance to at least tie Waterford for a share of the Region 17 title, we hosted the Ravens on October 17, playing a key player down as talented outside hitter, Allie Zehner, was out due to an ankle injury the previous week. With only one practice to make some lineup shifts and adjustments prior to facing Waterford, I was so very proud of the effort and heart with which we competed; however, an improved Waterford squad was able to capitalize on some uncharacteristic errors on our part, defeating us 17-25, 17-25, 18-25.

The team ended the regular season on a high note with a victory over Rockwell on Senior Night, finishing second in Region 17 with a 10-2 record, and earning a berth to the State 2A Tournament as the #2 seed from our Region.

With some great practice sessions under our belt the week before State, we headed to the State Tournament with confidence and high hopes and were especially happy to learn that Allie would be able to rejoin the lineup after having been out of action for two weeks. We were ready and excited!

As I mentioned early on, our team theme was lionhearted and I am proud to say that the team played with the heart of a lion throughout the season and especially at the State Tournament at Utah Valley University. We competed tough against some strong competition at the double-elimination State Tournament, defeating Altamont in a well-played match on Friday, and then lost two hard-fought matches against #2 in the State Enterprise and the eventual fifth-place team in the state, Duchesne. Our Winged Lions gave their all every moment of every match, and I am so very proud of their efforts at State and throughout this season. They are CHAMPIONS in my book!

I have a fantastic support system of coaches and want to give a huge thank you to my assistant coaches-- Lauren Carpenter, Kathy Howa, and Abeni Czajkowski-- for all they did to help make the season successful.

A special shout out to our three seniors who were each named All Region and 2A All Star players this year-- Allie, Emily, and Emma-- whose talent, work ethic, team first attitude, and positive leadership will be greatly missed...thank you for all you've given to our program. Allie and Emily were both named to the Utah Volleyball Coaches' Association's 2A All State Team, First and Third Team, respectively, with other post season recognition possibly to come.

Two Rowland Hall volleyball athletes have been named 2A All State: Allie Zehner, Second Team, and Emily Fowler, Honorable Mention.

Congratulations to these talented student-athletes on this prestigious recognition!

Congratulations and thank you to these three and teammates Leah Button, Tess Edgley, Cody Googin, Claire Hyde, Livia Anderson, Leonie Anderson, Chloe Coleman-Houghton, Lily Roberts, Sophie Stinnett, Serena Flanders, Imani Mendenhall, Katie McGuire, Laisha Padilla, Jacque Park, and Ke'ea Ramirez.


Each sports season, Region 17 recognizes as Academic All-Region honors those senior athletes who are regular starters or performers on their Varsity team and who carry a 3.75 or higher cumulative, non-weighted GPA.

Six of our fall sports athletes received this award, including Katie Foley, Girls Tennis; Sidney Hare, Pippa Hodgkins, and Gillian Larsen, Girls Soccer; and Allie Zehner and Emily Fowler, Volleyball.

These Academic All-Region honorees are then nominated for the Utah High School Activities Association's Academic All-State award whereby the top ten nominees based on non-weighted, cumulative GPA are then recognized as Academic All-State in their respective sport.

We are proud to announce that Volleyball team standout, Allie Zehner, was named to the 2A Academic All-State team this year and was recognized at the State 2A Volleyball Tournament with this award.

In addition, she and fellow teammate, Emily Fowler, were awarded the Utah Volleyball Coaches' Association 2A Academic All-State award at a recent ceremony at Taylorsville High.

Congratulations to these student-athletes!


A heartfelt thank you to the Rowland Hall Booster Club for its recent purchase of new chairs for use by our volleyball and basketball teams, as well as for the purchase of new banners representing the schools in Region 17. Those banners now hang on the wall of the Lincoln Campus gym. In addition, the Boosters have funded the purchase of sports T-shirts for our fall and winter Middle School athletic teams, as well as purchasing new T-shirts for this year's Upper School Spirit Club.

Booster Club board members Ashley Holbrook and Erica Keil, Co-Presidents; Karen Edgley, Treasurer; and Melanie Bates and Emily Smith, Middle School representatives work tirelessly behind the scenes to help promote our Upper School and Middle School athletics program, and their efforts are very much appreciated.

Thanks also to our fall sports parent liaisons for all they did to help make each team's season enjoyable and successful: Dorene Sambado, Girls Tennis; Joy Bateman and Jessica Vitek, Cross Country; Tammy Park and Phuong Bodeen, Girls Soccer; Theresa Sueoka, Ashley Holbrook, and Teri West, Boys Golf; and Leilani Fowler and Jackie Stinnett, Volleyball. Your willingness to organize other parents to provide drinks and snacks for our teams and to staff the admissions/concessions table in the sport of volleyball, as well as to organize and orchestrate your respective team's end of season awards celebration was much appreciated.

A special shout out to Girls Tennis Booster parent liaison Dorene Sambado who leaves the position after serving in that capacity for the past nine years—since 2008—when eldest daughter, Madeline came into the Rowland Hall tennis program, followed by Angela, then now graduating senior, Katie. Dorene and her husband John Foley have been avid supporters of the girls tennis program, and their positive, generous support has meant much to all the players and the coaching staff for these many years. Thanks for all you have done and given, Dorene—you and your family will be much missed in the Rowland Hall girls tennis program.

If you would like to get involved as a Rowland Hall Athletics Booster, please contact Ashley Holbrook or Erica Keil for more information—enthusiastic supporters welcome!


The Deseret News recently named their 2A All State selections for Girls Soccer and Volleyball. We are pleased to announce that several of our student-athletes have been named to those teams.

A record number—nine—Winged Lions from our State 2A Championship Girls Soccer team were named All State. Caeli Kennedy received the prestigious 2A MVP award and was joined by First Team All State teammates Giselle Bodeen, Jordan Crockett, Aislinn Mitcham, Airam Perez, Kat Lanham, Allison Bagley and by Second Team honorees Gillian Larsen and Sidney Hare on this year's 2A All State squad.

Two Rowland Hall Volleyball athletes have been named 2A All State: Allie Zehner, Second Team, and Emily Fowler, Honorable Mention.

Congratulations to these talented student-athletes on this prestigious recognition! We are awaiting news of the Salt Lake Tribune's All State teams and will report those as received.

Rounding Out The Year in Upper School Athletics - Spring 2017

Another successful season of Winged Lion spring sports is in the books. A big thank you and congratulations to our teams and coaches, including Martin Ellis and Ryan Holt, Girls' Golf; McKenon Estrada, Zach Paige, Tyler Curtis, and Peter Shipman, Baseball; Kathy Howa, Kendra Tomsic, and Leslie Varoz, Softball; Mark Oftedal, Roland Tolbert, Rodney Kopish, Ashley Hagensick, and John Bercaw, Track and Field; Scott Langone and Bobby Kennedy, Boys' Soccer; and Tim Sleeper and Susan Daynes, Boys' Tennis on representing the green and white with class, heart, and much Winged Lion pride...well done!

by Tim Sleeper, Head Coach

Following a second place finish at the Region Tournament the week before, the Boys' Tennis Team concluded the season on May 13 at the State 2A Tournament with a monumental effort!

Following a week-long bout with fevers and the flu, both junior Leif Thulin and senior Ishaan Krishnan were able to grind it through three tough matches and take individual state championship honors at #1 and # 3 Singles, Thulin repeating at the 2A champion at #1 singles and Krishnan earning his first State title at #3 singles. Their display of toughness and grit was closely matched by freshman, Peter Chase, who made it to the final round at #2 singles only to lose a tight, three-set battle to the reigning state champ from Waterford.

Seniors Kenzo Okazaki and Matt O'Brien also played valiantly at #1 doubles against a surprisingly tough opponent in the first round, and then in a back & forth fight in the semi-final versus the eventual state champs from Waterford who eliminated them. Junior Soren Feola and sophomore Carlos Getzelman drew the #1 seed in the first round at 2nd doubles and battled valiantly against the reigning champs from Manti, but were eliminated in the opening round at State.

Our gutsy play earned for us the second place trophy at the State Tournament, and was almost enough to break through to take the title. Coach Susan Daynes and I were extremely proud of the team and their fantastic play and sportsmanship on the court.

The JV squad, including Ethan Williams, Leo Doctorman, Christopher Ausbeck, Ben Espinosa, Simon Tucker, Joseph Amiel, James Hall, Ben Fowler, Jesse Dotson, and Steven Doctorman, was an amazing boost on and off the court this year.

End of season team awards were earned by Leif Thulin, most valuable player; Ishaan Krishnan, most improved player; and Matt O'Brien and Kenzo Okazaki, coaches' award.

By Martin Ellis, Head Coach

The 2017 season for the Rowland Hall Girls' Golf Team proved to be a challenging one. The second wettest spring season in Utah history played a big role in the challenge. Three of the team's first four matches had to be postponed due to weather. When the team was able to play, it was in extremely cold and rainy conditions, but despite the elements, our small in number but big on talent team managed to win every Region match by large margins during the regular season!

Battling through the cold and rain at Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course at the Region Tournament, the team claimed another Region Championship--their fourth consecutive-- with junior Zaria Thompson placing first, junior Maddie Kwun placing second, and sophomore Ali Puri finishing third. Newcomer to the team, freshman Sophie Stinnett finished fifth individually, rounding out a great performance from the entire team.

Heading into the State Tournament, the team was vying to 3-peat as State 2A Champions, having won the title in 2015 and 2016. The Winged Lions battled every hole at Mountain View Golf Course on May 18, but came up just a tiny bit short in the State Tournament this year, as the Spartans from Emery got the best of Rowland Hall by a mere nine Stableford points, the Winged Lions bringing home the second place trophy.

A solid performance by junior Maddie Kwun earned for her individual medalist honors as the first place finisher, and junior Zaria Thompson finished a close second.

Moving forward, the team is not losing any players to senior graduation. They practiced hard from March through May, and had a lot of fun at practices and matches. They have made a commitment to work on their game throughout the summer and fall and plan to reclaim the State title in the 2018 season. Assistant Coach Ryan Holt and I were very proud of how hard they each fought to improve their game leading up to the State tournament and look forward to another great season with the girls in 2018.

