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Party politics
Sophie Baker

There is a seemingly insurmountable contradiction between what is best for voters and the decisions lawmakers make. How do we change that?

How not to lose hope
Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias

I interviewed three prominent political figures in our state and asked what their thoughts were about our future. Find out what they said.

How much has changed in mountain bikes?
AJ Socolean

Let's explore how much mountain bikes have evolved over time, and how those changes have made mountain biking safer, more affordable, and easier to enjoy in general.

Breathing in cancer: The Great Salt Lake’s effect on our air
Gabe Andrus

In this article, I introduce and explain the potentially catastrophic effects of the state of the Great Salt Lake on our air. Though the situation may seem hopeless, I present a few ways in which students can aid (and perhaps remedy) the situation that our dear lake is in. ​​​​​​

The little-sibling effect on athleticism
Cassidy Bahna

Younger siblings may not always have it easy when competing against their older counterparts, but studies show that this drive to match their siblings as kids may have a positive effect on athletic performance later in life.

Lessons to be learned from Star Wars
Abdallah Butt

This simple yet funny article takes a look into how Star Wars could teach you lessons that you could use in school or in your everyday life.

Out of the blue: Perspectives on the whale
Gabe Andrus

In this article, I conduct a survey of local, student, and art teacher perspectives on Stephen Kesler’s Out of the Blue (the whale on ninth and ninth) and evaluate how we regard public art.

#Van-life and Dan Mitchell
Logan Fang

Learn more about Dan Mitchell’s departure from Rowland Hall and what he plans to do in the future.