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#RHshelfies: Read Anything Good Lately?

Promoting a culture of reading for both learning and leisure

Snap a pic of yourself with a book you can't put down. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with a caption containing the hashtag #RHshelfies. Or, if your accounts are private, email it to Ashley Atwood. We'll collect all Rowland Hall shelfies and feature them here!

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All Shelfies

Pam Smith reading a book.
Charlotte Larsen with a book.
Margot Miller holding a newspaper.
Kathy Gundersen reading a book.
Nevah Stevenson reading a book.
Jennifer Blake holds three books.
Michelle Rasich holding a book.
Stephanie Orfanakis holding a book.


Pam Smith

Pam Smith, Middle School principal, gets lost in Refugee.

You Belong at Rowland Hall