Congratulations to team award recipients Zaria Thompson, most valuable player; Maddie Kwun and Aliso Puri, coaches' award; and Sophie Stinnett, most improved player.

by Kathy Howa, Head Coach

It was a rebuilding season for Rowland Hall Softball. The girls stepped up to the challenge and worked very hard to master the tactics and skills of the game, becoming a very solid, competitive, cohesive squad by season's end and played some excellent softball, battling tough in every game.

This year's team was led by our three senior captains, Marguerite Tate, Shubaira Aminzada, and Natalie Weed (coaches award recipient 2017), who were joined by two juniors, Sydney Rabbitt (most improved player 2017), and Pippa Hodgkins, (Co-MVP) along with Leah Button, sophomore pitcher (Co-MVP). Another sophomore who showed a lot of promise this season was infielder Lillian Brown. Rounding out the team was a talented group of freshmen, including Chloe Coleman-Houghton, Livia Anderson, Brenna Davison, Sage Matkin, and Sally Logue. Our manager was Dulce' Horn who did an amazing job in that role.

The future of the program looks bright, as our returning players will be joined by several talented Middle School athletes that will help fill the vacant spots left by our departing seniors. Thanks to Shubaira, Marguerite, and Natalie for four great years with the team!

Assistant coaches Kendra Tomsic and Leslie Varoz and I had an amazing experience working with this year's team--we were very pleased and excited to see their incredible progress throughout the season. Congratulations!

By Scott Langone, Head Coach

The 2017 Boys' Soccer team achieved the goal it set in mid-February: to make it back to the UHSAA 2A State playoffs. It was a season of up and downs, and the team was unfortunately never complete on a given day, but those who were on the field followed instruction well and performed with tremendous effort in games.

A few highlights included defeating arch-rival Waterford, which had not been done in years, playing eventual State champion Layton Christian Academy to a tie, and knocking off Summit Academy on their home field. The biggest standout game was in the first round of the playoffs at Manti, when a depleted Rowland Hall team fought and had the lead for 65 minutes. Exhausted and under-manned, the team eventually gave up two goals late, ending the season with a heartbreaking 2-1 loss to end the 2017 campaign.

We look forward to returning 2017 all-region players Jake Dreyfous (goalkeeper), Simon Logue (defender), and Trey Provost (midfielder) and teammates Ben Kanter, Mats Lindgren, Nico Edgar, James Corcoran, Youssef Salama, Nektarios Mantas, Jack Vitek, Andrew Kimball, Atticus Hickman, Jason Nkoy, and Alvaro Nicolia for an extraordinary 2018 season.

Congratulations to team award recipients Jake Dreyfous, most valuable player; Michael Vitek, most improved; and Davis Porges, coaches award. We were also proud that three of our players earned academic all-region honors--Jordan Abdalla, Josh Nkoy, and Davis Porges-- with Jordan also earning the UHSAA Academic All-State award. Thanks much and good luck to departing seniors Jordan Abdalla, Josh Nkoy, Davis Porges, Willem Seethaler, and Michael Vitek.

By McKenon Estrada, Head Coach

The Winged Lion baseball team ended the season with a 7-7 overall record, finishing 7-5 in region play, good enough for third place in Region 14 play behind Summit Academy and Providence Hall. The coaching staff was pleased with that, especially since early on, our numbers were looking low; however, we ended up with seventeen players on the roster, the most we've had in eleven seasons.

Throughout the season, the players showed a lot of heart and never gave up. They worked hard in practice and that carried over to make them successful in games. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other and learned from each other as coaches and players. We made an effort to try to focus a lot on "team" baseball, and the guys bought into it and were great teammates to each other. We had players excel in different categories, but still had a team of young men who supported each other no matter what type of player they were.

A relatively young team--only two seniors on the roster this year--we can't wait to see what the future holds for the program as we have much returning talent. Coaches Zach Paige, Tyler Curtis, Peter Shipman, and I want to thank and wish good luck to our two seniors, Cade VanOrman and Wes Johnston, for their dedication--a job well done, you two! And to Isaiah Adams, George Adondakis, Alex Benton, Austin Davison, Jack Dischmann, Giorgio Gianoulis, Ryan Gilbert, Cyrus Johnston, Andy Merrill, Ian Murphy, Luke Nicoloff, Michael Palmer, Jack Plavan, William Stone, and Seth Thomas: we are excited about the 2018 season--a bright future lies ahead for Winged Lion baseball!

Congratulations to All-Region players Wes Johnston, Jack Dischmann, and Austin Davison and to those who received end of season team awards, including Michael Palmer, most valuable teammate; Alex Benton, coaches' award; Wes Johnston, most improved player; and Austin Davison, Most Valuable Player.

By Mark Oftedal, Head Coach

Rowland Hall's 2017 track and field team completed its season with 16 of our student-athletes competing in the Utah State Championship meet at Brigham Young University. One week earlier, on May 13, our teams competed in the Region 14 Championships held at the McCarthey Family Track & Field. The girls' team handily clinched their fourth straight Region Championship scoring 122 points, with the next best school, Layton Christian Academy, 69 points behind. Our boys' team finished in 3rd place, while the girls' and boys' combined for 200 points (next closest team was LCA with 148) placing Rowland Hall in the first position overall for the fourth year in a row.

The bulk of our points came from our eventual most valuable athlete award recipient, junior Allison Bagley (22 points), followed by juniors Gillian Larsen (20) Sidney Hare (16), and Aiko Miller (11), and freshman Ella Vitek (18). Allison repeated her first place finish of last year in the high jump. Gillian captured two second place finishes in the 100- and 200-meter races, and a 1st in the 400-meter. Sidney ran to first place finishes in both the 100- and 300-meter hurdle races, and freshman standout, Ella, collected firsts in the 800- and 3200-meter races and a 4th place in the 1600. Freshman Caroline Applegate (15 points) contributed in her four events—100-, 200-, 400-meter, and long jump-- and senior Astrid Lindgren (8 points) finished second in the 1600 and then brought the girls' 4 x 400-meter relay team (Gillian Larsen, Hailey Hauck, Allison Bagley) home in first place to end the meet.

Our freshmen boys had a strong showing in their first Region Championship, with Logan Bateman claiming wins in both the 800- and 1600-meter races, Patrick McNally taking first in the 300-meter hurdles, and Aksel Anderson placing 3rd in the 3200-meter. Seniors Jack Scaife and Matt Orford finished second in the 800- and 1600-meter races respectively, while fellow senior Sam Morris claimed the top spot in the 3200.

Our sixteen state-qualifying athletes took advantage of the big dance and the great weather in Provo on the 19 and 20 of May to set new personal best marks, top-ten and podium finishes, and a school record.

Girls' State Highlights:

Sidney Hare: 5th place 100m hurdles; 8th place in the 300m hurdles
Astrid Lindgren: 9th place 1600m; 7th place 800m (new personal best time 2:23.99)
Ella Vitek: 9th place 800m (new personal best time 2:29.58) 1600m, new personal best time 5:45.63
Megan Rasich: 3200m, new personal best time 14:08.46
Gillian Larsen: 400m, new personal best time 1:04.35
Caroline Applegate: 400m, new personal best time of 1:07.01
Allison Bagley: 2nd place High Jump ( new personal best height and school record 5'-02")

Boys' State Highlights:

Logan Bateman: 1600m, new personal best time 4:58.08; 800m, new personal best 2:07.73
Jack Scaife: 800m, new personal best 2:17.54
Aksel Anderson: 3200m, new personal best 11:37.88
Robert Welt: 3200m, new personal best 12:04.31

The 2017 track and field season gave us much to celebrate at the end-of-the-season banquet. Our team of 36 student-athletes—19 on the boys' team and 17 on the girls'—proved to me once again that if I set the bar higher—even if you're not Allison Bagley—our athletes are determined, dedicated, and focused in their attempts, and they ultimately do clear the new height.

While we bid a fond farewell to our eight senior team members-- Jason Cowdrey, Davis Kahler, Astrid Lindgren, Daphne Michie, Sam Morris, Matt Orford, Luke Roberts, and Jack Scaife-- we are also excited to have welcomed fifteen newcomers. Senior Jason Cowdrey, in his first year, was awarded the most improved athlete award for his season of taking on three highly technical throwing events—the javelin, shot put, and discus. The many, many feet that separated February from May were impressive. On the other hand, veteran team member Astrid Lindgren just kept getting better as she received a Most Improved Athlete Award, as well! Astrid cut off 12 seconds from her best 800m time of 2016 and 16 seconds from her 1600m time of 2016. The most valuable athlete awards went to high point scorers Allison Bagley, who accumulated 71 points (40 was last year's total) during the season, and Logan Bateman, who scored 22.5 in his first year! coaches' choice award recipients Sidney Hare and Jack Scaife exhibited focus, dedication, and grit in each practice session throughout the year, which not only served to benefit their own performances, but also served as role models for those fifteen 9th-grade newcomers in the years ahead.

Congratulations to the team and many thanks to my assistants Roland Tolbert, John Bercaw, Ashley Hagensick, and Rodney Kopish for their contributions to our success.


Several Rowland Hall spring sport athletes received post-season recognition for their achievements in 2017, both on the field or court and in the classroom.

The coaches in Region 14 selected the following athletes to the All-Region team in their respective sport: Wes Johnston, Jack Dischmann, Austin Davison, Baseball; Jake Dreyfous, Simon Logue, Trey Provost, Boys Soccer; and Pippa Hodgkins and Leah Button in Softball.

All State selections by the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News for baseball, softball, and boys' soccer have not yet appeared, although we were recently notified by the Deseret News staff that three of our soccer players will be recognized as All-State, including Jake Dreyfous, Simon Logue, and Trey Provost. We are hopeful that more of our spring sport athletes will be selected for their respective sport All-State teams in the coming weeks.

Sophomore baseball team standout, Austin Davison, was chosen by 2A baseball coaches from across the state to play in the 2A All Star game held at Enterprise High School on May 20, the only sophomore to be selected. According to Max Preps, he ended the season in fifth place in the Utah in all divisions and 42nd nationwide for stolen bases and was the #1 player in Utah in all divisions in batting average, slugging, RBIs and On Base Percentage. Austin competed in the Home Run Derby at the All Star game and took second of 30 competitors and had two of the North team's six hits to help carry them to a victory in the North vs. South competition.

