Join Rowland Hall Students on "The Road to Broadway", Nov 5-7 @ 7pm
Posted 10/16/2015 01:39PM

Rowland Hall's 2015 fall musical is a dazzling Broadway revue, and one that takes full advantage of the talents of the entire Upper School fine arts department and 45 middle  and upper school students. This very big production includes actors, singers, Dance Company, the choir, the orchestra, and the band!

Plan to attend this year's musical tonight, Friday, November 6, or Saturday night, November 7! Curtain is at 7:00 p.m., in the Larimer Center of the Performing Arts at the Lincoln Street Campus. Tickets are sold at the door: $10 for adults and Upper School students; $5 for all others.

Once again, theatre teacher Gary Lindemann is at the helm, but equally involved are dance teacher Sofia Gorder and music teacher Jeremy Innis. Not to mention 45 forty-five or so middle and upper school musical theatre students.

By hand selecting the pieces to include (see below), each teacher was able to provide both a high level of teaching and learning and a process and product that integrated the Rowland Hall arts programs in a meaningful way. The outcome? This musical includes students in dance, band, orchestra, and choir.

The Road To Broadway musical revue includes: From Chicago – “All That Jazz”, From West Side Story – “America”, From Mary Poppins – “Chim-Chim-Cher-ee” and “Step In Time”, From The Lion King – “Lioness Hunt”, “Shadowlands” and They Live In You”, From Rent – “Will I” and “Finale’ B”, From Sweeney Todd – “Nothin’s Gonna Harm You” and “Pretty Women” and From Stomp – “STOMP”

The show is very much an ensemble show, with many moments for individual solos – too numerous to list here. A few featured students are: Abby Thomsen (12gr), lead singer in “All That Jazz”, Grant Dacklin (8gr) as Bert in Mary Poppins Medley, Ella Baker-Smith (9gr) as Nala and Ailish Harris (12gr) as Raffiki in The Lion King Medley, Max Murphy (6gr) sings Nothin Gonna Harm You from Sweeney Todd and David Chortkoff (9gr) and Ben Espinosa (11gr) sing the duet Pretty Women, from the same musical.