Davison and Pippa Hodgkins, softball player for Rowland Hall, were named by radio station 1280 The Zone as 2A Prep Athletes of the Week in May and were recognized at a gathering at Rio Tinto stadium.

Several athletes also received academic recognition. Each sports season, Region 14 honors those Senior athletes who have a cumulative, non-weighted GPA of 3.75 or higher with Academic All-Region recognition. Seven Winged Lions received this award, including Kenzo Okazaki and Ben Espinosa, Boys Tennis; Jordan Abdalla, Josh Nkoy, and Davis Porges, Boys Soccer; Matt Orford, Boys Track; and Marguerite Tate, Softball.

These athletes were also eligible for the Utah High School Activities Association's Academic All State award. Congratulations to Jordan Abdalla who was recognized with this prestigious honor.

Kudos to all of these Winged Lion athletes!


Congratulations to the following Senior student-athletes who were recognized with athletic department awards at the recent Senior Awards Night event:

Outstanding Senior Athlete Award: Jack Scaife, Male, Emma Carlin, Female

Lee Scholar-Athlete Award: Davis Porges, Male, Lane Baker, Female

Winged Lion Athletics Award: Kaela Gilbert, Astrid Lindgren, Daphne Michie, Luke Roberts, Julia Villar

Thanks to all graduating Seniors who took part in our Upper School Athletics program over the past four years--they were part of five team State championships, nine individual State titles, twenty-three Region championships, and helped Rowland Hall place in the top five in the Deseret News All-Sports Awards for 2A schools each of their four years. The class boasts multiple All Region and All State athletes in various sports, as well as numerous student-athletes who earned Academic All Region and Academic All State honors. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and heart will be missed...!

Finish Line—Middle School

Middle School Athletics - Spring 2019 Wrap Up

It was a wonderful season for all of our Middle School teams. We had two Middle School soccer teams and 60 athletes participated in Cross Country this season! A heartfelt thank you to every one of our winged lion families for your support throughout the season - for sharing your children, for coming out to the games, and for all the snacks!  Thank you also to our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a colorful pair of Rowland Hall socks and for helping to host a successful Cross Country meet. We are fortunate to have a dedicated coaching staff who commit so much time, effort, and care to develop our student-athletes. Please read on for a recap of each team’s season highlights.


Girls A Soccer

Coach: Campbell Ainsworth

Our soccer team had a fantastic season! The A team battled throughout the year and had ended up winning the WAC tournament. This was truly a team effort, as the defense and forwards worked together to pressure the opposing team and have a cohesive attack. These Winged Lions never gave up; games were played under the searing sun and the freezing rain, rarely with substitutes, and the girls played with pluck and joy. Three times during the season, they came back to win the game after being down a goal, a true testament to their grit and positive attitude. Despite coming into the season with no true goalkeeper, several players stepped up to volunteer to be goalie; shout outs to Molly Friedman, Maddie Carlin, Mei Mei Johnson, Maile Fukushima and Rachelle Prasthofer for giving it their all between the goal posts. This team’s hustle and fun-loving spirit made this a memorable season. We look forward to seeing these skilled players contribute to the high school team in the upcoming years!


Girls C Soccer

Coach: Bobby Kennedy

While the weather was a little unpredictable this spring the results for the soccer team were not. They had lost only one game entering tournament play and earned the number one seed. After handling LCA in round one they were poised to avenge the only loss of the season in the final against Waterford. The Ravens got off to a quick start scoring twice in the first twenty minutes. Rowland Hall responded with back to back goals in the dying minutes of the first half. After a few adjustments at half time both teams battled for the balance of the second half. Waterford scored with three minutes remaining and the Winged Lions never really threatened in the limited time in the second half. Of course, results matter but the true winner was the game of soccer. While we have players that play outside of school, we also have student-athletes that play very little and they were part of a great experience.  


Cross Country

Coaches Mary Lawlor, Chelsea Vasquez, Sara Donnelly

This has been an excellent and fun cross country season with our largest team yet!  Even in freezing temperatures and torrential downpours, our runners showed up, ran quickly, and worked hard to improve their times. A highlight of this season has been our dynamic group of awesome eighth graders, who, without being asked, led by example during each practice and meet. They acted with intention and modeled kindness and effort for our whole team, and they truly made our season more fun and fulfilling! We also had a great bunch of six and seventh grade runners. Whether they were returning runners or trying out the sport for the first time, it’s been great to watch their progress and feel their positivity! As a team, we placed in every meet, and often had multiple runners in the top ten slots for each respective age group. Nice work! Special shout-out to Will Cunningham (A Boys) and Nina Martin (C Girls) who consistently placed in the top three in their divisions. We had so much fun with you all and can’t wait until next spring!


Mountain Biking

Coach: Jen Schones

Despite a few meetups being foiled by rain or thunder, we enjoyed some fun rides down in Draper at Corner Canyon with our awesome group of bikers. Our team consisted of a mix of skill levels, ranging from beginners to some advanced riders and everyone enjoyed honing our jumping skills on the Draper Bike Park. We loved learning from (and trying to keep up with!) the more advanced riders while seeing the beginners grow their confidence and skill climbing and descending. Parent volunteers made the rides more diverse and we appreciate your participation!


 MS Athletics Spring 2019 Season Info

Season results:



WAC Season Record

WAC League

WAC Tournament

Campbell Ainsworth

A1 Team





Bobby Kennedy

C Team





Cross Country


WAC League

Mary Lawlor, Chelsea Vasquez, Sara Donnelly

A Team



Mary Lawlor, Chelsea Vasquez, Sara Donnelly

C Team




Middle School girls basketball team

It was a great season for all six of our basketball teams and all 75 of our athletes! A heartfelt thank you to every one of our Winged Lion families for your support throughout the winter: for sharing your children, for coming out to the games, and for all the snacks! Thank you, also, to our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a colorful pair of Rowland Hall socks and hosting fan-appreciation nights. We’re fortunate to have a dedicated coaching staff who put in so much time, effort, and care to develop our student-athletes. Read on for a recap of each team’s season highlights.

A Girls Basketball
Coaches: Zack Alvidrez, Mike Roberts, Sarah Yoon, Brian McCloud
These outstanding young ladies consistently shared their high energy during both practice and games. They worked hard to improve their fundamentals, and they learned the basic offensive and defensive formations in preparation for the Upper School basketball program. After a successful regular season, the girls rounded out the season with a dramatic come-from-behind championship. We hope these young ladies continue to develop their love of the game, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to share time with them on the court. 

B Girls Basketball
Coaches: Zack Alvidrez, Mike Roberts, Sarah Yoon, Brian McCloud
The B team was full of intensity throughout the season, and the girls gained a better understanding of all aspects of the game. As the season progressed, the team really started to gel, and they consistently showed a solid grasp of competitive basketball. The coaches were proud of their attitude and behavior on and off the court, and we look forward to seeing these ladies continue to develop their skills. 

C Girls Basketball
Coaches: Zack Alvidrez, Mike Roberts, Sarah Yoon, Brian McCloud
The C team had a fantastic season. Players committed to early morning practices and honed skills on dribbling, cuts, and properly executed passes. These athletes showed incredible spirit and high energy during practices and games. After each match, win or loss, they huddled together and danced to the “Ole, Ole” song. They were inspirational! Their team spirit and love of the game was infectious, and strengthened the group as a whole. As the season progressed, they gained confidence, made excellent shots, and played aggressively. They also adopted “Hippo the Whale” as a team mascot—they continue to pass Hippo around, and it inspires them to play basketball. The athletes finished their season in third place. Go, Winged Lions! The coaches are proud of the C team and look forward to each player returning next season.

A Boys Basketball
Coaches: Zack Alvidrez, Mike Roberts, Sarah Yoon, Brian McCloud
The A team had a great year. They went 5-2 in the regular season, finishing second in the league. During the end-of-season tournament, they stepped up their game to play their two best matches of the year. In the end, they pulled off a well-deserved tournament championship. Throughout the season, the coaches were extremely impressed with the team’s focus and commitment. They consistently represented Rowland Hall in a positive manner on and off the floor, and the coaches are proud of everything these young men accomplished.

B Boys Basketball
Coaches: Zack Alvidrez, Mike Roberts, Sarah Yoon, Brian McCloud
The B team’s season was filled with improvement in all areas of the game. Practices focused on shooting, making smart passes, and moving without the ball. After a solid regular season, the boys performed well in the tournament, improving their play in all aspects of the game. The coaches are proud of the team’s effort and growth, and we look forward to seeing these athletes continue on their basketball journeys.

C Boys Basketball 
Coaches: Zack Alvidrez, Mike Roberts, Sarah Yoon, Brian McCloud
The C team played hard and had a terrific season. Players committed to early morning practices and honed their dribbling, screens, cuts, and passes. Their increased accuracy and precision helped them clinch an impressive seven wins. They also learned more about the value of team sports: they kept team spirit alive and well throughout the season, and supported each other through wins and losses. At the tournament, they played with heart, gave it their all, and took second place! Congrats, C team! Their growth and development is commendable. The coaches are proud and look forward to the players returning next year.

Middle School

Middle School Sports - Fall Highlights

It was a great season for all eight of our Middle School teams. A heartfelt Thank you! to every one of our Winged Lion families for your support throughout the season. We are fortunate to have a dedicated coaching staff who put in so much time, effort, and care to develop our student athletes. Please read on for a recap of each team's season highlights.

A Soccer

Coaches Campbell Ainsworth & Christian Waters

We were fortunate to field two highly competitive teams this year. Players began the year working on developing fundamental skills and learning how to play together as a team. We emphasized defense, how to use the whole field, and making smart decisions with and without the ball. They consistently had a positive attitude and put a lot of effort on the field. Some of the most exciting games this season was when A1 played A2; players gave it their all during the game and finished with hugs and high-fives all around. Both teams were successful this year. A2 finished 2nd in the league and 3rd in the tournament, and A1 finished 1st in both the league and won the WAC tournament. We hope to see some of our 8th graders back on the same pitch next fall; their hustle and dynamic play will be a great boost to the high school team!

C Soccer

Coach Campbell Ainsworth

What a fantastic season the C team had this year! All season long they worked on skills and movement with and without the ball, and learned how to play as a team. These plucky 6th graders never gave up, no matter the odds. Their resilience was particularly evident in the WAC tournament at the end of the season. During the semifinal game, the team was one goal down at halftime and came back to win the game. The next day in the championship, the team was losing 2-0 with 20 minutes left and came roaring back to win 4-2. They finished with huge smiles and their signature team dance moves. These players should be proud of their hustle, determination, and great camaraderie.

A Volleyball

Coach Doug Booher

Wow. What a wonderful season! Vast skill improvement, learning new things about volleyball, ourselves, and others, laughing together, sweating together, playing together. From placement practice through the tournament, bus rides, team huddles, practices, and games, this group of Winged Lions (phonetically pronounced) embodied the word team with everyone willing to play their role while also being capable and eager when asked to step into less familiar positions. I look forward to watching the impact this awesome group of young people has on the Upper School programs they choose to be a part of.

Oh, and we completed the first undefeated volleyball season in memory at Rowland Hall.

B Volleyball

Coach Mike Roberts

The B2 team saw continuous improvement over the course of the season. They improved both their skills and their understanding of the game each and every week. Additionally, they were very supportive of one another, and became a very tight-knit group by the end of the season. Highlights of the season included multiple three-hit rallies, consistent serving, and even a few hits at the net! The girls should all be proud of their efforts, and I look forward to seeing them continue their volleyball journey next year!

B Volleyball

Coach Jen Schones

The B1 team had a great season and all of the girls showed visible improvement. Some goals for the season were to move to the ball, call the ball, have controlled passes, and have fun. I would say that the entire team accomplished these goals and it was an exciting season! I had a great time watching the girls mature as volleyball players and learn to play different positions. We were challenged in the final game against Waterford but the girls fought hard to win the championship. We consistently had beautiful passes, nice high sets, and some great attacks on the net. Our serves were also spot-on in the championship with a 98% success rate. Between playing good volleyball, making up new cheers, overcoming some mental aspects of the game, and pushing Waterford to work for those last two points, it was a super successful season and I'm so proud to have coached this group of girls.

C Volleyball

Coach Chad Obermark

The 6th grade girls volleyball team showed amazing improvement this season. For many of the players, this is their first real exposure to volleyball. To see them grow from learning the fundamentals of passing and serving to playing intense points with multiple volleys is incredible! I loved this team's positive energy and willingness to work together. They had fun in practice and games while being willing to play hard. I look forward to seeing each of them develop their skills and build on this strong start to their volleyball careers.

MS Athletics Fall 2018 Season Info

Season results:



WAC Season Record

WAC League

WAC Tournament

Campbell Ainsworth

A1 Team




Christian Waters

A2 Team




Campbell Ainsworth

C Team






WAC Season Record

WAC League

WAC Tournament

Doug Booher

A Team




Jen Schones

B1 Team




Mike Roberts

B2 Team




Chad Obermark, Amaya Hoglund

C1 Team




Chad Obermark, Amaya Hoglund

C2 Team









Middle School Sports Roundup, Spring 2018


Middle School Sports Roundup, Spring 2018

It was a great spring season for Middle School Athletics. Thanks to all of our players for their dedication, and thanks to their families for their support throughout the season. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of coaches who continue to invest countless hours to develop our student-athletes. Additionally, I'd like to thank our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a sport-specific T-shirt to show our school spirit. A huge shout out to Melanie Bates, Ashley Holbrook, and Erica Keil for representing Middle School Athletics. We will miss you! Read below for a recap of each team's season. —Shannon Casson


Girls A Soccer
Coaches Bobby Kennedy & Campbell Ainsworth

The girls soccer teams had a fantastic season. The A2 team improved throughout the year. Not only did their individual skills improve, but they learned how to work as a team and became stronger with a more cohesive attack and defense. They had a good season and played hard against tough competition. The A1 team finished the season undefeated and won the WAC tournament, yet the road was not always easy. Twice during the regular season, they were losing by two goals at halftime, yet they were undaunted and came roaring back to win both games with inspired second halves. The WAC tournament was tense, with both games at 0-0 until late goals by Maddie Carlin spurred the Winged Lions to victory. A special shout-out to the defense and goalkeeper Micha Nenbee who had six shutouts this year. The team never gave up all year, and though they rarely had any substitutes, their hustle and positive attitude made this a memorable season. Go Winged Lions!

Cross Country
Coaches Mary Lawlor, Chelsea Vasquez, Sam Lawlor

What a season for this dynamic group of sixth- through eighth-grade racers! It's been quite an experience running through the 9th and 9th business district with over 50 Middle School runners. Each of the six meets was held in a different location along the Wasatch Front. We competed against the same nine schools at every meet. The season began with the girls battling Saint John the Baptist and the boys went head-to-head with McGillis, St. Joe's, and SJTB. Towards the end of the season, it became obvious that every runner needed to give their best effort in order to accumulate the points to win each meet, and the most possible meet wins to finish first for the 2018 season. The last two meets in Draper and Layton included dramatic finishes for every age group. Rowland Hall earned first place for both the A Team (seventh and eighth grade) girls and boys. The C Team (sixth grade) girls earned a third-place season finish, and the C Team boys brought home a fourth-place finish. Special shout-outs to our top A-Team runners: Will Cunningham (seventh) and Jasmine Le (seventh). We are already looking forward to next season with this special group of runners.

Mountain Biking
Coaches Jen Schones, Chelsea Vasquez

Despite a few meetups being foiled by rain or thunder, we enjoyed beautiful days of Park City pedaling with our awesome group of bikers. We had a mix of skill levels this year, ranging from never-evers to cross-country mountain bike racers. Needless to say, this kept our ride sessions exciting and allowed students to teach each other. We have loved learning from (and trying to keep up with!) the more advanced riders while seeing the beginners grow their confidence and skill climbing and descending. We are psyched to get more kids on bikes!


2018 MS Spring Sports Rosters

2018 WAC Sports Season Results

2018 Spring Sports Photo Album


Over 80 Middle School Students Participated in Basketball Season, Learned New Skills

We had a total of eight Middle School basketball teams and 80+ basketball players on our rosters this season! It was a huge turnout with high participation numbers for both boys and girls in our Middle School Athletics program. Thank you to all our families for your support during the season and thanks to our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a sport specific t-shirt and for hosting fan appreciation game nights to show our school spirit. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of coaches who put in countless hours to develop our student-athletes. Please read on for a recap of our basketball seasons.

A Girls Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez
First place season, first place WAC tournament

These 12 outstanding young ladies shared their high energy in practice sessions and game play this season. They worked hard to improve fundamentals and learned the basic offensive sets and man-to-man defensive principles in preparation for the Upper School basketball program. As the season progressed, they found their stride, displayed more confidence, and meshed well together as a team to execute during pressure situations in the final moments of competitive game play. I hope that these young ladies will continue to develop their love for this game and play in our Upper School program, and I encourage each of them to play on their own outside of school to continue to build their basketball skills.

B Girls Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez

These 15 young ladies were full of intensity on the basketball court and unafraid to be aggressive and play threatening defense against our opponents. These players used their lightning speed on the court to force turnovers and create scoring opportunities during gameplay. Throughout the season the girls gained a better understanding of help defense and fought hard to get rebounds during close game situations. This season also included a buzzer-beater three-pointer by Elisabeth Bocock to go into overtime with McGillis! Overall, the girls were fun to coach and they started to come together more as a team as the season progressed. I look forward to seeing these girls next season for more basketball action in the Middle School and encourage them to play on their own outside of school to continue to build their basketball skills.

C Girls Basketball
Coach Shannon Casson

These seven young ladies made huge gains in their fundamental basketball skills this season. Additionally, they gained a better understanding of basketball strategies and rules of the sport. Each practice focused on a specific skill such as dribbling to the hoop, give and go, v-cut to get open or how to rebound. The girls played well together and looked out for each other on and off the court. By the end of the season, their shooting improved as did their rebounding. The girls genuine excitement for the game and competitive spirit came alive during our end of season tournament as did our rowdy fans who cheered positively and loudly in the stands! I look forward to these girls improving as basketball players throughout their Middle School years and encourage them to play outside of school.

A Boys Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez

The A team had a great year that culminated with a championship over a tough St. Joseph's team. The boys all did a wonderful job of staying focused and committed throughout the season. The A team represented Rowland Hall in a positive manner on and off the floor. I am very proud to have coached these young men and hope they continue their journeys as athletes in the Upper School.

B Boys Basketball
Coaches Zack Alvidrez and Mike Roberts

The B teams had a season filled with improvement in all areas of the game. Time in practice was spent working on shooting, making smart passes, and moving without the ball. After a successful regular season, the teams both performed well in the tournament, taking home second (B1) and third (B2) places. Overall, we are very proud of the effort and growth of the teams, and we look forward to seeing all of them continue on with their basketball journeys.

C Boys Basketball
Coaches Zack Alvidrez and Shannon Casson

The C team had a tremendous season of growth. Many of our players were new to the sport and progressed throughout the season in their basic fundamental skills including the triple threat position, passing and cutting, and rebounding. Although players were divided into two teams during game play to maximize playing time, all players studied the same concepts during practice sessions. The players learned the importance of moving without the ball, court spacing, and communication both on and off the court. We are proud of their effort and growth and look forward to seeing them continue to improve throughout their Middle School basketball careers, and beyond.

Middle School Athletics Winter 2017-18 Season Info

GIrls Basketball Team Rosters

Boys Basketball Team Rosters

Season Results - Girls & Boys

Fun and Growth for the Middle School Teams

It was a fun fall season for all six of our Middle School Athletic teams. Thanks to all of our athletic families for your support throughout the season and a shout out to thank our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a team T-shirt to show some spirit during the school day. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated coaching staff who put in countless hours to develop our student athletes. Please read on for a recap of each team's season highlights.

A Volleyball
Coach Doug Booher

Recipe for an Awesome Volleyball Season
Five 7th grade players (make sure one is new to Rowland Hall and one has not played organized volleyball before)
Five 8th grade players (a mixture of two returners to the A Team and three B Team veterans)
Great attitude
Hard work
Volleyball skill
Family support and cheering section
Adversity and challenges

Mix the ingredients for eight weeks through nine matches and one tournament. Yields ten wonderful, strong young women, one 2nd-place tournament trophy, and unlimited delightful memories.

B Volleyball
Coach Mike Roberts

This year's B team had a great season from start to finish! The players steadily improved their skills, and by the end of the season, three-hit rallies had become the norm. All of the girls brought a positive energy to the court, and even when they weren't in the game, they could be seen (and heard) cheering for their teammates from the bench. And while the tournament didn't quite turn out as hoped, the girls played hard, and in the end, they brought home the third-place trophy. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with all the players, and I look forward to seeing them continue their volleyball careers.

C Volleyball
Coach Chad Obermark

The 6th grade girls volleyball team showed amazing improvement over the course of the season. For many players, this was their first exposure to volleyball. To see them grow from learning the fundamentals of passing and serving to playing intense points with multiple volleys is incredible! I loved this team's positive energy and willingness to work together. They had fun in practice and games while playing hard. I look forward to seeing each of them develop their skills and build on this strong start to their volleyball careers.

A Boys Soccer
Coaches Campbell Ainsworth & Christian Waters

The A team had a fabulous season. Through practices in the heat of late summer and crisp, windy October mornings, players worked on their defense, their individual skills, and learned how to play as a team. The A2 team, after some tough losses, finished the year in style by winning their last game. The A1 team, despite some tough competition, rolled to an undefeated season. The championship game was tense; McGillis was winning 1-0 at halftime before Rowland Hall stormed back to win the championship 3-1. This group of young men jelled as a team and supported each other with enthusiasm and humor all season long. For our eleven 8th graders, winning the WAC tournament and the division was a fantastic capstone to a great middle school soccer career!

C Boys Soccer
Coach Campbell Ainsworth

Sliding gleefully in the mud at an away game in early October. A valiant comeback to tie Waterford after losing by two goals at halftime. Diving headers off of corner kicks. Players at practice, laughing as they played 'ninja', 'wa', or 'boppity-bop-bop-bop'. These are some of the memories from this year's C team soccer season, which featured a lot of energy, effort, and enthusiasm. The team finished with a tense penalty shootout for the last game of the season ultimately won by the Winged Lions to secure a 3rd place finish. These talented players will certainly contribute to the Rowland Hall soccer program for years to come.

MS Athletics Fall 2017 Season Info

Volleyball Team Rosters

Boys Soccer Team Rosters

Season Results

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Middle School Athletics - Spring 2017

It was a great spring season for Middle School Athletics. Thanks to all of our players for their dedication and families for their support throughout the season. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of coaches who continue to invest countless hours to develop our student athletes. Additionally, I'd like to thank our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a sport-specific T-shirt to show our school spirit. A huge shout out to Ashley Holbrook and Erica Keil for representing Middle School Athletics. We will miss you! Read below for a recap of each team's season. —Shannon Casson

Girls A Soccer

Coaches Bobby Kennedy, Tyler Fonarow, & Campbell Ainsworth

Both A teams had strong seasons, and the girls showed resilience and pluck under pressure. The A2 team played hard all year long, and the girls gained valuable experience despite some tough luck losses. The A1 team was undefeated this year, and their balanced attack and ferocious defense made these Winged Lions impossible to beat. Their season culminated in a 1st place finish in the WAC tournament. We hope to see some of our 8th grade girls back on the same pitch next fall; their hustle and dynamic play will be a great boost to the high school team!

Girls C Soccer

Coaches Campbell Ainsworth & Fodé Doumbia

Through rain, snow, and sunshine the girls were all smiles all season long, as they played hard right until the end, winning the WAC tournament. The players not only improved their passing, dribbling, and shooting skills but also learned to effectively play as a team. The defense, led by our sweeper Maile Fukushima, and our goalies, Katerina Mantas and Layla Hijjawi, were consistently rock solid, only allowing three goals all season. The offense kept the pressure on and spurred the team to victory. Kudos to the girls for their energy, enthusiasm, and team spirit!

Cross Country

Coaches Mary Lawlor, Andrea Beckman, and Sarah White

Our cross country team excelled this season, both in victories and in growth. Our seventh and eighth grade girls fought for a first place finish in the final meet of the season, beating out their rival St. Joe's of Ogden. Special shout out to Tate Beasley for finishing in first place in all her races. Our seventh and eighth grade boys also won the championship. The fellows, lead by Carson Burian who won every race, earned a perfect score of 10 at the meet hosted by Waterford. Our sixth grade girls team, led by Heidi Paisley, finished second and our sixth grade boys, lead by Will Cunningham, finished first. Most importantly, each of the runners improved throughout the season by running their tails off! Way to go!


Coaches Kathy Howa, Kendra Tomsic, Harper Coleman-Houghton, and Josephine Anderson

Middle school softball played in the Taylorsville League this year and the team did extremely well! The team finished in first place with a mixture of grade levels competing in gameplay. We had four sixth graders, two seventh graders, and five eighth graders to make up the squad. Thanks to strong pitching from Sophie Dau, and great leadership from Maddie Keil, Kat Moore, and Mena Zendejas-Porgutal we had a fabulous season on the softball diamond.

Mountain Biking

Coaches Shannon Casson, John Bercaw and Chelsea Vasquez

The mountain biking club had loads of fun riding this spring! We explored our local trails in the Park City area and made progress in basic bike handling skills. A huge thanks to all the parents who were able to join in on our group rides. We hope you take advantage of our local trails and get out riding this summer.

2017 MS Spring Sports Rosters

2017 WAC Sports Season Results:



Season Record



WAC Tournament














WAC Season

A Girls


C Girls


A Boys


C Boys


It was a fun basketball season for boys and girls in our Middle School Athletics program. Thank you to all of our players for their hard work and thank you to our families for your support throughout the season. Additionally, I’d like to thank our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a sport specific t-shirt to show our school spirit.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of coaches who put in countless hours to develop our student athletes.  Please read below for a recap of each team’s season.   

Shannon Casson

A Girls Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez

The girls put in a lot of hard work during each practice session with a focus on fundamentals, including offensive movements with and without the ball and basic man-to-man defensive principles.  The girls showed improvement in their skills and understanding of strategies and they began to execute them more consistently during gameplay.  The girls had a healthy mix of experienced players and a few newer to the game and they meshed well to come together as a team throughout the season.    

B Girls Basketball
Coach Shannon Casson

The girls worked hard to improve their skills in practice and demonstrated improvement in their shooting form and shot selections during games.  Their grasp of man-to-man defense improved tremendously throughout the season.  I am so proud of how they played towards the end of the season and came together as a team.  

C Girls Basketball
Coach Mike Roberts, Bill Tatomer, & Tyler Stack

The C basketball teams had a couple of great seasons! Divided into two equal squads, the girls practiced together multiple times per week. Each practice targeted a different skill (dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, etc), while the games provided an opportunity for the players to show off what they learned. As a result of two stellar regular seasons, both teams easily qualified for the WAC tournament. And by the time the tournament came to a close, the two teams had earned second and third place finishes. This was a great way to cap off an awesome season! We coaches are very proud of the effort and growth that all the girls demonstrated, and we are very excited to see the future of the middle school (and beyond) basketball program!

A Boys Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez

The A Boys Basketball Team entered the season with strong fundamentals overall yet were eager to learn more strategies about the game.  They were effective at grasping some concepts of the US offense and improved on their defensive fundamentals and tactics during gameplay.  This was a motivated group of players who worked well together, persevered, and encouraged each other, both on and off the court.  There was no doubt that every single player contributed positively to the success of this team.  

B1 Boys Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez

The B1 Boys Green team were hard workers during practice sessions.  The players pushed themselves during skill development and the improvements they made in their individual skills including shooting form and defensive positioning was evident both in practices and during gameplay.  These players also were hungry to get stronger and faster by being focused in the weight room conditioning sessions led by Coach John Bercaw.  I enjoyed helping them progress their court skills as basketball players and I was pleased to see them make the connection that the weight room conditioning sessions will, over time, payoff by improving their speed, quickness, and agility on the basketball court.  This team learned how to play together and rely on each other during the season and I look forward to having these players back on the court as eighth graders next year.

B2 Boys Basketball
Coach Christian Waters

This was a tremendous season of growth for the B2 Boys White Team. Many of our players were new to basketball and to team sports in general. I was proud of the way the boys were able to improve their individual basketball skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing but also improve collectively as a team. They gained a better understanding of helping on team defense and working together offensively to move without the ball, set screens and work together.  I believe our play throughout the season and the tournament highlights our improvement both individually and collectively and I am excited to see what they can accomplish in the future. I encourage all of them to continue playing on their own outside of school to continue to build their basketball skills.

C Boys Basketball
Coach Mike Roberts & Campbell Ainsworth

The C team had an awesome season from start to finish. Divided up into two squads, both teams roared through the regular season, finishing first in the division. The boys improved their skills each week, and by the end of season, they had a firm grasp of what it means to play team basketball. This includes understanding court spacing, moving without the ball, and setting screens to free up a teammate. The season was capped off by winning the WAC tournament. We had a great time coaching the boys this season, and we look forward to seeing them improve as they move through the ranks of middle school basketball!

MS Athletics Winter 2016-17 Season Info

GIrls Basketball Team Rosters

Boys Basketball Team Rosters

Season Results - Girls & Boys

Finish Line—Rowmark Ski Academy

Rowmark Spring Highlights and Off-Season Plans

Rowmark Summer and Fall Ski Camps:

Congratulations to all our Rowmark Ski Academy and Junior Program athletes and staff for a great season and a big thank you to the parents for all their support.  We would like to especially thank Rowmark parents John Hijjawi, Ken Jacquin and Marcy Stearns for their exceptional volunteer efforts at our team tents at various race series throughout the season. 

Rowmark has a busy summer and fall ahead of us starting with our first on-snow camp of our 2019-20 preparation period at Mammoth Mountain, CA June 8-17.  We have over 50 Rowmarkers from U12-U19 ages attending this camp. Mammoth had record snow fall this winter, so we expect great ski conditions.  

After Mammoth we transition into an eight-week dryland conditioning block before our U14-19s head to our second ski camp August 9-18 at Mt. Hood just before school starts back up. We then head into conditioning mode through the fall with all age groups.

In late September our U19 juniors and seniors will be off to Schnalztal, Italy for their third ski camp September 27-October 11. Our race season preparation period comes to a close with November camps in Aspen, CO and Sun Valley, ID before getting on snow here at the Utah Olympic Park and Park City Mountain shortly after.



Congratulations to our Rowmark graduating class of 2019, including five graduates within the Rowland Hall graduating class of seventy-one students.

Photo from left: Anya Mulligan, Elena Zipp, Anya Biskupiak, Greg Olszanskyj, Jake Bleil


Annual Awards:

Each April we enjoy an annual awards banquet to celebrate our season. This gives us a chance to spotlight our athletes both on their athletic accomplishments and character development. We are very proud of each member of our program and enjoy the time they commit to our sport.  Below is a list of the key awards from this past season:


Academy Awards:

Dr. Karl Kjeldsberg Senior Award: 
Jake Bleil ‘19

Olle Larsson Skier of the Year Award:
Elena Zipp ‘19

The Northrop Award (Speed Skiing and Academic Achievement):
Mary Bocock ‘21 and Carter Louchheim ’20

Hank Shipman Perseverance Award:
Eliza Hodgkins '19

Alan Hayes Sportsmanship Award: 
Dagny Brickson ‘21

Jim Tschabrun Conditioning Award: 
Ellie Nichols '20 and Greg Olszanskyj ‘19

Most Improved Award: 
Eliza Hodgkins '19 and Mason Schlopy ‘22


Junior Program Awards:

Rowmarker Award:  
Elisabeth Bocock ‘23

Sportsmanship Award:  
Layla Hijjawi ’23

Most Improved Female:  
Lucy Nolan ‘25

Most Improve Male:
Henry Cunningham ‘25

Top Performer:  
Molly Friedman ‘24

Leadership Award:  
Arden Louchheim ‘23


We would like to further recognize Rowmark Senior Jake Bleil, who also won two prestigious academic awards this spring. Jake was one of only 24 National Merit Scholars from Utah. Jake was also named the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Intermountain Division Scholar of the Year. Bleil intends to put the scholarship funds to good use as he heads to Princeton University, where he plans to study engineering. Congratulations to Jake!


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Rowmark Ski Academy Season Highlights, Winter 2019

March Madness has arrived! Rowmarkers have been traveling across the country to compete in championship events. 
U16 Team

U16 Western Regional Championships, Sun Valley, ID, March 14-17
The top U16s from all over the West come together to duke it out to qualify for the U16 Nationals. Six Rowmark athletes qualified for the Western Regional Championships; Mary Bocock, Dagny Brickson, Preston Bolus, Ian Hanrahan, Ford Hodgkins, and Harry Hoffman. These skiers qualified from a season-long series of competitions. Rowmark had some great performances under bluebird skies. In the GS, Ford Hodgkins finished 13th and first for the 2004 age group. Harry Hoffman was second in the SL, first for 2004s, and Mary Bocock was second in the Super-G and also second in the SL. In the GS race, both Preston Bolus and Dagny Brickson won the Hard Charger Award for the biggest moves from their start position to finish position. Preston moved up 48 places and Dagny moved up 41 places. Ian Hanrahan also skied very well, moving up eight spots in the SL and 10 in the SG. 
U16 National Championships, Breckenridge, CO, March 31-April 4
Mary Bocock, Jack Hodgkins, and Harry Hoffman qualified for this prestigious event. Mary will be looking to defend her U16 Super G National title!
Tri-Divisional Championships, Jackson Hole, WY, March 21-24
The Tri-Divisional Championships are held each year with teams from Intermountain, Alaska, and Northern divisions. Rowmark competes in the Intermountain Division, and three of our U16s competed, earning some great results. Leading the pack was Jack AbuHaidar, who was first in the Super-G, second in the GS, and fourth in the SL. These three top finishes earned Jack the Overall Tri-Divisional Series Championship! Frank Stearns had his best races of the season with a second in the SL and 14th in the GS. Mason Schlopy also skied well, with a ninth-place finish in Super-G and 10th in GS. Way to go, boys!
U19 Team

The U19s have been traveling far and wide this year and still have two race series before the season ends. Some highlights up to this point:
Western Region Junior Championships, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, CA, March 12-17
Rowmark qualified a full contingent to the Western Region Junior Championships this year, one of our biggest teams ever, where athletes from all over the Western U.S. competed. Qualifying from Rowmark: Charlotte Altman, Anya Biskupiak, Mary Clancy, Eliza Hodgkins, Bridget Lennon, Anya Mulligan, Ellie Nichols, Elena Zipp, Jake Bleil, Andrei Dan, Tommy Hoffman, Carter Louchheim and Greg Olszanskyj. All enjoyed some fast skiing and beautiful weather! 


  • SL 1: Rowmark had four women finish in the top 25—Ellie Nichols 15th, Anya Biskupiak 16th, Elena Zipp 18th and Bridget Lennon 22nd
  • SL 2: Anya Biskupiak finished 17th and Anya Mulligan skied away with the win - first place!
  • SL 3: Anya Biskupiak 12th
  • GS 1: Ellie Nichols 16th (winning the second run!)
  • GS 2: Anya Mulligan ninth
  • GS 3: Anya Mulligan fifth


  • SL 1: Andrei Dan 10th
  • SL 2: Carter Louchheim 30th after starting 68th
  • SL 3: Rowmark had 3 men in the top 15—Andrei Dan 10th, Jake Bleil 13th, and Carter Louchheim 15th after starting 70th!
  • GS 1: Tommy Hoffman 12th
  • GS 2: Andrei Dan seventh and Tommy Hoffman 11th 
  • GS 3: Tommy Hoffman 13th, Carter Louchheim 27th, and Greg Olszanskyj 29th

U.S. Alpine National Championships, Waterville Valley, NH, March 23-30
Seniors Anya Mulligan and Elena Zipp both qualified for the U.S. Alpine Championships and Junior National Championships in Waterville Valley, NH. Elena finished 12th and Anya 22nd in the Junior Nationals Super-G. Congratulations!
Alumni Update

2019 World Junior Championships
Katie Hensien '18, currently a freshman at Denver University and U.S. Ski Team member, qualified for the World Junior Championships held in Italy. Katie finished 10th in the SL and second in the team event! The U.S. Ski Team had their best showing ever, finishing third overall in the standings. Way to go, Katie

Unfortunately, Rowmark’s two U.S. Ski Team World Cup team members and Olympians Alice McKennis ’07 and Breezy Johnson ’13 both suffered season-ending injuries before competitions ramped up. We look forward to their return to the World Cup stage for the 2019-2020 season.
Rowmark Spring Banquet April 24

We look forward to celebrating Rowmark accomplishments and announcing our annual awards for sportsmanship, conditioning, perseverance, most improved, and skier of the year. We’ll also honor Team Manager Sarah Getzelman, who is leaving Rowmark after 12 incredible years serving our Academy and Junior Program.


Rowmark Junior Program: Season Roundup, Winter 2019

The Junior Rowmark Program had another great season.

Youth Ski League Championships, Brianhead, UT, March 9-10 
William Youngtok and Wyatt Williams medaled.
Intermountain Division Championships, Snowbasin, UT, March 15-17
Thirteen Rowmarkers attended this championship event. Jack Hoffman won the overall after winning the SL race and placing fourth in the GS.
Tri-Divisional Championships, Jackson Hole, WY, March 21-24
Eight Junior Rowmarkers qualified for this high-level event. Congratulations to Lucy Nolan, Kaia Brickson, Morgan Jacquin, Lalya Hijjawi, Alan Dugan, Matt Seigel, Henry Cunningham, and Jack Zipp. Morgan Jacquin and Henry Cunningham both had breakout performances. Morgan was third in the SL, and Henry was fourth in SG and third in GS.
U14 Regionals Championships, Big Sky, MT, March 20-24
Molly Friedman, Arden Louchheim, and Elisabeth Bocock were named to the IMD Divisional Team for this prestigious event. Elisabeth and Arden skied their way to a podium finish in the GS, with Elisabeth in fourth and Arden in 10th.



Rowmarkers Prepare for the Race Season

By Sarah Getzelman, Rowmark Team Manager

As the days are becoming shorter and colder, Rowmark Ski Academy and Junior Program student-athletes are putting the final touches on their race preparation and gearing up for competitions. Following a challenging snow year in 2017–2018, this season is off to a better start with some natural snow, and cold, snow-making temperatures at the ski areas.

Our Rowmark teams—consisting of some of the best junior alpine ski racers and student-athletes nationally and internationally—worked hard from spring through autumn in our rigorous conditioning program, which gets athletes in shape for winter. This year's program has included the following:

  • In June, we kicked off our on-snow camps at Mammoth Mountain, California.
  • Before the start of school, our U14–U19 teams traveled to Mt. Hood, Oregon, for our second on-snow camp.
  • Over fall break in early October, the U19 team traveled to Schnalstal, Italy, for a 10-day camp. They trained next to world-class athletes from around the region and enjoyed excellent snow conditions, incredible views, and delicious Italian food.
  • The next stop for the Academy is Aspen, Colorado, while our Junior Program heads to Sun Valley, Idaho, for a five-day, pre-Thanksgiving camp.

Once the winter trimester starts, our athletes in grades eight through twelve will be out of school at noon daily and skiing full-time at Park City and Snowbird from December through April.

Rowmarkers work together and support one another, and that was a primary focus during our 10th Biennial Rowmark Ski Academy Bear Lake Challenge in early September. The orientation weekend tests Rowmarkers physically, mentally, and socially; identifies and develops leadership, spirit, and cooperation skills; and facilitates team bonding. Also over that weekend, skiers elected their 2018–2019 team captains: seniors Jake Bleil and Elena Zipp, and juniors Eliza Hodgkins and Carter Louchheim.

As our seasoned captains well know, year-round physical conditioning is a critical component to optimal skiing. Graham Flinn—our new women's and conditioning head coach—has already started directing a dynamic, periodized daily physical-training program that includes strength/power, cardiovascular, plyometrics, quickness and coordination, flexibility, and cross-training/games.

In addition to physical conditioning, the Academy team works with a mental-performance coach and a nutritionist starting in October. The mental-performance coach works with the athletes on psychological focus, concentration, imagery, self-talk, mental toughness, and pre-performance routines. These mental skills are as critical as physical strength and can significantly enhance performance. Nutrition education also plays a major role in the athletes' well-being and performance.

As the competition season approaches, Rowmarkers look forward to putting their conditioning to the test. Their days will soon be filled: morning academic classes are followed by afternoon ski training, video review, ski tuning, and evenings of homework. Their race schedule takes them all over the country and for some, to Canada and Europe. The extensive travel means Rowmarkers will miss several weeks of school in the winter, testing their organizational, communication, and time-management skills. The athletes know they must make the grade academically before they can make the starting gate at a ski race. Success hinges on the support of the Rowland Hall faculty and their extra efforts of frequent communication, consultation sessions, and exam preparation, all of which enable Rowmarkers to not only survive the academic load but often to excel. We thank our teachers for their commitment.

Our Junior Program has also added some new coaches to our skilled staff. Please welcome Darryl Whitaker as our Academy Prep Head Coach, Merrick Flygare and Eric Dooley-Feldman with our All-Star team, and Richie Douglas with our All-Mountain Rippers. Junior Program athletes completed a productive fall-conditioning phase and kick off their on-snow prep period with the Sun Valley camp. We have an exciting race series this year—please come out and support our Junior Rowmarkers as they go for the gold!

Our Academy and Junior Program develop young athletes to their fullest potential. This takes place on the race course, in the classroom, and everywhere in between. Working together as a team, building character, embracing struggle, and committing to personal and academic excellence all set our program apart. We look forward to the challenges and successes of the approaching season.


Rowmark Junior Program: Season Roundup Winter 2018

The Rowmark Junior Program had extraordinary success this year! From the older eighth grade Academy Prep skiers to the young All-Mountain Rippers, there were podium finishes and medals galore. This is a true testament to the hard work the athletes and coaches put in all year.

Read on for season highlights.


Academy Prep

The following students qualified for the U14 Western Region Championships that took place in Jackson, WY: Harry Hoffman, Preston Bolus, Jack AbuHaidar, Ford Hodgkins, and Ian Hanrahan.

Leading the charge was Harry Hoffman, winning both the super-G and giant slalom (GS). Preston Bolus placed 3rd in the super-G followed by Jack AbuHaidar in 4th and Ian Hanrahan in 9th. Other top-10 finishes included Jack AbuHaidar placing 3rd in the giant slalom and Ford Hodgkins finishing 10th. All five boys collected medals, which was an amazing feat. Harry Hoffman's results qualified him for the U16 National Championships where he will join Rowmark Academy teammates Mary Bocock, Lindley Friedman, and Carter Louchheim in Mission Ridge, WA.

Preston Bolus and Jack AbuHaidar qualified to the 2018 Whistler Cup in Canada April 12-16. This prestigious International Children's event hosts athletes from all over the world. Harry Hoffman will also be competing with his home country of Australia.

Qualifying for the Tri-Divisional Championships at Snowbasin, UT were Arden Louchheim, Kate Altman, Davern Cigarran, Remy Mickelson, Molly Friedman, Hayley Brathwaite, Frank Stearns, and Angus Percy. The weather started off pretty wild with plenty of rain, forcing the cancellation of the super-G. In the GS, Arden Louchheim put together two great runs to capture first place! In the SL event, teammate Molly Friedman won, followed by Arden in 3rd and Kate Altman 5th.


The All-Stars consist of U10 and U12 skiers. Qualifying from this group to the U10/U12 Intermountain (IMD) Champs were Kaia Brickson, Sophia Hijjawi, Kirsten Mannelin, Pippa Brathwaite, Lucy Nolan, Morgan Jacquin, Alan Dugan, Henry Cunningham, Jack Zipp, Cooper Percy, Anders Silitch, Lukas Postnieks, Chase Dennis, Jack Hoffman and Cael Eley. The event was held at Grand Targhee in Wyoming and consisted of a GS, SL, dual event and crazy, ever-changing weather.

In the SL event Alan Dugan tied for 3rd place, while Kaia Brickson finished 4th. Henry Cunningham finished 14th, Jack Zipp 15th and Anders Silitch 19th. In the GS, Henry Cunningham finished 8th, Jack Zipp 16th and Alan Dugan 20th.

For the U10's, Sophia Hijjawi finished 3rd in GS and 6th in the SL, Pippa Brathwaite finished 8th in GS and 11th in SL, Lukas Postnieks finished 1st in the SL, Chase Dennis finished 4th in SL and 12th in GS, while Cael Eley finished 8th in the GS.

To top off the weekend, Olympian and Rowmark Alumna Breezy Johnson '13 stopped by to give words of encouragement.

All-Mountain Rippers (AMR)

Our AMR group had success throughout the season starting with the YSL race on our home hill at Park City. They continued their development and finished the season with two outstanding races: Brian Head Utah and Bogus Basin Idaho. Congrats to Noah Helms, Julian Bamberger, Chase Noteware, Andrew Hanrahan, Eli Rankin, Henry Damico, and Wyatt Williams!


Despite Limited Local Snow, Rowmarkers Keep Collecting Medals


This year could be summed up as the winter that wasn't! After record-breaking snowfall last season, the 2017-2018 season was the complete opposite. Most of the Intermountain West suffered a snow drought for a good portion of the season, so the skiers had to travel extensively in the beginning of the year to find snow for training. Rowmark only trained a handful of times in the Eagle Race Arena at Park City Mountain. Luckily, there was no drought in the medal count for the Rowmark Ski Academy athletes.


U19 Roundup

Women's Head Coach – Jim Tschabrun
Men's Head Coach – Dave Kerwynn
Women's Assistant Coach – Mary Joyce
Men's Assistant Coach – Brian Morgan

Once again, the Rowmark women's U19 team showed their strength by placing strong at regional and national events all year.

Senior Australian sensation Madison Hoffman competed in numerous Nor Am and FIS U competitions all over the country and Canada, scoring in the top 10. When competing in Regional FIS races at Snowbird she managed a first and second place in the slaloms along with a victory in the giant slalom (GS). Madison was often accompanied by PG athlete Katie Vesterstein '17, whose main focus was competing in the FIS U races this year. Katie has signed a letter of intent with the University of Utah starting next fall. Fellow senior and US Ski team member Katie Hensien also had an extraordinary year finishing second in a Nor Am Slalom, fourth in the World Jr. Championship Slalom and starting in two World Cup Slaloms.

Juniors Elena Zipp and Anya Mulligan have had a fantastic season to date, with many top three finishes in the Regional FIS circuit. A highlight was when they both tied for first in GS at the Wild West classic in Jackson, WY! More podiums were captured when they traveled to chilly Lutsen, MN along with fellow teammate, Senior Camryn Glick. The Lutsen race series included top Jr. skiers and college athletes from around the country. All three girls—Glick, Zipp and Mulligan—had many fast runs with top three finishes. Junior Anya Biskupiak and Senior Addie Beasley fought hard this season, with some respectable finishes and brilliant runs. Both qualified for the Western Region Jr. Championships.

Unfortunately, the squad suffered some injuries. After a strong early start with third place in GS at the Australian Junior National Championships, Captain Lucy Neill was unable to compete due to concussions. Sophomore Eliza Hodgkins, who was coming off a stellar soccer season for Rowland Hall, suffered a season-ending ACL tear in January. Freshman Mary Clancy suffered a season ending injury in January. Still, seven out of 10 Rowmark women landed on an International podium this year, which is the best depth the team has had in the past five years.

On the men's side, Senior Scottie Bocock racked up some serious mileage traveling to numerous race series. Scottie has been competing in the US Ski Team's National Performance Series, which includes various camps and competitions with other boys his age from all over the country. With many top 10 finishes to date, Scottie's best series has been the Western Region Jr. Championships (WRJC) in Schweitzer, ID where he placed first and second in the GS and sixth in the SL and the super-G. Other boys qualifying to the WRJC in Schweitzer, ID were Andrei Dan, Jake Bleil (injured), Greg Olszanskyj, Liam Michael, Alex Percy, and Ned Friedman. Senior Liam Michael placed fifth and sixth in super-G along with an eight in the GS. Liam had numerous top 20 results in FIS races this year, as well as some crashes.

PG athlete Nick Fontaine '17 rounded out his season with two trips to Lutsen, MN for FIS races, where he finished fourth in the SL and sixth in the GS. Nick also scored two top-10 finishes at the Wild West FIS series in Jackson, WY. One of the hardest working athletes in the weight room, Nick looks to finish out strong this season. Captain Daniel Mulligan was unfortunately sidelined most of the season with a chronic hip injury and looks get back to conditioning this spring.

The Men's squad has a few races series left this season at Mammoth Mountain, Aspen, and Snowbird.

U16 Roundup

Todd Brickson – Head Coach
Skip Puckett – Assistant Coach

The U16 group had another incredible year! The U16 Rowmarkers were on numerous podiums during the season-long IMD qualifying series.

Competing in the U16 Western Regional Championship in Alyeska, Alaska were Mary Bocock, Dagny Brickson, Lindley Friedman, Charlotte Altman, Danika Mannelin, Ellie Nichols, Zoe Michael, Alex Deubel, Nick Orfanakis, Tommy Hoffman, Carter Louchheim, and Jimmy Bocock.

Rowmark scored great results under perfect weather, hard snow, and breathtaking views in every direction. To start off the week, Tommy Hoffman and Mary Bocock both won the SkillsQuest competition. Lindley Friedman skied to a fourth place in the Slalom and 26th in GS. Carter Louchheim was seventh in the GS and fourth in the super-G. Jimmy Bocock was 12th in the GS, 14th in the SL and 25th in the super-G. Ellie Nichols was seventh in the GS and Alex Deubel was 27th in the super-G. Nick Orfanakis moved up to 29th in the SL and won the Hard Charger Award in the super-G, starting 80th and finishing 38th. Mary Bocock then finished off the week with a convincing victory in the super-G.

Qualifying for the upcoming U16 National Championships is Mary Bocock, Lindley Friedman, Carter Louchheim, along with seventh grader Harry Hoffman who dominated at the U14 Championships. The event will be held March 30 – April 4 in Mission Ridge, WA.

*Update 4/1/18: Mary Bocock won the Super-G at the U16 Nationals in Mission Ridge, WA!

The U16s will wind down their season at the last Intermountain Division (IMD) open races scheduled for Snowbird in April.

For more results and photos, please visit Rowmark Ski Academy Facebook page.


Year-Round Training Prepares Rowmarkers for the Race Season
By Todd Brickson, Rowmark Program Director

Ski racing is a sport with no downtime. Our team, consisting of many of the best junior ski racers and student-athletes nationwide, participates in a rigorous year-round training program that keeps our athletes in optimal physical and mental condition as they prepare for race season to begin in December. Non-ski racers are often surprised to learn of the available options to ski during the summer and fall months in various locations worldwide. In June, we kicked off our on-snow camps at Mammoth Mountain, California. In late July, we traveled to the Southern Hemisphere where our U19s attended a successful camp in New Zealand while our U16s traveled to Mt. Hood, Oregon for an on-snow camp before the start of school. Rowmark wrapped up November with an on-snow ski camp in Mammoth, California, and we are looking forward to snow full-time at Park City and Snowbird from December to April. The Rowmarkers worked hard at all of the camps, and our coaches saw solid technical and tactical improvements and strong team bonding across our roster.

One of the many special attributes of Rowmark is the way the athletes work together and support one another through all aspects of their Rowmark experience. The team takes advantage of the opportunity to work together, support one another, and cement their personal and team goals at the annual Rowmark Orientation Trip in September where they spend two days and one night rafting and paddle boarding on the Green River. This trip brings our athletes together in an unfamiliar and dynamic environment where individuals can get to know each other in new ways and challenge themselves physically and socially. The event helped identify our team captains for the year, as elected by their peers. This year's captains are Scottie Bocock, Camryn Glick, Daniel Mulligan, and Lucy Neill.

A commitment to year-round physical conditioning is a critical component to optimal performance on snow. Head conditioning coach Jim Tschabrun directs a dynamic physical training program that includes facets such as strength/power, cardiovascular, plyometrics, quickness and coordination, flexibility, and cross-training/games. This fall, three Rowmarkers broke or tied physical testing records: Mary Bocock broke TWO records; the 20M Shuttle run record with a level of 12.4 and broke the Liberty Park 1.5 mile run record with a time of 9:41. Nick Fontaine broke the 20M Shuttle run record with a level of 14.3, and Liam Michael broke the 5x1 Leg jump (right) with a jump of 49'5". Congratulations!

In addition to daily physical conditioning, the team trains with a mental performance coach from October through the winter season. The mental performance coach works with the athletes on psychological toughness, control, focus and concentration, imagery, self-talk, and pre-performance routines. An athlete's mental toughness is as important as their physical strength and can significantly enhance their performance.

As the winter competition season approaches, Rowmarkers are looking forward to putting their summer and fall conditioning to the test. Their days will soon be filled beginning to end. Morning academic classes are followed by afternoon ski training, video review, ski tuning, and evenings of homework. Their race schedule takes them all over the country and for some, to Canada and Europe. The extensive travel causes Rowmarkers to miss several weeks of school throughout the winter, testing their organizational, communication, and time-management skills. The athletes know they must make the grade academically before they can make the starting gate at a ski race. Success hinges on the support of the Rowland Hall faculty, and their extra efforts of frequent communication, consultation sessions, and exam preparation allow the Rowmarkers to not only survive the academic load, but often to excel. A big thank you goes out to these teachers for their commitment to making this happen.

Our program focuses on developing young athletes to their fullest potential. This process takes place on the race course, in the classroom, and all points in between. Working together as a team, building character, embracing struggle, and committing to personal and academic excellence is what sets our program apart. We are looking forward to the challenges and successes of the approaching season.

2017-18 Rowmark Ski Academy Athletes and Staff

Female Athletes (Name, YOB, Grade, Hometown)

Mary Bocock, 03-U16, 8, Salt Lake City, UT

Dagny Brickson, 03-U16, 9, Park City, UT

Lindley Friedman, 03-U16,9, Fayston, VT

Charlotte Altman, 02-U16, 9, New York City, NY

Mary Clancy, 02-U16, 9 Jackson, WY

Danika Mannelin, 02-U16, 10, Portland, OR

Ellie Nichols, 02-U16, 10, Park City, UT

Zoe Michael, 02-U16, 10, Sydney, Australia

Eliza Hodgkins, 01-U19, 10, Boston, MA

Anya Biskupiak, 01-U19, 11, Park City, UT

Anya Mulligan, 01-U19, 11, Jackson, WY

Elena Zipp, 01-U19, 11, New York City, NY

Madison Hoffman, 00-U19, 12, Sydney, Australia

Camryn Glick, 00-U19, 12, Glen Wild, NY

Lucy Neill, 00-U19, 12, Sydney, Australia

Addison Beasley, 00-U19, 12, Bend, OR

Katie Hensien, 99-U19, 12, Seattle, WA (US Ski Team)

Katie Vesterstein 99-U19, PG, Duluth, MN

Male Athletes
(Name, YOB, Grade, Hometown)

Alex Deubel, 03-U16, 8, Hartland, WI

Gus Percy, 03-U16, 8, Melbourne, Australia

Nick Orfanakis, 03-U16, 9, Salt Lake City, UT

Tommy Hoffman, 02-U16, 9, Sydney, Australia

Carter Louchheim, 02-U16, 10, Park City, UT

Jimmy Bocock, 02-U16, 10, Salt Lake City, UT

Andrei Dan, 01-U19, 10, Salt Lake City, UT

Ned Friedman, 01-U19, 11, Fayston, VT

Greg Olszanskyj, 01-U16, 11, Salt Lake City, UT

Jake Bleil, 01-U19, 11, Park City, UT

Scottie Bocock, 00-U19, 12, Salt Lake City, UT

Liam Michael, 99-U19, 12, Sydney, Australia

Daniel Mulligan, 99-U19, 12, Jackson, WY

Alex Percy, 99-U19, 12, Melbourne, Australia

Nick Fontaine, 98-U19, PG, Duluth, MN


Todd Brickson- Director and Head U16 Coach

Sarah Getzelman- Team Manager

Dave Kerwynn- Head Men's U19-21 Coach

Jim Tschabrun- Head Women's U19-21 Coach, Head Conditioning Coach

Skip Puckett- U16 Coach, Equipment Manager, Conditioning Coach

Brian Morgan- Men's U19-21 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Head Academic Coordinator

Mary Joyce- Women's U19-21 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Academic Coordinator

Rowmark Junior Program Kicks Off Season

By Troy Price, Rowmark Junior Program Director

The Rowmark Junior Program, comprised of three teams, has committed hours of mental and physical conditioning work to prepare for the upcoming race season yet. The student-athletes are ready and excited for the snow to fall.

All Mountain Rippers – Enrollment Open until Dec 15th.

Coach Jay Sawyer reports that our All Mountain Rippers (AMR) team, comprised of athletes ages 9-11, has been working hard building character and muscle! Cardio and agility have been the themes this fall, as well as setting personal goals in workouts and on snow. We would like to send a special thank you to Coach Megan for leading our dryland training sessions. The AMR team also had the opportunity to learn about mountain safety with a visit from Frankie the ski patrol dog. Strong comradery and personal bests have led to an all-time high in team spirit!

All Star and Academy Prep

Our All Star and Academy Prep student-athletes, ranging in ages from 10-14, had a remarkable 6-day on-snow camp in Mammoth, California in June. Athletes have been working hard on their physical conditioning all summer and into our fall dryland training. The Academy Prep student-athletes train four days a week after school and were joined by our All-Star team two days a week. The focus was on cross-training and building strength while increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacity through circuits and weight training. These conditioning sessions provided a positive team environment, and team-building skills allowed athletes to strengthen their team spirit. This essential part of the program builds trust, confidence, and friendship. We are gearing up for our annual fall ski camp. The Academy Prep athletes hit Loveland Colorado on Nov 11-12 for an early season prep camp. Plus new this year for the All Stars is a training trip to Sun Valley Nov 17-22. With winter just around the corner, everyone is very excited to ski at Park City and other local resorts.

We are pleased that all three head coaches are returning to lead our program through another successful season: Hailey Duke - Academy Prep, Penny Hietala – All Stars, and Jay Sawyer – All Mountain Rippers. We also have two new coaches: Eric Brandolini will join the Academy Prep coaching staff, and Rowmark Alumni Carl Noble will be joining the All Star coaching staff.

Skiing is a lifelong sport to be enjoyed with family and friends of all ages. Our young skiers develop their talents and create memories they'll cherish long after their racing days are over. Rowmark Junior Program's highly qualified coaches focus on helping students build confidence, self-discipline, team camaraderie, and sportsmanship on and off the hill. Our program is designed to foster a lifelong appreciation of alpine skiing and racing. We strive to offer students a fun skiing experience in a safe, positive learning environment.

This philosophy is applied based on age and ability and offers a progression whereby skiing days and race involvement increases as the skier's age and commitment level grows. The Rowmark Junior Program serves Rowland Hall students, ages 9-14 (3rd grade through 8th grade) on three teams, offering a natural progression of increased commitment and focus on competition as ability and skill improve.

2017-18 Rowmark Junior Program Athletes and Staff

Academy Prep
Jack AbuHaidar
Preston Bolus
Ford Hodgkins
Remy Mickelson
Frank Stearns
Kate Altman
Iam Hanrahan
Layla Hijjawi
Harry Hoffman
Arden Louchheim
Hayley Brathwaite
Davern Cigarran
Molly Friedman

All Starts
Adrian Lazzi
Alan Dugan
Dean Hijjawi
Morgan Jacquin
Gwendolyn Newport
Anders Silitch
Kaia Brickson
Henry Cunningham
WIll Damico
Jack Hoffman
Jack Zipp
Pippa Brathwaite
Kirsten Mannelin
Lucy Nolan
Cooper Percy
Milan Mickelson
Chase Dennis
Cael Eley
Sophia Hijjawi
Lukas Postnieks

All Mountain Rippers
Noah Helms
Chase Noteware
Julian Bamberger
Henry Damico
Andrew Hanrahan
Eli Rankin
Wyatt Williams

Coaching Staff
Troy Price – Junior Program Director
Hailey Duke – Academy Prep Head Coach
Anna Jobe – Academy Prep Coach
Eric Brandolini – Academy Prep Coach
Penny Hietala – All Star Head Coach
Karina Schwartznau – All Star Coach
Carl Noble – All Star Coach
Jay Sawyer – All Mountain Ripper Head Coach
Megan Hanrahan – All Mountain Ripper Coach
Courtney McCabe – All Mountain Ripper Coach

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